1. B

    Prince albert piercing - Europe

    Hoi, are there any european guys under 25 (Netherlands and around) that have a prince albert piercing? When did you get it? What was the thought process before and during the procedure? Is there anyone in your family that also has a PA or other genital piercing? Dare to show off? I created...
  2. S

    Bukkake Berlin April 12/13 2024

    I'm in Berlin on April 12th, flying back out on the 14th but could host a bukkake or organise one somewhere. Looking to be on my knees and have my afce loaded. Happy to suck those that want it or you just come on in, jerk off on my face and go. message to arrange (bring your friends )
  3. Needstretching

    Berlin stretch

    Anyone hung monsters in Berlin beginning of March?? I'd love to be stretched!!
  4. D

    Big Dick Worship Berlin

    I would love to find well endowed men in Berlin to have a consistent relationship to worship his big dick and with clear hierarchy. Many scenarios or dynamics possible.
  5. M

    Photos & Videos derFe1ix - Felix - German Twitter, Instagram - activist? Login • Instagram This guy pretends to be an "activist". But it looks like he is just a troll who goes to parties no end and also shot some films. Does he have any official videos?
  6. D

    [30] Looking for fun in Berlin

    I'm going to be in Berlin in a couple of weeks and I'd love to meet up, jerk off, give/receive oral and maybe more. I'm a top that loves a wide range of guys, from muscular guys to twinks, big dicks and bubble butts (though I am a huge sucker for a bubble butt)! Dm me for more info. ****No Pics...
  7. D

    Looking for some fun in Berlin

    I'll be in Berlin for a day or so in November, specifically the 22nd. I'm a hung, young black guy that's looking for some fun. I'll be able to host while I'm there. I'm mostly into young, hung guys but not strictly so and am willing to swap pics. DM me for more info and what you're into.
  8. G

    New to LPSG and NY

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm from New York originally, but I've lived all over London/ Stockholm and a few other cities for shorter periods. I travel a lot and I especially like to visit Berlin because I think it has the best gay scene in the world. I speak English, okayish French, beginner Swedish...
  9. krollerz

    Berlin and Amsterdam in October

    Visiting Berlin and Amsterdam during the first two weeks of October. Any suggestions for hostels and also venues to meet new people and have fun.
  10. T | Bastii.bck

    New Onlyfans and Twitter boy Twitter: Onlyfans: OnlyFans
  11. beaux cumslut

    Jeppe Østergaard

    anyone got his nudes? he seems hung. he looks dutch and he lives in berlin.
  12. beaux cumslut

    Jeppe Østergaard

    anyone got his nudes? he seems hung. he looks dutch and he lives in berlin.
  13. W

    Berlin Jerk off watching World Cup game

    Anyone in Berlin wanting to grab some beers, watch a world cup game and jerk off?
  14. N


    Hello everyone! I will be coming to Berlin soon with a friend. I'm bi and my friend is straight (but very open-minded) and I'd like to show him the nightlife of Berlin... I only came once a long time ago, do you have any advice on what gay, bi or straight parties/clubs to absolutely go to...
  15. mci20

    Berlin hostels suggestions

    I will be travelling to Berlin at the end of June for 3-4 days and I am looking to book a bed in a hostel (preferably with communal showers) any suggestions?
  16. B

    Photos & Videos LUKE ABBY (hung ph)

    new york/berlin based horse hung little twunk photographer&director VERYraunchy ♥
  17. mad4it90

    Moving To Berlin 2022.

    Planning on moving to Berlin in January from Ireland. Just wondering has anyone moved over and any advice? I don't speak German but hope to learn while I'm there. Cheers, SJ
  18. D

    Kristian_volpe Onlyfans

    Does anyone have anything on Kristian Volpe ? he's so fucking hot and his twitter got me drooling over him lmao is there anything on him ?
  19. 1

    Hookup Berlin?

    Hiii I’m a 20 year old bottom looking for hookups in Berlin… anyone ready?
  20. B

    Berlin Hung 4 Hung

    Hi! Are there any guys from Berlin that would love to meet up, compare cocks and maybe have some fun (jerking and/or oral)? Would be cool to have a group of hung guys here!
  21. BADway

    Some Action In Berlin!?

    Hell beautiful people I am looking for some fun in Berlin, specifically for a couple (boy - girl) who are open minded and could enjoy some good times in bed, the three of us If u feel like it then simply hit me up !!! Attached a photo of my dick so you don't keep wondering :p:joy: All the...
  22. H

    Eurostud Andreas From Berlin: How Is He Doing

    For many years in Berlin you had the big bodybuilder Andreas, known as escort Eurostud. Does anyone out here how he is doing and also got very good memories on him?
  23. gay2str8

    Berlin For Bis

    Im 30, kinda bearish, kinda fun. Im looking for bi men and women, especially MILFs, Daddies and Bears.
  24. SubExhibBln

    New Exhibitionist Here

    'sup, as my username tells, I'm a (gay), submissive exhibitionist from Berlin. I love being shameless and exposed and get off knowing people watch me! I'd love to find some more people to connect with: either fellow exhibitionists to get naked together with, or voyeurs to watch me. I wanna get...
  25. hurtle321

    New From Berlin

    Hi all, I'm new to the site! I'm Italian living in Berlin, Germany. I'm 35yo and gay Text me if you want to write or meet up :) Bye
  26. ComeOnLetsJack

    Looking For Jo Buds In Berlin

    Hey guys, Middle aged gay dude here. I'm looking for str8 / hetero flexible guys who want to have a bate bro to meet up with here Berlin. I'm chill, friendly, discreet and serious about meeting. Curious or experienced, doesn't matter. I'm married to a guy, and we're open, so it's cool on my...
  27. A

    Michael Michalsky (german Fashion Designer)

    Anybody got anything on him?
  28. S

    Spyros Rennt

    anyone that has any photos of Berlin/Athens based spyros rennt? spyressence @ instagram
  29. 1

    Berlin Jerk Off Buddy Needed!

    Bi guy here looking to meet new buddies for some beers and watch porn together... i like to suck and jerk off, have friends who are just as horny and want to cum for the same things is the best feeling in the world, so lets pleasure each other watching good old porn ! pm for + info.
  30. F

    Photo Muscular Guys In Berlin

    Hi, I’m coming to berlin for a couple of weeks. I’m really into muscle worshipping and feeling them. I want to try something new and this will be my first time of doing that. Not into fucking. But oral is fine. If you’re interested, send me a body pic and we can continue messaging.