black men

  1. M


    Flamez is one of the kings of BBC in gay porn. He’s done productions for Flava Men, Mix It Up Boy, and more. Where is he now? Thoughts?
  2. M

    DeMarco Morgan

    DeMarco Morgan is an American broadcast journalist currently anchoring at ABC News. He is from Tulsa, Oklahoma (from the waist-up). But that bulge and ass is giving me jungle fever. Let’s talk…
  3. Juujuubeannnnn

    Richard Whiten

    This Thread is Dedicated To Richard Whiten! He was So Fine Back in The Day And Still is!
  4. A

    Dominican hottie Axel Suero

    Anything on this uber hottie? His Only Fans is @axeltheblackxxx
  5. M

    Mega McQueen

    Anything on this comedian/YouTuber?? IG: themegamcqueen
  6. J

    Papi_v03 / 3ip_bucks

    I wanted to post a thread dedicated to this pretty hood nigga with a lazy eye and a big dick.
  7. O

    Aaron Kodak/ Kodak5

    Anything on Aaron kodak He has an onlyfans Does anybody have anything in him or no. I Have a few thing. Wondering if anybody else does..
  8. H

    Mikael Angeles, IG: @mikael3.0

    Just made an OF today. Anyone have anything? I just know his dick is big and pretty.
  9. K

    African bodybuilders

    Hi, does anyone have any videos or other pictures from the website? They seemed to be a popular website to share handsome African bodybuilders, but it has been taken down. African Muscle (Abraham Tchabe Pec Bounce)
  10. F

    ID Lightskin guy?

    Anyone know who this is?
  11. December

    Eren Legend

    Anyone got anything on this bodybuilder turned socialite?
  12. P

    Best Chat alternative for Omegle to meet with big dick people(Arab or Black )

    Normally if i wanted to compare or stroke with someone, especially if I was looking for arab or black dick, I would go to omegle and se the chat section, but now that its gon I have no idea where to go to find people to stroke with, Sure i can use flingster or some other site like that but they...
  13. Juujuubeannnnn

    _ChadrickLamar_ (DarkDesire)

  14. Juujuubeannnnn

    Black Men

    A Thread Dedicated To Best Looking Men on The Planet! Huge Monster Dicks,Muscle Asses,Python Muscles,SEXINESS FOR DAYS & So Much More!!!
  15. Juujuubeannnnn

    Caramel Black Men

    Black Men with Caramel Skin
  16. Juujuubeannnnn

    Lightskin Black Men

    This Thread is For Lightskin Brothas
  17. OfficialNigeal23

    Hello Everyone 21 yr old From The South

    As you’ve read I’m new here I’m hoping to make new friends ofc‼️ So let’s get chatting y’all can also add me on my Socials Snap: nigeal_wood Instagram: nigeal_w
  18. N

    Photos & Videos Official.Brad.Cross | Main_Ace

    Who has Brad’s files? If you do, link everything here. He got some hotttttt clips on some twitter pages but there’s a whole file somewhere.
  19. M

    Demarkco Fleming

    This guy Demarkco Fleming aka Daddy Demarkco became well known on TikTok during a street interview as “The Dom Top” and coining the term “Give me some Tylenol” in relation to his aggressive ways during sex. Thoughts?? OnlyFans: @demarkcofleming Twitter: @DemarkcoF TikTok: @daddy.demarkco
  20. B

    Hottie Spotlight: Michael Emery (emeryreigns)

    while scrolling through IG. I ran into a beautiful man and wanted to share his page and content with you. Do any of you have anything on him?
  21. Juujuubeannnnn

    Dark Caramel/Brownskin Black Men

    This Thread is Dedicated To All The Dark Caramel/Brownskin Brothas
  22. W

    Issac Ryan Brown

    Starting a thread for this sexy ass cutie :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
  23. ralphlauren31

    Please HELP ID this Black Hunk

    Anyone knows who he is? Saw him in this TikTok post. Big Boys on TikTok
  24. M

    Chris Jackson

    This handsome man is actor/singer Chris Jackson from Metropolis, Illinois. I remember seeing him for the first time a long time ago performing on the Tony Awards with his cast from “In the Heights”. He caught my eye then. But then I started watching “And Just Like That” and I am drooling. I love...
  25. L

    Elliot Knight (British Actor)

    No thread for him yet, but he's super hot and out, so imma start one.
  26. C

    can anyone ID this hairy muscle bear/hunk from IG?

    keep seeing this gorgeous black/mixed muscle hunk all over my IG in this “advertisement” for Trident Cryotherapy and he isn’t tagged. I’ve been trying to find his name or socials for what feels like ages please help! Login • Instagram
  27. R


    my first thread do yalll know who this man is? And if his content is good?? Twitter is a dead end. It’s just tiktok and Instagram… maybe I’m not looking hard enough on Twitter…. Login • Instagram Angel Carter (@theonlyangelcarter) | TikTok Angel Carter (@therealangelcarter) | TikTok
  28. tazzman7777

    Jaelon Coleman

    Help me find more content with him in it. Bisexual tatted and goofy with big dick and even better ass.
  29. X

    Ahmet Patterson (Pattycakepatterson)

    Making this thread just in case anybody else out there finds anything on him and/or thinks he's hot af because he is. Long story short: he was married to another popular London-based YouTuber. They would post vlogs and other cheesy couple related content from time to time. Eventually it led to...
  30. S

    Interracial Porn Question?

    Why is it almost always the case that in Interracial porn the white guy is the bottom and the black guy is the top? Would love to hear everyones opinions?