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black mirror

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    Black Mirror (all Seasons)

    this show is the tits just throwing that out there... those are my thoughts Some personal faves: 1. Shut Up and Dance 2. 15 Million Merits 3. White Bear 4. Nosedive 5. WHITE CHRISTMAS The social media and tech enjoyably disturbing Perhaps we are watching some legit pioneering here...
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    Black Mirror (black Viper)

    can we unpack this episode lol so many of you don’t I feel need this sort of catharsis accepting who you are. It’s just a lot damn lol
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    Fionn whitehead

    I wanted to know your thoughts on this actor. Fionn is from London and he is 21, although nobody knows when his birthday is lmao. He is featured in Dunkirk (2017), The Children Act (2018) and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018). He is not really a hunk but i feel like he has a certain sex appeal...