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  1. Thedrewbert

    Sweatpants Recommendations?

    Anyone have any sweatpants recommendations that are more flattering front and back. So many of them are dumpy and have no shape like they were styled by Georgia Tent and Awning. Not looking for obscene, but don’t mind showing some bulge. Also, absolutely no elastic at the ankles. Immediate...
  2. G

    Id Titan Clothing Model?

    Can anyone recognize this hunk modeling for Titan Clothing? Many thanks.
  3. JayPR

    Why Men Prefer To Wear Swimsuits That Are So Long?

    Now that summer is around the corner, I would like to ask a question about fashion. Why most men, especially straight men, prefer long-board shorts and usually dislike shorter swimsuits, no speedos, just shorter swimsuits overall? I am mostly talking about in the US, Canada maybe the UK as...
  4. icecold1780


    Anyone have any reviews or info on this site? Are they owned by Maskulo?
  5. C

    Very Specific - Any Photos Out There Of Jock Strap Lines Visible Under ~non-sports~ Clothing?

    I was wondering if any existed online! let me know if you know of any
  6. hunglowcolorado

    Photos & Videos Latex And Leather

    Sexy Women in Latex and Leather
  7. hunglowcolorado

    Photos & Videos Women's Nipples - Poking And Covered

    This is a thread started in appreciation for women and how sexy they look when their nipples are hard and poking through their clothing, and also when they are covered but visible in sheer or wet clothing. Enjoy and please feel free to submit your own pics.
  8. hunglowcolorado

    Thigh High Boots

    Sexy women in a variety of thigh high boots
  9. Q

    Big Dick Psychology

    Most if not all guys are "obsessed" with their own cock- its size, its appearance, the pleasure it brings them and others etc. Often, this will also involve comparing the size of their cock to others. I am mainly gay and have a noticeable enough bulge when wearing, suit/work trousers, shorts and...
  10. B

    Help Id Model

    Found him on a clothing online shopping app Myntra Plz id him asap
  11. steve2727

    Any Advice For A Newly Circumcised Guy?

    So I recently had a circumcision, entirely for medical reasons on the recommendation of my Urologist, would not have had it done if it could have been avoided, but it is what it is. So I'm recovering now (which is taking longer than I was lead to expect :mad:, but it's getting there) and am...
  12. RamblingCock

    How Do You Undress?

    I just posted a blog entry on the topic of how people dress and undress. I typically start with the pants and underwear, then the shirt. And in reverse order when I'm dressing. Pants on last. I don't particularly like wearing anything from the waist down, so it might be a form of avoidance, but...
  13. trackjock13

    Naked in sneakers

    Don't think I have a "foot fetish" but seeing a guy naked, or ideally FULLY ERECT but still wearing sneakers is a HUGE turn on to me. Anyone else? Share pics plz, or even stories if you have them.