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  1. H

    Can anyone ID this muscle hunk?

    Can anyone ID this hunk?
  2. I

    Photos & Videos Fit Men Doing The "Most Muscular" Pose

    I'm a gay man and have a muscle fetish. There's nothing turning me on more that buff/lean guys flexing their traps, delts, pecs and arms with a nice, sexy, masculine and powerful most muscular. There weren't any threads for me to drool over, so I'm making one. Please feel free to participate...
  3. P

    Links What is this guy's name?

    He used to do sex videos with a PH model named Eva Karya back then but she recently deleted her videos in PH. Luckily some other videos are still hanging in certain websites. I'm just posting to ask anyone if they know the name of the guy? Perhaps twitter, CB or OF name would be great. Thank...
  4. Y

    mbgeee / manu.pck

    Login • Instagram https://www.youtube.com/@manufit3730 Manu (@manubfit) | TikTok Anything on this beautiful hunk?
  5. M

    Angelo Antonio aka Corleone

    This handsome God is Angelo Antonio aka Corleone. He was known in the gay porn industry as a muscle bottom. Very lustful to look at although I think he wasn’t comfortable bottoming. I made the mistake of sharing his real name and the post was deleted. For that I do apologize personally to...
  6. fitstud95

    Photos & Videos kalani lenehan

    followed this guy a while back bc he's fine as hell. no sign of an OF or twitter in his linktree. today i saw that Jake O’Donnell posted some spicy photos of the guy and i'm hoping that kalani starts an OF or at least shares some ass and/or cock content?? what's the vibe??? kalani's insta
  7. I

    "David's Fitness Channel"

    Anybody know about this guy? His pages on IG Login • Instagram, Twitter, TikTok all ask to follow on Patreon, where he has "hot workout videos". Can't tell if he's straight, but either way he's PERFECT
  8. ItsMeGabriel

    Instagram and YouTube Bodybuilders who show VPL (Visual Penis Line)

    Alright, folks! This thread is exclusively dedicated to those mouth-watering VPLs (visual penis lines,) not just those scrumptious bulges. Sure, bulges are nice to admire, but let's be real here – vpls bring a whole new level of enjoyment to the crotch-watching game. So, let the visual...
  9. RATA1988

    Video Please, ID this cam model and gogo

  10. HornyJock

    Edward Romero @eggward.r

    Anyone got anything interesting on this hot stud?
  11. J

    Know any muscular men with ruined or loose holes?

    I find it very hot when a bodybuilder naturally has a ruined or loose anus. Not talking about gaping anuses from fisting or extreme play. But just from overuse where the anus just is open or hanging out. Anyone got good recommendations? Looking for videos or images like the below
  12. Vubuzv

    Someone can ID this guy? Please

  13. W

    Jan Hulk Vaculík - drpowerlifter - Viribus Fitness

    He is hot. Regarding his OF, is it worth it? OnlyFans Login • Instagram
  14. ItsMeGabriel

    Corey Fieldhouse - Bodybuilder

    Do you know Corey Fieldhouse? He's a British bodybuilder with a great physique and some may recognize him as @sleeraw on Instagram. I was wondering if he has done any modeling work or if any of you have more information on him. I recently became a fan and even found out that he had an Onlyfans...
  15. A

    Kingvicke / Victor Nareja

    Anyone have anything on this hunk? He's got alot of muscle and allegedly a big one Tiktok @kingvicke, ig @kxngvicke
  16. L

    Photos & Videos @jonnel_macana Fotos recentes

    ALGUÉM TEM UMA FOTO RECENTE DELE? Alguém tem uma foto recente dele? @Jonnel_macana Somente fãs: @jossxxl
  17. A

    Need help finding source

    Hey I stumbled upon this image on twitter and was wondering the source video if there is any?
  18. B

    Find the redhead viking

    Hey guys I saw this video online: Youtu Also on instagram: Dr. Brenda Mondragon, DC on Instagram: "Viking Warrior Puts Doc Mondragon to work! #chiropractor #health #selfhelp" And facebook: Dr. Brenda Mondragon, DC on Instagram: "Viking Warrior Puts Doc Mondragon to work! #chiropractor...
  19. PauloLeiT3

    Photos & Videos Plu Leader • 서주성

    Hot Bodybuilder @plu_leader
  20. P

    Can Someone Please Help Me ID This Sexy Bodybuilder?

    Found some of his video on thisvid.com, seem it on twitter(globalhunks) too. Does anyone know who he is? I'm leaving a link down below. straight bodybuilder showing his hole in the bathroom straight bodybuilder hole hot muscular stripper
  21. M

    QuentinTyler00 young hot bodybuilder

    This gorgeous man needs his own thread
  22. D

    Adriano Muralha

    Atem conteúdo do Adriano muralha ?
  23. roidedmuscle

    Full frontal bodybuilding (strictly nothing ELSE !!)

    Among the cam performers in the bodybuilding community this guy is definitely a no miss ! Check him out.
  24. G

    Julian Bonner(@mrjulianb)

    I was wondering if this massive mountain of a man maybe has an OnlyFans or maybe there are some “hotter content” of him floating out there on the interwebs.
  25. baraintraining

    Photos & Videos Josh Manley

  26. baraintraining

    Photos & Videos Christopher Michael DiNardi

  27. felix_nz

    Jake Plaskie (Instagram Bodybuilder)

    I came across this bodybuilders account while scrolling through instagram and found this hunk
  28. ItsMeGabriel

    Kevin Hernández WNBF PRO

    It's about time this stud gets his own thread. Kevin Hernández (@kevinhernandeznb) is a top-notch athlete and a world champion in the WNBF PRO. Have you seen this guy? He's definitely one of the hottest dudes out there, in my humble opinion. He's got a killer butt, a perfect physique, and a...
  29. baraintraining

    Kyle Blevins

  30. B

    New Model Jasper Van Patten @jasper_vanpatten

    Anyone seen him yet? Great body, handsome face, amazing hair. His IG is @jasper_vanpatten