boxer briefs

  1. CoffeeFiend85

    Getting an erection when wearing tight jeans

    I wear Wrangler cowboy cut jeans with a tucked in western pearl snap button up shirt -and cowboy boots most of the time. I find it really noticeable when I get an erection while wearing them. My bulge is extremely noticeable in my jeans when I’m hard. The pressure can be unbearable with my boner...
  2. D

    Photo Who is this guy?

    If somebody know something about him pls tell me I see this pic in tumblr many years ago
  3. Erect cock in boxer briefs

    Erect cock in boxer briefs

  4. Erect in boxer briefs

    Erect in boxer briefs

  5. R

    Photos & Videos Henry Hunter Hall

    He is so hot! From “the Watcher” he’s in his underwear in it. Does anyone have the photos or screenshots from it? More HQ! Pics of this cutie
  6. Design flaw

    Design flaw

    They don't make these things with hung dudes in mind
  7. N

    "Vintage" Store For Used Underwear

    I found this online store selling "vintage" used underwear. I'm not really sure if its a vintage store for vintage-buyers or a shop for people that want to buy worn underwear because it is worn? Check it out here: Also, some of the text on the website is quite funny: Has...
  8. Mattw1

    London Underwear Exchange/ Swap

    Hey guys! I want to create a place where we can swap underwear easily and find boys and men who are wanting to in the London areas. I’m looking for any type of underwear! I usually wear boxers (Calvin Klein, nike etc) but wanting to try breifs and other types!! I have a gf so have to be...
  9. N

    Hanes/fruit Of The Loom Boxer Briefs

    Hey i have a fetish for hanes and fruit of the loom boxer briefs. Especially the gray, white or black cotton ones.
  10. B

    Typical Underwear

    Does anyone else get more turned on by the classic boxer shorts or boxer briefs, briefs etc? I don't love all the designer underwear and tight fitting boxer briefs. Would love to see a thread of guys just hanging out in everyday underwear!
  11. calebfr

    Nothing But Calvin Klein Underwear

    Hi guys! As can be seen in the title, this thread will be purely for the appreciation of Calvin Klein underwear. I personally have a fetish for underwear, but more so for ck undies. For about a decade, I have worn nothing but ck undies. And during this duration, I have accumulated more than...
  12. A

    Going Back To Briefs?

    Have any of you gone back to briefs after wearing boxers or boxers briefs? I tried once, but did't like the way they felt around the legs. They were just cheap FOTL /Hanes so not sure if that makes the difference. I need new underwear so i may give it another go.I curently wear Jockey Classic...
  13. 4

    Any Other Guy Find Briefs Very Comfortable?

    Yeah, so I used to wear boxer briefs like many guys wear today, but they just weren't comfortable and I got tired of that shit riding up my ass. I'm a active guy and I sweat and stuff, so you get my point. And the leg parts never stay down like their supposed to. So, I decided to switch over to...
  14. the_man_5562000

    A Problem Of Definition - Cum In Boxers

    In this modern world of sex all over the internet there is a slang name for anything and everything. I learned a new one yesterday - 'wet docking'. This is using someone else's extended forskin to masturbate your own penis untill conclusion. Thereby filling their skin with your seed. Who knew...
  15. Undfan84

    Telegram App Group For Guys Underwear Fans

    Hey guys, with the rumors of kik being shut down, some of us have started a group on telegram for fans of guys in underwear. If your interested in seeing and showing off your underwear come join the fun. Brief Guys
  16. O

    Affordable Supportive Pouch Boxer Briefs?

    I'm looking for brand recommendations. I like an "anatomically correct" pouch that keeps things lifted and supported and helps prevent that sweat-glue situation between the boys and the inner thigh. I love the way Andrew Christian feel, but I'm not crazy about all the neon. John Sievers brand on...
  17. Undfan84

    Underwear preference?

    What style of underwear do you wear on a regular basis? Favorite brands or colors? Have you always worn the same style or have you changed over time?
  18. Matx

    Underwear traffic

    Im looking for men intoo underwear exchange, giving or recieve. Offering underwear dirty, sweat, piss, cum and love to receive them! If ur interrested pm me! I already have a man here sending me some: But i want to add more to my collection...
  19. A


    Hey Just wondered if anyone else enjoys trying on other guys underwear? Love it if you can notice the bulge difference if he's really stretched them out
  20. 1

    Choosong the right underwear

    Hey guys, I didn't see a thread on this. How do you choose the correct size of underwear (the inseam)? If you are hung do you need one of the special 9" inseams (such as for boxer briefs) so they don't ride up or crush your package? I have had to return several pairs of jeans b/c the...