1. WilliamG

    Learning To Cruise. Part 2.

    Using Sniffies, I found a guy who manages a local costume shop. It's open for cruising... It's one of those big warehouse type places that usually only open up prior to Halloween. Well this one stays open all year. Sniffies said 10-2pm on Saturdays only. So a put on my short gym short workout...
  2. barehole4use

    First Time Cruising

    I spent my early twenties exploring my sexuality and how much I enjoyed my naughty side. I had just learned what cruising meant after watching Al Pacino’s movie. All gay themed movies were criticized at the time for exploiting and portraying only stereotypes, not much grounded in reality. I...
  3. barehole4use

    Pure Fiction : New Gloryhole

    Like many men, I'd become curious. I began to fantasize about sucking on life-like dildos. I began buying dildos and began practicing on them, and then I came across cum eating instruction (CEI) videos--videos of women making men eat their own cum, something I already loved to do for years...
  4. barehole4use

    Small Town Shopping

    I was on another one of those endless business trips a week ago. I needed a few things for the week so I dropped in to the only discount store in this small town. It was quiet, no other car in the lot. At first I thought they must be closed but I saw some movement inside. A young employee, 24 or...
  5. Adventor

    Vault 139 who’s been, what time is best and what happened while you were there

    A lot of people ask about this place so I thought start a thread where we can share our stories and recommendations It can very daunting entering a place like this so let’s put people’s minds at ease…..
  6. WhiteboyMaj

    Video Video Video Of British Guy Cruising Getting Blowjob On The Train

    Long shot but the video goes like this. The guy is initially spying the dude recording and wanking who is wearing jeans, a smartish shirt and brown smart shoes and the guy who sucks him toward the end of the video making him cum is wearing grey joggers, sport shoes and a bright or navy blue top...
  7. WhiteboyMaj

    Video Video Of British Guy Cruising Getting Blowjob on the Train

    Long shot but the video goes like this. The guy is initially spying the dude recording and wanking who is wearing jeans, a smartish shirt and brown smart shoes and the guy who sucks him toward the end of the video making him cum is wearing grey joggers, sport shoes and a bright or navy blue top...
  8. barehole4use

    Sportswear Fucker

    I decided it was high time i got fucked again, been working hard all week with no time for sex, i arrived at the cruising late after 22pm, was already dark, not many men out cruising but there were a few, i headed straight in the bush but no one was around. I waited around & finally saw the guy...
  9. D

    Video Amateur - Discreet, DL or Married Straight Men Suck/fuck - OF or hidden anon/cruising

    Does anyone have videos (preferably with face) of straight guys getting serviced and/or fucking other men? Or getting cruised? Can be married (with ring or casual mention of a wife) or single. Preferably videos like the ones that used to get posted on XTube and PornHub and XVideos/Xhamster. OF...
  10. Learning To Cruise. Part 1.

    Learning To Cruise. Part 1.

    I never thought go looking to "cruise". Yet here I am to tell about it. This could be an ongoing update... But I thought it deserved a blog... Why? I'm that Discreet Bi Curious demographic. Can never host. Has time constraints. I am every openly gay man's waste of time. But I get along online...
  11. barehole4use

    Getting Fucked Outdoors

    it was already dark outside, went for a walk on the paths first, was not very busy, some guy masculine & quite muscular was giving me the eye & cruising me, he went in the the bush & i followed, he went behind a tree, i followed. When i got to where he was, he was jacking his cock, getting his...
  12. J

    Skype cruising

    Hi created a skype cruising group if any one would to share pics or vids of their fun weather its wankin at a urinal/toilet glory hole. Indoor/outdoor fun Drop your skpe below if you want to show off
  13. M

    Liverpool cruising Skype

    Hi guys I've created a skype group if there is any lads that like to Cruise liverpool and share any of their cruising fun. Maybe even arrange meets on it. Let me know if you want adding
  14. B

