1. PupVesper

    Howdy! 24 Y/O from Poland - Cub Pup

    Hey there! I just realized I haven't introduced myself to all you guys and girls. I've been on this site for a few months now, but recently I've found that it's very welcoming, and there's a lot I can learn or discover about myself and sexuality, fetishes etc. in general. Thanks to this...
  2. M


    Alguém tem os conteúdos dele? X/Twitter: @duhgeek_
  3. K

    Photos & Videos Sumohog

    Anything on this big boy? :heart_eyes: Get more from Sumohog on Patreon
  4. L

    C9 Vanity (Anthony Malaspina)

    I cant believe he doesnt have any threads yet. I find this chubby valorant player handsome and sexy AF. Hes quite popular so I think maybe some of you guys have sexy snippets of him from his streams. Care to share?
  5. G


    Honestly really surprised and disappointed he doesn't have a thread yet. Absolute cutie with the perfect chubby/stocky bod. Nice ass and feet too. Need more material of him.
  6. britnadian


    Wow. He is cute.
  7. Slashman

    First Time OnlyFans And JFF Review

    Hi Everybody First Time Posting My Links On Here Wanted To Check And Make Sure Where And What I Was Allowed To Post LOL I'm A 25 Year Old,Gay,Chubby,Male,Versatile,Nerdy Geeky Guy, Born And Raised In Texas Both Of My Pages Have The Exact Same Content Only Differences Is That Onlyfans Has More...
  8. C

    Josh Clutterbuck and Darcy Patrick

    These two Aussie podcasters from Bloody Brilliant Beers have started to come on the scene for being genuine Aussie blokes. But nobody expected them to actually be in a deep sexual relationship Look at them go! Instagram: Login • Instagram Login • Instagram Login • Instagram
  9. C

    Kingmoxu's Onlyfans

    Hi this guy from tiktok (kingmoxu) seems to have an onlyfans, and am dying to see what's in there
  10. U

    Thicc Sissy for Asian Daddy

    Hi I’m a 24 year old named Bella who LOVES to dress up in full sissy (incl. minidress, wig, makeup, lingerie etc) and serve a master. I am white British but prefer a dominant asian man to take control of me (by asian I mean east, south east, south, Arabic - literally any daddy from the...
  11. F

    Help with Videos of chubby guy? "Chubby_feetlover"

    Anyone have any videos of this chub-sized guy or seen his vids b4? I remembered he had a pornhub channel years ago and was fairly active with lots of videos. I did managed to find this video tho along with very few others. I think his user was like "chubby_feetlover" with very few vids still...
  12. G

    翱哥real @AoGe94

    This guy is insanely hot!!!!! Anything on him?
  13. W

    I’m new hi!

    Hello! :)
  14. S

    Slave boy chubby 26 looking a master to serve

    Im 26 chubby slave boy looking a master to serve: into edging, serve, cum control, pins on nipple play with toys, tied up, add me live:.cid.9b44e04ae9e724bc or Join conversation
  15. InkBlottedKnob

    London for one night Nov 8th. Hotel chill and wank with uncut chub/chunky bi guy.

    In the London Bridge area for one night this Wednesday 8th November - Can accommodate at my hotel from 10pm. I'm a 43yo bi-curious guy, looking to hang out in the hotel room in underwear or naked, have a drink or two and watch some porn, talk kinks, and have some fun with a similarly inclined...
  16. GingerAussieChub

    Chubby men and Chasers

    Chubby guys and the chasers that enjoy them, Another small subsection of the LGBTQIA+ community would be us bigger chubby guys and the people that enjoy our figures. I thought I might kick off a thread/discussion for us to focus around. Chasers what is it that you like about chubby guys? Chubby...
  17. C

    Curry Gee

    Anyone got any videos of him? Looks very hung OnlyFans
  18. maxdenozo

    Sexy Big Boys

    Fat boys I'd gladly take to pound town
  19. F

    New chubby guy from Miami

    Hi! I’m a 40 year old chub from Miami. I’m rather inexperienced with sex but I’m exploring. It’s not easy being a chub in Miami. I’m attracted to bears, chubs and daddies, but I’m open to all people. It’s nice to meet everyone!
  20. N

    Photos & Videos Fit guys with mature or chubby women

    Post pics or videos of fit guys (muscular, athletic, slim) fucking noticeably older or chubby women
  21. J

    Chubby for Masc/Fit

    Chub (quite large weight wise), 32 curious white male from Europe. Looking for a masc/fit guy to chat and etc. via snap, skype, telegram. Never tried, so looking someone to show me the ropes simply said, or just have a conversation from time to time. Just PM me.
  22. G

    arab paki virgin looking for alphas

    hi i am a 20 year old arab paki sub boy with a 5.5 inch dick looking for alphas. i want to jerk off with them and get humiliated. into: sph, humiliation, raceplay, muscle guys humiliating, dom men, video call of jerking off, I'm kind of chubby (see my verification pic) i might like if a fit...
  23. H

    Photo Anyone know who this thick bubble ass guy is here?

    I gotta know who this is Man that ass so sexyyy mhmmm
  24. G

    Help ID These Asian Porn Vids

    Can anyone please help me ID these asian porn vids? Or maybe anyone have the full version of these vids? I wanna see the full version of these vids. Thank you so much to anyone who can help.
  25. C

    Anyone in South Carolina interested in a chubby submissive guy?

    Im a geeky chubby white guy, 34 years old, looking for a friend with benefits who would be ok with teaching/training me from the ground up. Open to any age. I’m a fast learner and open to basically anything. Anyway, I’m into video games and cooking and watching movies and watching anime and...
  26. tazzman7777

    Single_media AKA tazz

    Anyone have more from this guy Twitter
  27. Danter11


    OnlyFans Login • Instagram Yoshi @ JustFor.Fans
  28. G

    Help Find This Chubby Asian Bear Video

    Anyone have this chubby asian bear video? I think his name is Fritz but I'm not sure. If anyone have the full version of the video, please kindly share. Thank you so much.
  29. Muscle Collector

    Muscle guys having sex with chubby guys

    A while ago I developed a fetish for sex between muscular guys and chubby guys. For me body contrast is so sexy (especially when there's a big age difference) and I don't know exactly why. Can any fit or chubby guys tell me some sex stories with this body contrast and also why it makes you guys...
  30. G

    Help ID This Asian Bear

    Anyone please help me ID this asian bear, this is from video G-Max Vol. 19 Sex Trap. Maybe anyone know the name of this guy or where to find more of him. Thank you so much <3