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  1. SuxNSwallowsNYC


    Who sucks it better??!
  2. C

    Cum shot length competition / contest

    Anyone got any cum shot length competition / contest videos or links to share? https://gay.bingo/video/171376898
  3. A

    Bodybuilding Backstage

    This thread is for photos/videos of bodybuilders behind the scenes: getting tanned, naked posing, dick slips. etc. RULES ONLY BODYBUILDERS (Please avoid slim fitness guys) The bigger the body, the better.
  4. W

    Help me find an old modelling competition show with male nudity

    I remember watching a short scene on Youtube of a male modelling competition show where the producer made half of the competitors get naked while the other half painted them. Afterwards, the halves swapped places, so the one who painted first got naked, while the others painted them. The show is...
  5. GreekCockFighter

    Cockfighting On Skype

    Hey everyone! I thought it would be nice ot have a thread JUST for cockfights on Skype. That doesn't mean comparing (although we can do that too) but actually competing on cam to see who can outlast the other in a wanking competition. IRL we would be frotting or swordfighting to force the...
  6. M

    Drew Alexander - Big Dicked British Competition Bodybuilder

    Think its time this huge got his own thread ... he's not shy showing it off . Pics taken from another general thread. Drew Alexander Walker .: MuscleFlux :.: Junior Bodybuilder Drew Walker
  7. B

    Photos & Videos Blown Away (netflix Series)

    anything from any of the babes? ❤️
  8. JonnyHard

    Cockhero Anal

    Has anyone ever tried to play a cockhero game * with his ass? Well if not, lets try :-p Any cockhero video ideas for that? or other videos with a nice beat? (Leave your Skype or a cam chat link if you wanna watch or beeing watched) * cockhero: you jerk your cock to a porn video to...
  9. thickcock82

    Skype Pe Jerk Contest

    Straight married guy here. I also struggle mightily with PE. But I’m pretty competitive and would love to JO with other guys via Skype to see who can last longer. Loser gets verbally destroyed, and has to admit his loss in this thread. Anybody up for the challenge? live:.cid.32446fa51c74be1c
  10. L

    Contest: Quickest To Cum!

    Who doesn't love watching a hard dick throw some rope! Let's have a contest of who can shoot the quickest. Post a video of you from start to finish jacking off and see who can cum the quickest. Quick way to blow off some steam
  11. N

    A Strange Case (mf, Mmf, Penis Expansion, Breast Expansion, Tg/futa/gender Bender)

    A Strange Case (MF, MMF, Penis Expansion, Breast Expansion, TG/Futa/Gender Bender) This is my first story, so I hope it isn’t terrible. It has been inspired by some of the classics from 25 years ago from the newsgroups and the Chili Palmer archive. ================================== I had...
  12. Chris S.

    Compare In Person - Michigan

    looking for a bud who wants to meet up and compare dicks. I’m 29, straight, fit and hung. Down to compare in a friendly or competitive set-up. Message me to chat more details!
  13. T

    Girls Are Challenged/competition/contest To Ride Big Toys Or Dicks. Posted Some Examples.

    Recently saw these scenes and found them hot. Hegre Art – Julietta Magdalena Twins Dildo Experiment HD Porn Videos - SpankBang Also saw one from kink where the girls had to one-up eachother while riding dildos. And wonder if you guys know more dildo or toy challenge contest or...
  14. Yann

    Full Body Compare

    This is a competition between two people and a judge. There are five different categories: cock length, cock girth, balls, ass and face. The winner of each category gets 2 points, 1 point for each if it's a draw. The judge takes his taste and subjective judgement into consideration. At the end...
  15. J

    Jerk Off Games

    Any guys fancy having a jerk off contest on Skype? play along on Edge Me Please! - Cum Control / Edging Game see who can last longer? Add me: live:jjjuk26 26 m uk
  16. ConnerM360

    He bested me

    It had to be the fourth time he washed himself. The cocky bastard must have been in here for 30 minutes. I had an excuse for showering so long. I had just beaten my personal record on my PT test and was spent. But I noticed him after 10 minutes or so, sudsing up a pretty sizeable shaft. He was...
  17. L

    Size dick competition - webcam group xxl only

    Live video chat rooms, simple and easy - Tinychat
  18. A

    Cockhero competition

    So here's what I'd like to try. We find a CockHero video we both like, get on Skype and start the vid at the same time as each other. Then we wank to the beat and the first one to cum loses. Ideal if you like to show your prowess over other guys by lasting longer than them, but also if (like...