    Need help

    Hello everyone. Im looking for a video. Its an old one. Its cruising video (i think in london uk) which is about men who are cruising at the urinals in rush hour. It was a compilation and it was a long one. It was gold but cant find it anywhere. Thank you!
  15. G

    Video Caught videos

    One of my favorite gay porn categories is Public sex, and my favorite subcategory inside public is *caught* public sex So I'm kindly requesting you guys to share any real not staged gay public caught videos!
  16. barehole4use

    Anonymous cock & cum

    I arrived again around 22pm walked the paths at first was pretty quite, not many cruisers, some Arab guy on a step with a hoodie over his head was cruising me, so i went in the bush, got to the fallen logs, they guy was behind me, i got in position face down ass up, he came behind me & fished...
  17. barehole4use

    Cruising for Cock

    it just started to rain a little when i was leaving the house, i thought if it rains harder i will turn back but luckily for me it was light rain & soon it stopped, i went lightly dressed, sweatshirt & cap, jeans & sneakers wearing my open ass briefs under my jeans to give the men good access to...
  18. G

    Visiting San Francisco in Feb

    I’ll be visiting San Francisco Feb 9th - 12th. Any info would be great! I wanna do some cruising, suck some dick and have fun
  19. barehole4use

    Cruising in the park

    Decided to go out Tuesday night for a change, it has been a while since i went out on a Tuesday night because the weather has been pretty crap, i went lightly dressed, sweat shirt, cap, jeans & sneaker. No sooner than arriving in the park late i saw a previous fucker on a bench from a few...
  20. JotaT

    Poll: Best Spanish Cruising Beach / Mejor playa cruising de España

    Según tu experiencia, por lo que sabes y lo que has visto...¿cuál es la mejor playa cruising de España de entre estas? Criterios para evaluarlas: 1) Afluencia alta (o sea que hay muchos chicos que van allí a buscar morbo) 2) Intimidad alta (o sea que hay a donde ir a practicar tranquilamente o...
  21. T

    Straight guys looking to experiment in Maryland/Baltimore

    One thing I've always wanted to do is to be with a straight guy. Something as passive as sucking his big cock or even more if he's up to it. I live in Baltimore and I don't really know how to go about finding guys like that online. The most would be Sniffies, but there's no filter for sexuality...
  22. B

    San Francisco Spas / Saunas

    There for business and wondering if anyone has recommendations on good Spa, saunas etc that are good?
  23. Ihavesomeyes

    Video of guy cruising getting handjob

    I'm looking for a video where a young guy sits in his car jerking off. An older guy is coming to the window and watching him jerking off, offering his helping hand. He says something like: "Let's go somewhere, I know a spot" or something like that but as he said that, the guy cums while he's...
  24. J


    Alguien tiene fotos de el? hace vídeos de cruising y está siempre en grindr en madrid
  25. H

    Hung in denmark

    Anyone in Copenhagen today? 20cm thick cock looking for some fun or tease play mine or yours today
  26. Joseph6920

    Fucked by Rakesh (Real Story)

    Thought I’d share one of my favorite sex hook-ups. This one happened last year and is one of the hottest I’ve had in the past few years. I was going through a really horny period, using Grindr and Sniffies to hook up with random dudes. I’m in my early 50s and while I don’t go to the gym often...
  27. mango_twinkie

    Bathhouse in Dallas- Club Dallas

    To anyone on LPSG who has been to Club Dallas, I recently found out about this place on sniffies and have so many questions about it. I read it’s a great place to find and fuck guys, but I don’t know enough to determine if it’s worth going or not 1) Is sex permitted at Club Dallas or will you...
  28. M

    Help ID Tumblr video

    Can someone help ID the guy in this video? Thanks Tumblr
  29. M

    Sydney Male Thread

    Lets talk everything Sydney Australia. Beats, showers, stories, meetups, online groups, experiences. Open to all men to share their manly experiences
  30. Alittlebit

    Help ID?

    Anyone know the source of this vid? Remembered seeing the creator on twitter/x but forgot. Thanks for the help!