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  1. N

    Help me infentify: asian chubby french-speaking woman serving young men

    Keywords: chubby, asian, woman, french-speaking, prostitute, young men Hello, dear community members! I found a few preview videos of a chubby Asian woman who serves young men: blowjob, sex... The men and the woman always speak French. It seems like the woman can be also a trans person. All the...
  2. billytgoatnz

    Photo BBW, Chubby, Curvy, Thicc Women Appreciation Post

  3. Danter11


  4. K

    Photo Real chubby black guys

    Hey I was hoping to get some real black guys without a six pack and they’re cocks
  5. Danter11

    @chrizzlog @theLogsterDude

  6. Danter11


  7. K

    Skinny Guys who like chubby guys?

    Hey, are here skinny guys who like chubby guys? :p
  8. P

    30yo aussie chubby dude for tradie c2c

    Any aussie tradies or other tradies into c2c with a 30yo Aussie chubby dude? Snap me on heathjones91.
  9. P

    30yo chubby dude for tradie

    Any aussie tradies or other tradies into c2c with a 30yo Aussie chubby dude? Snap me on heathjones91.
  10. T

    Chubby Chasers - Gay

    Hey! this is a safe place for chubby guys and their admirers/chasers! Open to any and all sexualities (Gay, Bi, Straight/curious). Feel free to post your snap username and a description of yourself/what you’re looking for!
  11. bigbuttpiggy

    Pig Btm seeks 55+ Older Perv Master for Roleplay

    I want older daddy types 55+ with webcam that can treat me like their little boy on Skype or kik! I will be masked but daddy can show his face or not while showing me his dripping penis. I love to be daddy’s special little boy! Send me your Skype add or kik. Or add me on Skype...
  12. J

    New Chub

    Just started a new onlyfans I’m a chunky fella. Check it out if your into that stuff. Thanks. OnlyFans
  13. J


    Hey I’m 18 chubby and hairy looking for a daddy my snap is jakewales212
  14. BigDaveJr93

    Hi! 28 Gay Chub brand new here

    Hey, big guy (5'9" 410lbs) from Independence, MO here. Never been on these sites before so if I don't respond, I do apologize as I've not quite got things figured out yet. But I left some pictures for people to enjoy, hopefully this'll be a good step towards something good.
  15. TheEasyA

    Chub Cub Starting Onlyfans

    Hey, guys! Just wanted to pop on here and let y’all know that I’ve started an Onlyfans. I don’t know if anyone is interested, but I’m a chubby cub that likes to get dirty. Most of my stuff is solo, but I go hard—sucking, riding, multiple sizes/types of toys, dirty talk, videos, and sexy...
  16. M

    Matthew Franzee

    Hello everyone! I am on PornHub at: MatthewFranzee's Gay Porn Videos | Pornhub Add me and take a look at my videos if you’re into really big booties. And please be nice ❤️❤️❤️ More content will be posted soon. Waiting on scheduling with my scene partner. And yes, he will be topping me...
  17. D

    Is Muscle4Chubby real or just a fantasy?

    Hey dudes. I'm 20 yo, quite chubby and hairy and I have a somewhat unhealthy fetish for big muscle guys with pumped pecs and juicy butts. Because of that I wanted to ask, do you think a muscle guy can ever become interested on a heavier guy or is it just bullshit? I've seen incredible muscle...
  18. K

    Photo Mortonbud93/mortonbud12/martynjames

    Hey LPSG users, does anyone have any videos/pics of this guy, he stopped posting 2017? and i miss him, i probably know the reason but i wish there was more videos on the internet than him with w*ll, feel free to share in the thread
  19. B

    Hairy, Bear, Cub, Chubby, Daddy Snapchat Megalist

    If you’re a bear/cub/chubby/hairy guy or a chaser post your Snapchat so we can chat, stroke and trade. Mine: p_campag21 28 M from Brazil
  20. J

    I Had Sex With My Teacher

    (i posted this on another thread and it didn’t get much attention so i’m posting it here) last year i had sex with my teacher, he’s probably late 40s and divorced, i was 18 a few months after i was in his class. i immediately was so attracted to him he was chubby but he didn’t have a beer...
  21. K


    Hey besties, I'm wondering if anyone has any videos of jaxxxhot (preferably with his friend), because there seems to be not that many videos online, and some don't have audio :( so it would be nice to find some more videos, thanks in advance uwu
  22. eas311

    New And Still Trying To Figure This Amazing Place Out.

    Little bit about myself I’m from Texas and in California for a while,32 and recently divorced and finding out that I’m into a lot of freaky shit and it’s been amazing so far . I’m strait but definitely attracted to a big cock and huge cumshots ,love porn ,probably a sex addict I’m looking to...
  23. K

    Video Roland Howard/the Phantom Trucker

    Hello LPSG users, a couple of years ago a youtuber called "roland howard the phantom trucker" posted videos of himself self-spanking, stripping and other naked videos, his new youtube channel (where he was tamer) recently got deleted, i was wondering if anyone has any of the old videos to share...
  24. T

    Young Str8 Ginger Daddy Of

    One of my friends started an OF. It's a free subscription right now. If you want to see something specific, just message him. He's a good guy and he's pretty open minded.
  25. C

    28 Year Old Chubby Submissive Guy Here Looking To Skype

    Anyone want to order me around? I'm a chubby submissive guy and looking for a verbal top to talk to me Add me on skype: ForUsThereIsNoSpring@gmail.com
  26. C

    28 Year Old Chubby Submissive Guy Here Looking To Skype

    I'm looking for verbal older guys to Skype with. I'm 28 years old and I am chubby and submissive Feel free to add me: ForUsThereIsNoSpring@gmail.com
  27. C

    Any Older Guys Want To Order Me Around On Skype? Chubby Submissive Guy Here.

    Anyone want to order me around on Skype? I'm a chubby submissive guy. Feel free to add me: ForUsThereIsNoSpring@gmail.com Verbal guys a big plus
  28. L

    Visiting Greece (athens Area)

    Hey guys, I’ll be in Athens, (staying close to the airport, but I’ll be renting a car) for a couple of weeks starting 20th June. It’d be good to meet some guys for some fun. Chubby bottom here.
  29. Hugechris88


    checkout OnlyFans
  30. D

    Zoom Jerk For Chubs And Chasers

    Would love to have a zoom jerk just for those who are into chubs!! let me know if anyone could possibly make one or is interested