big feet

  1. D

    My Life As An Adult Performer.

    Hey, I'm Damien. I started out in this industry right when I turned 18. I enjoy this line of work because I get to be a freak and get paid. There are so many people I've met that I wouldn't have had I did something else. I remember when I first started out and this guy called me on my phone sex...
  2. elocke13

    Photos & Videos Carl Griffiths Huge Feet - Size 22 Us

    my first attempt at making a thread :p Always loved Carl's feet, first discovered him years back, when articles were being written about his big feet and his struggles to find shoes that fit, fast forward a couple years and he's finally realised the power they have!
  3. D

    Guys With Abnormally Large Long Feet

    This thread is dedicated to those who have...And those who love...Huge male Feet. I'm talking...size 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, And, though I've heard there were some guys who wear sizes above 22...I will travel to worship the feet of any guy who can produce proof that he does.
  4. C

    Foot Worship In Mi

    Looking for guys into having their feet worshiped. Big lean feet are a huge turn on. Could do other things if we click.