1. R

    Hung huge with a cockring.

    Big black dick with a cockring. OnlyFans
  2. newguyy93

    Photo Show off your cockrings and ball toys

    Show off your favorite accessories
  3. D

    Before and After pumping pictures...

    Just a couple of before and after pumping pictures and they're all from the same day. It took a little time but I like that I'm much bigger. I bet my neighbors were watching when I was in my backyard...
  4. D

    All Pumped Up!

    I'm all pumped up while wearing a cockring walking around in my backyard for a the neighbors to see.
  5. Are_we_there_now

    Involuntary ejaculation again and again

  6. D

    London GB - nekkid

    Gents, I'm an attached mid-40s guy - 180cm and about 90kg - into nudity with others. I'm friendly, approachable and no attitude. Not looking to bed you, but I am interested in being naked around other guys, checking out underwear and Speedos, CMNM and using cock rings to make our kit look huge...
  7. B

    Photo Poppers And Cbt: Who's This?

    Seen him in a poppers training video with no comments. Does anyone know who this daddy is?
  8. UnCutBlackBull925

    Need Help Identifying Lexington Steele Cockrings

    Good evening there’s a solo of Lexington Steele using two types of cockring here’s the video below
  9. fireh0se_91

    New Here From Berlin, De

    As the title says, new here - from Berlin, Germany 30 - Fit Muscular and Bi. 8702761 8702771 8702781
  10. Hung brit-bear

    Hung Dom Guy In London…

    792025179197017919741Morning guys. Joined a couple of days and enjoying the site a lot. Based in London and Herts. Always happy to meet up for a beer or probably more with the right people…just looking for sharing pics with others, showing off and looking at some handsome cocks and good...
  11. ZetaZetaZ

    Home Made Sex Toys

    Ideas for some homemade sex toys ... have you ever used them? Pics..., "instructions" ...?
  12. P

    Dudes With Cock Rings...

    Let's see em lads.
  13. H

    Amazon Sextoy

    Hey, I'm looking for some rather minimalistic though efficent sextoys on Amazon I'd like to buy a prostate stimulator and cock rings Any recommandations?
  14. ZetaZetaZ

    Young Guys That Like Cookring

    There are young guys that like to use cookring and finds it exciting?
  15. B

    Allknight Cock Rings And Penis Hardwear

    Hello everyone! Lately I've been thinking of getting the Soldier Extender from Allknight Hardwear, but I've seen like zero reviews on any of their products. So I got thinking the community here on LPSG might be able to add some insight, so if you yourself have bought anything from this company...
  16. K

    Poppers Gruop // Join!!

    I've been searching the forum for an active group of poppers play. I haven't found any, so I'm going to create a new one for everyone who wants to join. You can join the group by accessing from the following link. Be polite GROUP >> Join conversation
  17. E

    Slings And Oxballs

    Hi guys! is there any good site to buy a sling stand? I cannot afford to pay almost 300/500 €/$ Is there also someone using OXBALLS cockring? because I bought one (the OXSLING) and I really love it but it stretch too much my balls. is there any way to enlarge it little bit? teak you guys!
  18. 4

    Glass Cock Ring Where To Buy ?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone of you knows where to buy a glass cockring. I know that years ago they were sold by Falcon (I guess that was the name of the brand) but now it's unavailable. Do you guys know if there's any other glass cockring I could buy? Or do you sell a used one maybe? I'd buy...
  19. hehehhehe273

    Just Bought A Cock Ring!

    hey guys, I just bought my first cock ring (I'm not even sure if it is a cock ring cause it is elastic lol) Am I supposed to put it after I get fully hard? Can I keep it for hours? What was it supposed to do? Does it look good on my (not fully erect) cock? lol
  20. Scott-King

    Photo Great Cock Rings

    Father of Pearl on Victor
  21. [No title]

    [No title]

  22. Big veiny Dad dick in a cockring

    Big veiny Dad dick in a cockring

    You like ?
  23. NEMy

    What Do You Think About... Cockrings, Jockstrap, Going Commando Piercings

    Recently I receive a present form my boyfriend a pair of cock rings that for a long time I wanted to purchase but never had the courage to buy.2689451 From that moment I wear them 24/7 l, what do you think about them? please post pics. 182872 Also I want to buy a jock strap and I am not shore...
  24. Now this is what I'm talking about when I say hungry cocksucker

    Now this is what I'm talking about when I say hungry cocksucker

    The way he throats cock feels like a tight little pussy
  25. UnCutBlackBull925

    Double Cock Ring

    I am seeing thickness and length gain loving cockring this new cockering was amazing instantly got rock hard
  26. 1

    Anyone Love A Big Veiney Cock With A Cockring On With A Big Mushroom Head ?

    If so and you live in Orange County California , or somewhat close , send me a friend request and let's chat . I know a cool spot to feed you a huge load
  27. Big purple head

    Big purple head

    My helmet gets huge when I wear a cockring
  28. D

    Allknight power pendulum ring

    I saw this heavy cockring in allknight site and it looks like a really uncomfortable piece. Has anyone tried this monster cock ring and can recommend? THE POWER GRIP PENDULUM RING -
  29. P

    Cockrings and ball tying and ball stretching

    Hello is anyone Interested in cockrings and tying up there balls and cock would one of you be willing to teach me how to safely? This can become a whole Cock Bondage and Ball Stretching Group Does anyone Pump there balls? Or has had silicone even though I would not do silicone I am fascinated...
  30. P

    Has anyone tried this?

    Has anyone tried this position from an Al Parker film or tied up your balls and penis if so how does that feel and how exactly do you tie your balls?