1. S

    Trying to ID This Beefy Giant Stud in Leather

    This Giant Stud has appeared on Tumblr and I'm trying to figure out who he is. Possibly a wrestler?
  2. M

    27m wannabe cuck looking for a bull

    27m wannabe cuck looking for a bull to share advice and compare cock sizes. Would love to learn more about the lifestyle from someone with experience. Message me or add me on Snapchat mike_stud27
  3. M

    M27 Cuck Looking to Snap a Bull

    M27 wannabe cuck looking for bulls to snap with. Size comparisons, humiliation, advice on setting up a first time. Add me Mike_stud27
  4. P

    Wife or girlfriend fucked better than expected. Hubby surprised or jealous

    Hi guys or women. I like to watch sharing or cuckold clips, where the hubby is surprised by the pleasure his wife is having with the stranger. I‘ll post some examples. I like when he asks her if she’s ok, if he ask her if it should stop and she clearly says „no“. Also of interest are scenes...
  5. T

    Curious Philly Cuckold Couple (MM4M)

    My husband (34, 8" thick cut cock, total top) and I (37, 6.5" cut cock, total bottom) recently discovered we'd like to try cuckolding as it sounds pretty hot to us both. Ideally I'd like to find a twink bottom who'd be willing to cuck me and take my husband's cock while I watched. He's an...
  6. N

    Throbbing Sins

    https://twitter.com/ThrobbingSins69 OnlyFans i've followed this guy on X for a minute. i think he's sexy af. and not afraid to show off his nice dick. he's straight but very friendly. he just started his OF but his twitter has some hot vids. i think he cams but i'm not totally sure. Enjoy!
  7. R


    BullTitan from Tumblr. Gay dominant and submissive Tumblr porn couple Carson and Nate.
  8. M

    Seeking bull/bbc today

    Hot wifey needs to get trained today. Message is available
  9. M

    Seeking bill today

    Seeking bull immediately- hot wife who needs to be taken care of and trained
  10. MrMoons88

    Photo Bull: Tribute my Wifey

    Here is a pic of my wifey, for any big Dicked men.
  11. MrMoons88

    Photo Rate my Cock

    Rate my Cock!
  12. M

    Please ID this guy!

    Does anybody know who this is?
  13. Dan9410

    Straight guys being coerced into giving head or doing stuff with guys (not staged) does this exist?

    Any videos, preferably onlyfans/amateur content of a straight guy with a girlfriend/wife being coerced or talked into doing stuff with a guy? That isn’t staged or faked? Does it exist?
  14. J

    Photo ID this smokin muscle stud?

    Anyone know who this guy is? Thanks
  15. D

    Links Shreddedchase

    Hello, can someone subscribe for his onlyfans, it’s for free. Share what you got
  16. S


    Anything on this guy?
  17. IdleHandsR4THEDEVIL

    10/10 but who?!

    Pollination requested.
  18. R

    Couplegains (OF) / John_Brav0 (Reddit)

    Just found this massive muscled stud and his gf online. The onlyfans is free but they’re charging pretty high prices for like 30 second videos. Hoping to see more soon
  19. drybones

    william_sghinolfi / William Sghinolfi / 20yo Italian Bull / Italian Bodybuilder

    This super hot and handsome Italian Bodybuilder caught my attention and now I'm obsessed with his body, the boy just turned 20 and he has the body of a bull, meat everywhere, muscles everywhere, and with that beautiful boyish face and amazing personality it's impossible not to fall in love with...
  20. I

    Photo big dick buddy xxx (bigdbuddyxxx)

    I recently discovered this guy randomly on twitter, and I'm so glad I did. He's so fucking hot. He has this masculine butch look and a nice big dick. I couldn't help but subscribe to his OF (even though OF is mostly disappointing) and I have to say I'm so happy I did. His OF is amazing. It has...
  21. J

    Photos & Videos Julian Marshburn

    Anybody have anything on this guy?
  22. POVBeastMode

    New guy in Raleigh, NC!!

    Howdy yall, I'm 47, 6'3, 220lbs in the Raleigh, NC area. I really enjoy being a bull for hotwives if any locals would like to have some fun!! Cheeers!
  23. D

    My naughty sexy size queen wife.

    I just love showing off my sexy horny wife. We both love seeing the responses. I jerk off to her all the time so feel free to do the same! I’ve posted before and have had amazing responses. Feel free to comment or message me. You can be as dirty as you want and tell me what you would do to my...
  24. D

    My wifes “to do” list

    I made a list of things that I thought my wife might be interested in doing and asked her to give me the chances that she would do them with her bull. This was something fun we did before she even fucked her bull. The ones with the star are the things that she has since done with the bull...
  25. B

    Louis Farel

    Dreamy hung hunk Louis Farel https://monstercockland.com/300540/beautiful-louis/ I've only found a handful of videos of him, great body and a cock to die for.
  26. D

    One Man Multiple Partners

    Recently found a fetish or fantasy that I have of one hot big dick guy having multiple partners. Maybe a guy fucking multiple girls or a top having multiple bottoms. Find something very sexy about a guy getting what he wants, maybe he can fuck as many people as he wants but his partner can't...
  27. My package

    My package

  28. D

    Real-Life Bromances

    Lets use this threat for men who are currently married or in LTR with women who are in need of a real life bromance. A bromance can be defined as "A true bromance is a special connection that transcends the boundaries of a regular friendship. You're both riding the same wave of how you think...
  29. D

    I'm new

    Hot new account here, I was a member here like ten years ago when I was about 18. Check out my profile
  30. D

    To Couples seekinf MFM, MMf; to Hotwives or cuck couples seeking a Bull

    I have been a lifestyle Bull for over 15 years. I love couples and women. Contact me. i’m an exhibitionist and i love to play–especially in public. Although I have a very dom personality, i also like to understand the desires of others. Ask me about the crazy stuff i’ve done. If you’ve imagined...