1. S

    Photos & Videos Anyone have any saved videos of this guy on stripchat?

    Loader_hand Cam Model: Free Live Sex Show & Chat He drives around in public with his dick out and occasionally stops to jackoff during breaks and he really gets me going : P
  2. The207

    NatureHello from Pornhub and reddit

    This guy is so dang cute! He posted on Reddit for a long time but his account vanished recently. Jacked myself off to him so many times. And with stuff on the hub being erased at random shouldn't we share our love for this magnificent uncut gentleman.
  3. T


    I'm very much into VERY MASCULINE/MANLY BOTTOMS, (see pic attached) (HAIRY, MUSCLEBEARS, BODYBUILDERS, BEARD, MACHO) you know the type you don't expect to take it up the ass as per the stereotype. Please feel free to share videos, personal stories or only fans/just for fans profiles. ANYONE...
  4. C

    Video Help ID Big Dick Construction Guy (Reddit?)

    Came across this video and he seems familiar but I can't find him. It looks like it may be from Reddit, but that's just my guess. If anybody could help I'd appreciate it.
  5. M

    Johnathan Brewer II

    Johnathan Brewer II is a Licensed General Contractor & finish carpenter on HGTV's "Superscapes", "Curb Appeal The Block", "Elbow Room", DIY Network's "House Crashers", This Old House and OWN Networks "Home Made Simple". He has looks that make you turn your head twice. Nice smile, personality...
  6. D

    I Love Sniffing Dirty Underwear... Am I Crazy?

    Hey guys, I am 34 finance professional living in downtown Toronto. I don't know why but I REALLY LOVE sniffing a guy's underwear, specially the front part ... I have asked guys to wear the same underwear for 2 or 3 days so it can get a nice scent... i also enjoy sniffing the underwear while i...
  7. C

    Rr Buildings

    There's an incredible YouTube channel called RR Buildings. Two guys in Illinois building using timber. The lead guy, Kyle Stumpenhorst, is a serious daddy. World-class bubble butt, furry arms, tight t-shirt, ginger beard. Married with kids. I doubt there's anything of him (though I would faint...
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    Video Does Anyone Have The Full Video To This Gay Porn?

    Please help