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  1. Penisart4u

    The Problem with Losing Reality

    Deep breath. Exhale. Ok. Here we go. I don’t know where to begin. Recently I became aware of a scene from a show called “Sex/Life”. The scene involves a character getting access to a gym shower in order to see the dick of his wife’s old boyfriend. He has been becoming insecure and wants to know...
  2. RamblingCock

    Self Confidence vs Weight

    I just posted a blog entry on the topic of self confidence versus my weight fluctuation. I've found, over the years, that self-confidence is one of the sexiest traits in a person. Not arrogance, but being confident in who you are and how you present yourself. Weight, for me, plays a huge role...
  3. Marsczon


    The penis is a great tool and a faithful companion in one, but sometimes it creates some problems. Here I'm writing about everything on my own example. If someone had told me a few years ago that I will blogging about my experiences with penis, I would never have believed it. But it did, and I...
  4. Guay1992

    Video Chiappenude Videos

    Wanted to start collecting the videos shared in this blog: chiappenude.blogspot.com Here is a couple links: New Year Shower Video! - Chiappe nude - Naked Ass Towel Dance (1 and 2) - Lower (Season 6) - Chiappe nude - Naked Ass
  5. S

    Links Homens Machos Gostosos

    A new blog, very hot, but little content yet. Homens Machos Gostosos
  6. Guay1992

    Exhib Guy With Naked Blog!

    Hi guys - I do have a blog where I post naked content of myself (along with other stuff). Always looking for inspiration for new videos so if you have any idea let me know! Also I live around SF - so if you want to have fun and help me shoot new videos let me know!:) PS link here: Chiappe nude...