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  1. Hney

    Photos & Videos Gaúchos

    Post pictures of Gauchos with traditionalist clothes from the country south of Brazil. Fotos de Gaúchos de bombacha.
  2. C

    Swap Clothing Items.

    Anyone into swapping clothing items in SoCal? I love swapping underwear, socks and shoes. I’ve been wanting to swap a full outfit with someone who has a completely different style than me.
  3. OPORt

    Men In Leggins?

    I have the fetish of seeing men in leggings, tights or lycras. See they hard cocks in tight clothes. any image or video like this ??
  4. O

    Best Shorts For Bulge Vpl

    What shorts are good for showing off a bulge? Not into super short, I can do maybe 6" inseam, but 5 is too small. Not huge, but bigger than average. Not going commando. There's an old thread that just devolved into pics without any recommendations, please don't do that here. I know you can...
  5. R

    Clothes Ripped Off

    I have a real thing for guys getting their clothes ripped off. Forcibly/playfully. About 10 years ago most of my male friends played rugby for fun in a local team. Their team parties were wild. There was always at least one round of competitively chugging a yard of ale and the who ever failed...
  6. J

    Photos & Videos Normal Males With & Without Clothes

    So I create this post for us, the normal guys from the internet, who likes to show off our dicks to the world, in at least two pictures, one with our clothes on & another with clothes off, and if you like more pictures or even a vid I will start
  7. 4

    What Do We Think About Mens Fashion Today?

    As a guy who's really into fashion, I'm a creative person so it's my other way of expressing myself. I feel like mens fashion is more expanded than it's ever been. So many different options and directions to go. I also appreciate that there's a lot of unisex clothing. I'm really into streetwear...
  8. Matx

    Canadian Underwear

    28yo canadian guy having a real fetish about underwear. I love it when they are the one from other guys, even more of they are dirty and used. So I'm looking for some guys who would like to send me their old underwear! PM me! Id make an album with them juste like those...
  9. RATA1988

    90s Baggy

    Salut, ça jazz? I'm looking for a baggy. Could you recommend a model that exists in Europe or deliverable in Europe, like ASOS? I'm looking for something that although wide makes good looks and appearances...:-) ps: a brand from the 90s would be a +++