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  1. barehole4use

    Builders Cumdump

    After my last story of special request it was a while before i was invited again to be used as a cumdump bttm for anonymous men to fuck, with the holiday period finally coming to an end, i received a new invitation with new ground rules to keep it exciting for me & providing much needed relief...
  2. barehole4use

    In the park at night

    If you are in the park at night & you see a bttm face down ass up, do you walk past him or do you fuck him ?
  3. barehole4use


    This is a very private sex party & i was specially invited, to be used as a anonymous cumdump : Sunday late afternoon i was invited to a very private bareback sex party, the rules was given to take any & all cocks & loads, the party details were very specific, there were 3 bttms to arrive at a...
  4. sdcbttmchub

    Calling All Southern California Big Dicked, Chub Loving Bareback Seekers

    Hey studs, Figured I'd try this out here and just see what happens. I'm a sexually experienced bottom chub looking to experience more big dick, preferably bare (we'll talk first of course), anal sessions with horny guys in my area (Southern California - San Diego to LA) looking for a regular...
  5. BroteinConnoisseur

    Looking for gay breeding porn

    I love guys that either get bred or breed their bottom. No pulling out. A few I found on OF are Levy Foxx, Dillon Roman and Timothy Chamapgne and AnonBttm. Has anyone other recommendations? Thank y‘all in advance!❤️
  6. B

    Video Please help ID!

    I’ve seen more videos of this bull dadddy but can’t recall his name.
  7. TsNITRA

    Breeding .... what say you.....

    My friend and I came to a unfinished discussion about breeding and what if you're on a med aka "prep" would that still be under as being bred or just taking loads he says its breeding still because there's no other definition of it which I strongly disagree so I decided to bring the conversation...
  8. dilfhuntr

    Photos & Videos Straightmen Breeding Sissies and Crossdressers...

    Vids of straight guys getting off inside sissies and crossdressers. Bonus points for wedding rings ;)
  9. dilfhuntr

    Photos & Videos Pump and Dump Hook Up Vids...

    Not quite anon but definitely not romance. Let's share vids of all those fun quick and dirty hook ups. Doublelist, craigslist, sniffies, and grindr fucks...
  10. S

    stranger bred me in the backseat

    I left my friends at around 3pm to meet a guy I planned things out with last night, my grey hoodie covering my head partly as I walked through the town streets because it started raining but I also had to shield my guilt. I got my phone and messaged him where he was picking me up from and it was...
  11. here2admire

    Help me ID this video

    Hi friends— I have been jerking off to the following clip for YEARS and have always wondered who the people are (especially the top!) and if there is a longer clip. Can anyone help me figure this out?
  12. H


    wondering if anyones subbed to him and has his content they could share plss. he was on twitter but i think he got banned. i thought his content was really hot
  13. M

    Anyone know where I can find the full video?

    My husband gets breed by a hot stripper from the bar I’ve been looking for the full video for a year now. The husband getting fucked asked if he wants to cum in him which he does (I remember the full video but don’t know where to find it) and then it shows him pushing it out and his husband...
  14. D


    Hey guys, my boyfriend and I have decided to try our hand at Onlyfans. our Twitter and Onlyfans are both @Whorlandocplxxx We have already made some collabs. Bareback, breeding, cumshots, ftm breeding, etc. lots more to come!
  15. WineSizedGuy

    Filling up tight twink hole with my hung cock

    Here’s a short clip of me deep dicking my tight twink buddy. Hope you enjoy watching as much as he enjoyed talking it.
  16. Short and edit.

    Short and edit.

    My and friend having fun, I'm the bottom guy.
  17. K

    ID - does anyone know who this couple is?

