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  1. Marco Tony

    Muscle Butts Of Dreams

    Muscular men are known to have a nice butt. Here you can share pictures of the butts of hot muscular men. Muscle butts only.
  2. K

    Photos & Videos Id Ass Guy From Gif

    Not sure if anyone knows who this guy is? Is from a tumblr page
  3. B

    Zack Lily

    His TikTok @ is imzacklilly and he's cute af and had a nice round butt. Anyone got anything on him?
  4. S

    Guys Of Manifest

    I’ve been binge watching “Manifest” on Netflix and continued it on Cable. The guys there are so damn hot! Let’s start with the Cuban hottie J.R. Ramirez a.k.a Detective Jared Vasquez.
  5. J

    Photos & Videos Andy_mov (on Twitter)

    He used to have an Onlyfans, but removed it a while ago. Still posts some nudes on Twitter, but not as wild as he used to. Anyone got more pics/vids from him?
  6. M

    Hot Butt Videos On Youtube.

    i've got QUITE the male butt fetish and there's just something super hot about finding jerk off material on youtube. share your favorites below and lets start a collection!
  7. S

    The Naked Men From The World Game

    The game will work like this, below is an alphabetical list of all countries in the world. If you have photos or videos of naked men from that country, you post them saying which country they are from, copy the list and paste it by marking the name of the country in question in red. The next...
  8. G

    Butts Getting Spanked Or Slapped

    Kudos to the wonderful person who made the Bubble Butts thread, but I am so shocked that theres no thread with a collection of pics and videos of guys getting spanked or having their booties smacked or smacking their own asses.
  9. M

    Photos & Videos Scott Bakula & Dennis Quaid "eye Candy""

    I'm shocked these two don't have a thread, I've been in love with these hunks butts since forever. Feel free to add to this thread.
  10. K

    Brax Kasher

    This man is so sexy to me. He’s actually very cool and very open about sex and kinky with women. Yes, he’s straight but here are some previews.
  11. natesols

    Thorgan Hazard's Ass

    Those Hazard men and their beautiful Belgian bubble butts. Eden has some serious competition...
  12. R

    Phong Phong Aka Loobbt

    Any nudes or vids of this cutie out there? :eyes: His main IG is @loobbt But he has a backup account @phongchubi123
  13. K


    Is there anything about him??? Here are some pics from his ig account... https://instagram.com/charles.habibi?igshid=zp9rny1n21m6
  14. F

    Photos & Videos Jake Kay Aussie Rugby

    Any of Aussie rugby player Jake Kay @jakey_kay1 on Instagram? He has his bum out a lot!
  15. A

    Talon Broughton Big Ass

    Any content? IG: talonbroughton
  16. J

    Eric Aragon Aka Rico Aragon

    The hottie Eric Aragon, also known as Rico Aragon, is mostly known from a gay comedy called "The Perfect Wedding" and a not-so-funny sitcom "I live with models". He's hot both in clothes and shirtless. I'm surprised he had no threads here. I'll fix the mistake.
  17. J

    Jeff Ward

    Hot puppy Jeff Ward aka Deke Shaw from Agents of SHIELD. I wish there was more shirtless scenes with him in the series, he'so damn good!
  18. C


    Anybody got his only fans content?
  19. Chris Levin

    Video Does Someone Know Who This Is?

    Does someone know who this cam guy is? His butt is so fucking nice, I need to see more.
  20. T

    Straight Men Assholes

    Hello, i have a huge fetish for straight men who show their holes... pornstars or not. If you have nice solo pictures or videos of str8 men exposing their holes (onlyfans, etc), put it here !!
  21. 9

    Photo New Here... Let Me Know What You Guys Think Of Me

    I Just discovered this place. Wanna see if it's worth it lol
  22. Y

    Photos & Videos Cshap14

    He’s the first dude if anyone has more pictures of videos of him lost them here. His TikTok is @Cshap14 and his Insta is @connor.shapiro
  23. B

    Anyone Know Whose Gorgeous Ass This Is?

    Swooning at this dude's ass. Can anybody ID this guy?
  24. W

    Links My Blog

    I've started a blog dedicated to man ass and male toilet scenes. You are more than welcome to follow. I know we cannot really talk about guys on the toilet, so I have a ThisVid and Discord server, both dedicated to male toilet scenes, where you can share toilet scenes, but butt scenes. Butt...
  25. T

    Marcus Kane/ceodumptruck

    Has anybody subscribed to his only fans? He's this hot Tik Tok guy with a stupid fat ass. https://www.tiktok.com/@marcuskane43/video/6913970241664027909?lang=en https://www.tiktok.com/@marcuskane43/video/6913250635550903558?lang=en OnlyFans
  26. T

    Thegiovannixxx On Twitter/onlyfans

    Has anybody subscribed to this guys only fans? His ass is crazy and it seems like he has a lot of content. https://twitter.com/thegiovannixxx OnlyFans
  27. F

    Photo Who Is This Guy ? I.d

    I’ve seen this guy on my tumblr feed since last year , just wondering who this stud ?
  28. R

    Will Cunningham Aka Theoneritz On Ig

    Are there any vids of this hottie or a secret OF out there?? :eyes:
  29. S

    Photo Can Anyone Id This Bubble Butt?

    If I recall his name was Sebastian. Used to have an IG and Twitter but I forgot the handles. He's latino with a big dick too
  30. B

    Juan Paolo Di Lorenzo Booty

    Papi got a sexy ass, anything more naked on him? These South American men :heart_eyes: Form previous pics I seen, he use to have an average ass but for some time now it just exploded into this massive bubble butt. I want to see his butt in video. Forgoten this porn star name Wonder if he...