1. Letmeworshipit

    Exhibitionists Make The Best Oral Tops

    Maybe it's just a theory, but in my vast, extensive research, I've found that guys who have embraced their phallic energy and love to show off and present their cock tend to make incredibly hot oral tops. To be honest, they're the guys I first had sex with as a teenager. I used to take the bus...
  2. F

    Men Manspreading

    Men Manspreading - These images can be gotten ANYWHERE from the internet, real life, shows e.t.c The men could be wearing Boxers, Speedos, Jeans, Suits as far as clothes are on
  3. ItsMeGabriel

    Instagram and YouTube Bodybuilders who show VPL (Visual Penis Line)

    Alright, folks! This thread is exclusively dedicated to those mouth-watering VPLs (visual penis lines,) not just those scrumptious bulges. Sure, bulges are nice to admire, but let's be real here – vpls bring a whole new level of enjoyment to the crotch-watching game. So, let the visual...
  4. A

    Photos & Videos Wet bulges

    At the pool, at the beach, participating in a viral challenge or simply posing for a fashion magazine or an erotic account. Seeing guys with their wet bulges is always a sight for sore eyes. I haven't found any thread on this topic, so I've decided to create one.
  5. 1

    FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 - The Hottest

    With the World Cup approaching, I thought it was a good idea to have a place to share the hottest players on the squads going - as well as those who look the hottest whilst they're there. Pleased Grealish got picked for England.
  6. P

    ''Catching'' guys checking out dicks.

    A thread about catching guys staring at someone else' junk. Think its really hot when ''straight'' guys are jerking off together and one makes a quick glance at the others junk... yknow, for scientific purposes. This thread was made because I watched a clip of a guy working out with a HUGE...
  7. Started the week off right

    Started the week off right

  8. patroklos68

    Bulging Youtubers

    Who are the Youtubers with the best bulges? Safe for Work / Non Adult Content - just HUGE bulges.
  9. D

    Gym Boy Bulges

    Anyone got any photos of a boys bulge in the gym? Boners even better hehe
  10. X

    David Beckham

    I see that the last thread of David Beckham is very old so why not make a new one as he has done so many more photoshoots. He is perfect.
  11. yyzstevie

    Imagine A Charter Flight/return To St.marrten(clothing Optional) With All The Cock Fans On Lpsg

    I think it would be a cum fest after a few hours...whats your thoughts or fantasies with this sexy plane trip to the resort in orient bay...have you ever been to a clothing optional resort...i was just before Irma hit
  12. BravoWhisky

    Vpl Sports Only

    Track & field, wrestling, football, diving etc...let’s keep it to genuine finds. No porn. No models posing in sports gear. (VPL = visible penis line) ;-)
  13. Daizuko

    Video Need Stuff Of Hunks

    Hi guys. Need stuff of muscle guys cumming, teasing, cum in briefs, moaning, f*ckin very hard, breeding, erection, hard bulges etc. Please, don't post links. Only attach files ❤️
  14. undielover69

    Underwear Fetish Skype

    Bored and bulging in Calvin Klein briefs right now. Ad me on Skype if you have a bulge/underwear fetish and wanna play. Average body, can't mic and don't show face. Blow.mehard is my Skype if you're interested.