    Hey I saw this hot video of a guy breeding a girl on Twitter and was wondering if anyone knew who they are? I’d love to see more from them!
  18. S

    Sean Cody Breeding Scenes

    06/28/2021- Jax Hayes & Phillip II 05/24/2021- Johnny Donovan (Deacon) & Dax (cum-shoved) 04/30/2021- Dale & Cody Seiya (partial?) 04/23/2021- Dean & Dax 01/24/2021- The Cabin Ep 3- Devy & Justin 12/24/2020- Deacon, Bentley Bangz & Kurt (partial?) 11/27/2020- Levi and Brysen 11/09/2020- Jax &...
  19. kinglovely

    Links Monster Cub (hunter Scott) And Luke Truong

    Hi! I would like to know if anyone could make available Hunter Scott's Luke Truong video called 'HOT AND THIRSTY' from Monster Cub
  20. israsolider

    Breeding & Cumming Inside M2m Partner

    I am 32 years old. I was born in Israel, high school and university in NYC, and now have lived on and off between both places for the past 10 years. I am bi sexual, however while in uni in NYC I opened myself up and began experimenting with men. I would date women and fuck them on weekends and...
  21. T

    Allen King Getting Bred

    I've only ever found one video of Allen King getting bred. It's an amateur video of him, Griffin Barrows and Gabriel Cross. Do you know any other videos of Allen getting bred? If so, could you post the links? Thanks!
  22. C

    Breeding And Sperm Competition Fetish

    Any men get really turned on by thinking of cumming inside a pussy deep? Does the idea of bareback creampie sex turn you on? What about if multiple guys cum inside a pussy back to back to back? Share your thoughts and what turns you on about it.
  23. elusivehoney06

    Help Id Sketchy Sex Episode

    Hi all, I found this clip from Sketchy Sex however, I cannot seem to identify which episode it is (scene # or title). Mostly interested to know who the first guy is wearing the blue shirt with chest tattoos, if you know his name or other videos where he appears. Thanks!
  24. ChubbyTwink

    Cuck Me With Her.

    Need a dominant man to skype, whereby, or just phone chat with. Im in the UK and have a shy, pale, sexy little gf that I need a real man to breed. Want to jerk off to her pics? Want to chat with me about her? Want to use only me ;) my Skype is ChubbyTwink. Hope to get lots of attention for her!
  25. Capitolhillguy

    Seeking: Site With Lots Of Breeding Where Bottoms Get Off Too

    This is a high bar to set as it is rare. Most all breeding scenes have just the top getting off. I hate passive bottoms. Dillon Anderson has a lot in his older videos but nothing this year. He had a very hot orgy this year with 7 or 8 gorgeous guys and only 2 get off. Come on!!!!! His best is...
  26. 4

    Verbal Phone With Older Hung Top

    Hey All, Been super stressed out and horned up like everyone else. Smooth bottom twink, looking for a hung masculine top/dad (bi, straight, gay or married) for verbal RP or regular phone release sessions. Especially tonight! PM if interested. :p
  27. D

    Eli Hunter: World's Biggest Whore?

    Eli Hunter is the definition of a cumdumpster! He's the type that has no standards would let anyone fuck and breed him! He's probably the biggest whore that's ever been in gay porn if not the biggest whore who's ever walked on the earth. He's super slutty, easy, and trashy, but it's hot. He'll...
  28. I


    only fans.com/hiyafrompuertorico Anyone have something of his OG? I´m crazy to see this vid full Coach's Pregame Workout [TEASER] His fucks are amazing.
  29. K

    Brazil Vacation

    When Jessica and I got married, we promised to take a vacation to either Switzerland, Japan, Thailand or Hawaii within the first 5 years. Even though it wasn’t on the top of our list, Jessica’s coworker Nelson had two round trip tickets to Brazil for 5 nights to go back and visit family but...
  30. shephusky

    One Knight Stand

    Bruce Knight was a 22 year old college student ready to graduate. He was a woman’s dream, tall (6’4”) dark (Hispanic mom, Italian father) and handsome. He had a cut rugged jaw, people say he looks like a superhero. But being close to the end of school, he didn’t have much money. His car just...