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  1. agus

    Looking 4 a vid

    Of a hot guy dancing joyfully butt naked to the mirror. It was on selfie mode, and he shakes his ass to the music in the end. Sorry but I don't have any more info! Saw it a while algo on instagram and then lost it florecer :pensive:
  2. L

    Iván de Jesús Ruíz Chávez (ivan_officialmx) (Mexican stripper)

  3. chatnplay

    First time

    Hi all, I'm somewhat straightish, but been fantasizing about getting fucked in the butt for a while now. How can I best approach this? How can I find someone? How to prepare? And how does it feel :) ? Love
  4. paulwyatt

    Guys From Behind.

    Just “Guys From Behind”.
  5. S

    Video I'm a shy guy.

    As a really shy guy, I decided to step out of my confort zone and start my own PornHub channel. It's not for money just self confidence. Please go check it, give a like/follow/comment on PornHub would be really appreciated. Search for: simpleguy85 on PornHub
  6. A

    I have a cute butt

    My OF is the name :D
  7. ItsMeGabriel

    Marek Lichtenberg

    Model / Actor. And hot.
  8. R

    Who's got more info about this bloke (Australian)

    He's got several nicknames, James Staub, bigajxxx, gaffe William. I am sure that pics are old enough to be not so accurate bodywise. Golden Era (prob 80's) Following
  9. A

    _kenfit_ or kenfitcoach

    does anyone have he's pics est-ce que quelqu'un a ses photos
  10. Greyjoy_Dick

    Photos & Videos Tanner (No One's Safe)

    There's a prank YouTuber named Tanner, his channel is called No One's Safe anyway he does funny, controversial pranks and hes always wearing really tight pants that show off his amazing bubble butt and I was just wondering if there's any nudes of him out there. his IG is here His tiktok is here
  11. T

    Pancake asses are hot

    Why do they often get criticism? If the guy has a nice face/hair/eyes & nice build/legs, a flat ass accentuates the other features greatly & can have more thrusting power. Take Randy Orton for instance, guys like him make it look hot because of their other features. He wouldn’t look as hot with...
  12. ItsMeGabriel

    Phil Parkinson (Comedian turn Fitness Instructor)

    I introduce to you Mr. Phil Parkinson from the UK. He's the founder and owner of The Circuit Factory in Dubai. Prior to that, he was a comic. I discovered him a few years ago. I just think he's so sexy. He seems to be a bit of a exhibitionist as he always had his ass out, which is quite...
  13. natesols

    Kevin De Bruyne

  14. L

    Cristóbal Castillo Moreno

    Chilean model and stripper
  15. D

    Please ID - sexy, thick bubble butt, big muscular leggs, latin, muscle DILF

    So I have come across these 3 clips but can't seem to find much more on him. I've read all of the comments and no one seems to have a clue of an ID. IMO, he is one HOTTT cam stud (he's not my usual type to be honest). Poster for one clip calls him "Max" and claims that he is straight and also...
  16. N

    Aymeric Laporte

    I think it's to give Aymeric Laporte a special thread He's a French & Spanish soccer player, he's so hot : very tall, huge bulge, nice bubble butt, amazing legs & thighs I don't understand why so not that much over lpsg soccer threads or others websites but not let's post some content
  17. G

    Ass and Booty Jiggling GIFs

    anyone else have a thing for gifs of nice asses jiggling? lol btw the man in the white leggings is aztro69
  18. P

    Rate my butt?

    My first post like this... I want your honest opinion.
  19. D

    Please ID this str8, alt, white-dreads, pierced cam guy with a huge bubble muscle butt

    6 or so years back I saw this funky, beefy, voluptuous Adonis for the first time - bare, muscular and naked except for a teeny g-string - squatting deeply as his huge, plump as cheeks faced the camera and spread to reveal his slutty hole. He quickly proceeded to dildo and stretch his pretty...
  20. Whyyoulittle

    Favorite position for ass nude

    How do you like seeing an ass pic the most? My favorite is the way I took below. The First one is hard to get camera stability but very worth It. Also there's More where that came from
  21. K

    Photo How’s my ass?

  22. kifabo

    Ski jumpers

    I noticed that there are so many hot ski jumpers so I wanna start this thread. Some of my favs are Schlierenzauer, Schmid, Lindvik, Cene Prevc, Wellinger, Kraft, ...
  23. D

    Please ID this muscular HUGE bubble butt god...

    He's an amazingly gorgeous man - face looks vaguely familiar? That ASS is to die for... I'd be grateful for any information at all. Thx!
  24. T

    Straight guys butt/ bulge im underwear

    Thread for sexy straight guys in underwear and showing off cake and bulge .
  25. D

    Photo Greg In La

    This guy is so hot, can’t believe I haven’t seen him on here before. Instagram
  26. J


    hot french-arab guy with a nice ass TikTok https://www.instagram.com/crazymcc/
  27. Q

    Photos & Videos Black, Latino, And Asian Male Ass Fans

    I'm not as much a penis person as I am an ass man. I love Black and Latino asses in particular. Help me add to my collection!
  28. J

    Youtubers Butts, Ass, Mooning, Buns, Booty

    Some of the best buns from some hot youtubers Jake Paul showing us those hot cakes of his.
  29. J

    Wrestling Wrestlers Butts, Tights Down, Ass, Mooning, Trunks Down

    Dedicated to the backsides of wrestlers. Billy Gunn Mooning. What he does best
  30. J

    Stupidseck / Nottheglizz

    @/StupidSeck (old @ was nottheglizz) on Twitter has in my opinion, one of the hottest dick's ever, he has an onlyfans (OnlyFans, $10 a month)