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  1. C

    I want to watch my mom get fucked

    I want to watch my 54 year old MILF mom get fucked by a masculine man who will seduce her
  2. K

    Pre-cuckold How We Got To This Point.

    So I’ll tell you about myself. I’m 35, 6’, muscular but I got a lil bit of a belly nowadays but nothing crazy. I have always had a very short penis at 3.5” long. Maaaaaaybe I can get close to 4” if I’m extremely turned on and extra extra hard. As far as girth goes, I’m on the lower side of...
  3. T

    Cuckold experience

    hey everyone, We are a couple from Germany, this is our third year together. Recently, we decided to change something in our relationship. Especially I noticed that our sex life is way different than it used to be. For example, it gets way harder for me to bring her to any exciting climax. She...
  4. T

    Big young bulls here?

    looking for a fit, young and well hung bull for cuckold couple! Let’s start it off by conversation about what you want and like and what we are looking for!