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  1. D

    Married Men? Is your sexual life a bit boring? Fancy chatting maybe starting a group, sharing our fanatasies?

    I am a married dad just wanting to talk to like-minded guys about all my fantasies happy to start a group. Even make friends. I am bored at work whilst writing this. Kik: Hairyhorny311990 telegram: hairycyberpunk Am happy to chat about anything.
  2. SkinnyGamer

    Hi! Young Gamer Here!

    Hi! I’m kinda new but not really “new“ here since I used to lurk in the forums and video chat before. But I guess I’ve just mustered enough confidence to really make an account and be more “out“ there. :emoji_sweat_smile: A little something about me, I am 20+, I look smooth and very young...
  3. N

    Bored Lads

    Any other lads out there bored / can't sleep / just wanna low key fuck around on kik or snap? Post your details here... 33 m uk Kik - nufmuc Snap - n2808 Hmu
  4. L

    Photo Verification :)

  5. D

    Do You Ever Get Bored Of The Guys You Subscribe To On Onlyfans

    I have subscribed to about 300 different accounts and they all seem to bored me after a couple days. They all do the same things which gets old really quick. What you do you think?
  6. curiousmex

    Quarantine Jerk Off

    Since the whole lock down, how many times have yall jerked off and cum? per day? lol Seems like the only thing to do is masterbate whenever you get horny lol
  7. D

    New Here

    Hey! My name is Bas, I'm 19 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Decided to make an account here out of boredom so hit me up y'all!
  8. TrueB2

    Hey There

    I joined this site a little over a week ago and while I planned on just being an observer to the conversations and what-nots here I decided to do this... Something you should know about me is I identify as Asexual. Now with that said, I find the human body a form of art. Every curve, line...
  9. B


    Gay kik:BDanielsonKKT 21 USA Sexy guys only