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  1. gise


    Hi friends! I would like March to be a very fun month. For this I invite you to the "FULL HANDJOB!" Contest. They will have to post a photo/s with my image (any of the ones posted on LPSG!) stained with their sweet milk. IF YOU UPLOAD A VIDEO IT WILL BE MUCH BETTER! In a few days I will...
  2. 1

    Skype: Size, Stamina, Humiliation, Contests

    I’m a smaller guy who enjoys size comparison and stamina contests. Humiliation and trash talk is great, too. If you’re interested, my Skype is: live:.cid.22df3d3153b97997
  3. 7below

    Cock Size Contest

  4. B

    Any Real Female Size Queen's On Skype?

    Hey all! Aussie, big cock (verified with pics on profile) and LOVE size contests over Skype. Are there any female size queen's that anyone knows of who judge contests? If you are one or you know of one please shoot me a message with your Skype ID or email. Or add me now: sperry4334@gmail.com...
  5. geofinn

    Worldvision Dick Contest

    I love seeing various nationalities dicks. So: 1. State your nationality 2. Show your dick 3. Let the next guy judge it out of 10 _____________ SWEDEN
  6. B

    Female Size Queens?

    Fun, hung outgoing guy looking for female size queen's to judge contests and enjoy many HUGE cocks on Skype. Add me: sperry4334@gmail.com Something special in it for you if you're legit and up for fun. ;)
  7. JonnyHard

    Cockhero Anal

    Has anyone ever tried to play a cockhero game * with his ass? Well if not, lets try :-p Any cockhero video ideas for that? or other videos with a nice beat? (Leave your Skype or a cam chat link if you wanna watch or beeing watched) * cockhero: you jerk your cock to a porn video to...
  8. Justus.bumm

    Any Groups Or C2c Via Skype Or Snap?

    Bored at home and a bit horny Or someone up for a compare contest?
  9. B

    Huge Cock Contest On Skype

    Hey all, Cocky, arrogant, BIG dicked Aussie on SKYPE for HUNG men and any lady size queen who wants to bask in the glory of a monster cock. Love contests, especially when we put our reputation on the line - let's get creative ;) Tomlee694me@gmail.com Add me on Skype or comment and I will add...
  10. D

    2020 Contest: The 50 Biggest Cocks On Lpsg

    I can’t tag him, but shout out to “The Meat Rod Cometh” for this thread. Enjoy fellas! Post the LPSG Member Names of at least 1 or up to 50 guys who you think currently have the biggest cocks here on LPSG. Their names do not have to be listed in order of size, just listed. My purpose is just...
  11. L

    Contest: Quickest To Cum!

    Who doesn't love watching a hard dick throw some rope! Let's have a contest of who can shoot the quickest. Post a video of you from start to finish jacking off and see who can cum the quickest. Quick way to blow off some steam
  12. T

    Nominate Your Lpsg Hottest Man Of The Year 2019

    I thought it would be nice to have a LPSG hottest man on the year contest. In this thread you can nominate your favorite man of this year. Rules Nominee must have had an active career this year (artist, actor, athlete, influencer, porn, anything) Nominations are purely based on looks and...
  13. O

    Rate The Best Cock!

    Choose your favorite! Cut? Uncut?
  14. J

    Real Life Size Contests??

    I am a 31 yo female and I love hosting and judging size contest over skype. I normally find interested guys and get them on cam together then judge. I dont go on cam but i do get on mic. I was thinking to try to set up those contests in real life, having 2 guys meeting up to do the same thing...
  15. JoeBlows999

    Curious New Guy Cock Contets

    New to the site, and looking to have some kind of cock contest. Willing to entertain some bets and what not on the outcome.
  16. T

    Girls Are Challenged/competition/contest To Ride Big Toys Or Dicks. Posted Some Examples.

    Recently saw these scenes and found them hot. Hegre Art – Julietta Magdalena Twins Dildo Experiment HD Porn Videos - SpankBang Also saw one from kink where the girls had to one-up eachother while riding dildos. And wonder if you guys know more dildo or toy challenge contest or...
  17. J

    Jerk Off Games

    Any guys fancy having a jerk off contest on Skype? play along on Edge Me Please! - Cum Control / Edging Game see who can last longer? Add me: live:jjjuk26 26 m uk
  18. LangDK

    Poll: ultimate contest between two tops and masters

    Two members of LPSG wants to know who has the best cock. I'm not one of them, I'm just a middleman helping them out with this bet. These guys are both strict tops, masters and rivals. The winner will be the ultimate alpha and the sore loser will be degraded and humiliated. The stakes as you can...
  19. I

    Challenge prove your 8 inches or over correct measurements only

    Let's get the thread rolling ruler or tape measure on top bone pressed ill start.
  20. gsoler

    Have you voted for the biggest dick already?

    Not talking about the incoming midterm elections, but the guy sporting the biggest, juicy dick. Check out the contest for yourself. Its the Monstercockland/Hustlaball contest. Some LPSG large members are competing.... MonsterCockLand & Hustlaball Berlin – New Big Dick Superstar Contest
  21. 1

    Random compare..

    So I compare you to a random cock on here... The way it works: You inbox me your skype name....and once I have a few.. Ill pick a random guy to compare you against.. that way its fair.. no one knows each other sizes before hand (maybe I do ;) ) If your interested, inbox me.. just to keep it...
  22. S

    Spring break w the cocky cox bros

    I was halfway through grad school when my best friend, Drew Cox, invited me to a beach house for spring break. We’d been friends since high school and were both doing grad school at Michigan State: him, in law school, and me in science. I was 26 at the time and Drew was 25, but we were still in...
  23. TheBlink

    Biggest cock contest

    im super hung fit stud that hasn't lost any size contest yet, so if your hung and wanna get humiliated or your super hung and think u can beat me, add me on Skype: titatillemann
  24. I

    The tight most beautiful pussy on lpsg

    I'll start with an example from the web. I hope the sexy women of lpsg show us, I've seen some amazing pussy on this website!