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  1. Q

    Snapchat group

    Ello fellas looking to start a snapchat group for boys that like to show them pissing. Or to post hot guys pissing. If you want to join and share you pissing then dm me and ill add/start the group. Please only dm me if you are serious about showing. Thanks boy happy pissing
  2. Q

    NEW SNAPCHAT GROUPFor Everybody/ Straight-Closet-Bi-Gay

    Ello boys, im wanting to start new snap group where everyone can show off with no strings attached. If you like showing off to others and with other then message me and ill add you to the new group.
  3. L

    BenBen Tomlinson

    Anyone got the nudes Benben / it’sBenben / Benben Tomlinson used to post on tumblr etc ???? I can only find 2 really old ones
  4. After_glow_13

    Help me find this guy plss!!!!

    Saw this on tw but dont really know who this is. Please help me find this guy or tell me his name!! Thankss alot!!!
  5. A

    Adjective(s) To Describe A Boy You Like

  6. M

    What is the movie or actors pls?

    Hello guys, Could you help me to find the video: Vergudo se viene adentro de su culo https://www.xvideos.com/video47451207/vergudo_se_viene_adentro_de_su_culo
  7. Q

    Brian Elliott l Zoltan

    Anyone know who this is?
  8. S

    Louis Russell- Model

    Anything on this sexy u.k model?
  9. Iceguytv

    Suigeneris (suie)

    This is for rapper Suigeneris only. You can only post images taken today onward. I volunteer as tribute to help clap those cheeks.
  10. I

    Hung Teen Sleaze Don

    Has anyone Subscribed to his onlyfans? Onlyfans.com/sleazedadon Videos?
  11. N

    Garren Lake

    Surprised he doesn't have a thread in all honesty Marty from the party really grew up hot:heart:
  12. P

    Who Is This Mans

    I remember watching his video of him jacking off in the bathroom but I lost his name ): Can anyone find his name/video
  13. SomedoodeMe

    Story Time

    So I decided to write a story its not a true story nor is it based on anyone just a fantasy let me know if its any good or if there's mistakes I don't have a lot of experience so I kinda just went with what I thought was hot. Be honest :) hope you enjoy Luca's Awakening part 1 My names...
  14. D

    Photos & Videos Great Teen Gay Site

    gaysexyboys.online This site is great folks. Not to mention that in addition to the great videos, there is a photo gallery on the blog tab that is very good, I recommend.
  15. F

    Twitter Boys

    straight new boy on twitter Hope he will continue Damian (@Damian79626307) on Twitter
  16. bust_everywhere

    Boys Jacking Off While Mom Talks To Them

    In videos of guys jerking off in their bedroom or bathroom, I love when their mom or other family member starts talking to them through their closed door and they have to respond like normal. Is there a thread for this already? Couldn’t find one. If not, share some of your favorites. A classic:
  17. T

    Romeo Beckham

    After waiting for so long, our beloved Romeo has finally turned 18. Now we can share his perfectly smooth body, bulges, and so much more. Can't wait to see what this thread will turn into.
  18. K

    Photo Griffin Maxwell Brooks

    Anyone knows more about him? :)
  19. coucou992

    Anyone Know Who He Is ?

    Just saw this video , and i think he is so hot , but i dont know his name
  20. I

    Links Instagram Boys

    Hi, guys! I open this thread to list gay boys/men on Instagram. I'd like you to share some info about profiles that are worthing follow or that you like. In particular, I love twinks and hairy young boys.
  21. altnorms

    Random Boys You'd Like To Fuck With

    Hey guys! Post here photos of random boys you'd like to fuck with. It can be boys from instagram, from your school, friends, etc etc :-)
  22. S

    Ballet Boys

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the lovely shapes of ballet boys like Nicol Edmonds and Marcelino Sambé? I have a huge admiration for the dance, their dedication and of course the aesthetic. Not posting this topic for nudes or anything. If anyone has experience with them I’d love a story...
  23. serph789

    Asmr Node

    I recently came across a super pretty lad. He hasn't posted videos in a while on his youtube channel but he's really CUTE ! Anything on him? FEET content from him would be most welcome but I'm also open to ANYTHING! ;P
  24. 1

    Help Identifying These Cammers

    can anyone help me identify these cammers?
  25. K

    Pablo Llari - Spanish Youtuber/model

    Pablo is a spanish model and youtuber. He is 18 he has an account on O.F.: pablollari ig:pablollari
  26. A

    Photo Anyone Know Who This Is?

    Anyone know who this is? 249891
  27. Flamme20

    Photo Army Boys For Real

    Anyone’s invited to post real pics from army service days :emoji_guardsman:
  28. X

    Photo Insta : Bryan_dxb

    Hey guys, Do you have any pics or videos of this guy ? Bryan His insta : bryan_dxb Thanks for sharing !
  29. T

    Photo Danish Boys From Instagram

    I have a little bit of an obsession with Danish boys on instagram, I wanted to create a thread here but I have no way to make sure they're all over 18 and I don't want to break the rules. So I created a Tumblr! (even though I swore off Tumblr after they banned porn) Tumblr I'm sorry for the...
  30. L

    Straight lads home video swaps

    Alright lads! Recently me and a mate got into swapping home videos. They would mainly include; POV fucking our GF’s. POV blow jobs etc... Hoping to find like minded lads who’d be into that? We are from England, under 30, straight and very open. It’s the fact we are seeing real footage rather...