1. G

    Photos & Videos Анжелика сериал Angelica series

    Angelica TV series, a Russian love comedy series. There are a lot of sexy male actors involved here
  2. rippedgod

    Video Hottest Comments on Classic Video (Straight Guys Can’t Resist Blond Muscle Huge Bubble Butt)

    As a bisexual dude, one of the few gay videos I knew and liked was this classic video: Some of the comments on this video are so hot. They remind me of myself when I first came across the video. To love a perfect ass like this, woman or man, is irresistible. Hot Comment 1: Pharcyde9851 year...
  3. C

    Sadness Turns Me Off (Twitter / OF)

    this guy blows my mind. great content just on his Twitter / X. blond, great body, big cock. Twitter: @sadturnsmeoff OF: sadnessturnsmeoff
  4. rippedgod

    Photos & Videos Emergency! Need recs for lean RIPPED blonds—Stars, Videos, etc.

    So I desperately need recommendations for any stars with or videos featuring blonds who are absolutely lean and ripped, shredded. Preferably tan. Even more preferably Russian. So I’m a bi dude whose attraction leans more towards the ladies. But there’s been a few dudes in my life whom I’ve been...
  5. C

    Dmitri Morozov OF

    needed a thread to appreciate this hung guy. pretty sure he’s collabed with Alex Grant before. these are just some pics from his Twitter / X. Twitter: Dmitri_Morozov_ OF: dmitri_morozov
  6. Jakecurry001

    Roald Ekberg - Bel Ami Online

    Appreciation thread for Roald Ekberg
  7. R

    Help me ID this hung gay porn actor

    hey guys, can you help finding the alias for this hot retired german fella who's done a scene with Tim Kruger under the name Hendrik Thomsen years ago, I was curious if there's more to him than that one vid. thanks for the help :)
  8. Philosophersstone

    Elliott West

    IG elliott.westt A pretty guy from instagram
  9. A

    Need your help to find this guy/video

    Hey guys ! Anyone know where I can find this video ??
  10. J

    mustached blond daddy

    what his name?
  11. J

    Paul Cassidy (PaulCassidyOF)

  12. L


    Really hot Muscular Aussie lad new to onlyfans, posted some great content so far, hopefully he starts posting more if he gets more followings Twitter Onlyfans
  13. G


    Hey I figured I’d start this thread because Keeoh is really hot! Keeoh is a 25 year-old twitch steamer and he does rock climbing and has a trampoline as you can see he’s super hot and works out a lot lmao
  14. T

    Danish boy

    Can anyone identify this lad? He’s posted a few videos but I can only find the one and he is off the scale beautiful
  15. K

    Jamezzruss / jrusse88

    Anything on Jamezzruss (on twitter) or jrusse88 (on onlyfans)? I cant find anything lol! He is sooooooo hot!!!
  16. V

    Makar Zaporozhskiy (russian actor)

    Makar Zaporozhskiy Born Sep 5 1989 films: Red Sparrow (alongside Jennifer Lawrence with full frontal scene), 22 Minutes, Dark World, Eleven Silent Men.
  17. V

    Aras Bulut İynemli (Turquish Actor)

    Aras Bulut İynemli (born 25 August 1990) is a Turkish actor. Considered as one of the most talented and highest paid Turkish actors, he is best known for his performances in As Time Goes by (2010–2013), Magnificent Century (2013–2014), Insider (2016–2017), The Pit (2017–2021), Miracle in Cell...
  18. C

    Aussie Amateur 69

    I used to follow this guy about six months ago. He’s gone pretty silent on his page but he started a couple page. Anyone have any content or not stories that they want to share? OnlyFans
  19. G

    Poketuber Dylan Hayes (UniterGamer/UnitedHayze)

    He is a Really Hot/Cute Poketuber. streaming on youtube and releasing videos. Often does collabs espacially with GBL. He alsohad a stream with lots of hot moments in it shirtless but i cant seem to find it. He is married and has a child so i doubt there would be any leaks or nudes. But still hot...
  20. K

    Samuel Löber (@samu.lbr)

    Does anyone have anything on this hot German man? He's so fucking sexy. IG: @samu.lbr TikTok: @samu.lbr
  21. R

    Photos & Videos ID this HOT Stud!!plz!

  22. G

    Could someone ID this man.

    Hey there, could someone help me id this model. I have only seen this video of him and I want to see more.
  23. M

    Help Identify this smokin hottie

    Found him on Twitter baiting profile
  24. T

    Pls Help ID - Blond Athlete Locker Room

    Does anyone know who this is where at least where these videos came from? I think he's probably as close as one can get to the perfect athletic college specimen, and I'm just thankful someone was able to capture him in all his glory at his prime :heart_eyes::eek: Besides this main video...
  25. C

    Finnish blond fitness model: macho perfection

    Stunning blond Finnish model Anyone knows his Instagram? Sheer hotness perfection
  26. eddie_boy

    JD Bertrand (football)

    Dedicating this thread to JD Bertrand, currently a linebacker for Notre Dame Fighting Irish. An absolute blonde hunk.
  27. A

    Next Door Kyle (2007-2008)

    This guy is one of my all time favorites. He only did a few (maybe 3 or 4) videos for Next Door. Anybody have any info or if he's done other work besides from Next Door?
  28. S

    Does anyone have anything on hot asf Domantas?

    Hes from fitcasting and there are nude vids of him somewhere.... if you happen to find or have one please feel free to post...
  29. S

    Anyone got anythin on ThatGermandude

    This onlyfans guy is hot as shit but hasn't posted in a while and only has some images as far as I tell... as well as youtube flexing videos under the same name, and twitter (ThatGermanDudeTV). If anyone has anything interesting please share for all and sundry!
  30. hugolopes25

    Photos & Videos Logan Aarons