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  1. S

    Video In which someone can be overheard jerking off (fap noises, moaning, etc.)

    I'm talking about fap noises coming from the next bathroom stall over, someone who thought their roommate was asleep, hostel situations, etc. I find these types of videos so exciting but they're so hard do find. Lots of "caught" videos but none that I've seen where the recorder is ripped off by...
  2. Michaelbr

    Fort Polk Army Base fun

    I come to Fort Polk a few times a month. While there I have tried a few of the apps but nothing ever seems to come to fruition. Also - seems like most ppl on them are from the surrounding area NOT military guys from base. My question is - is there a place on base to meet guys and maybe mess...
  3. B

    toilet cruising

    Dude next to me started to wank himself and i did help out, although i was not touching my self. He started to touch my bum but nothing else happened. Does this amount to sexual offence? Or can this be tracked back somehow or get any problem out of it? Sorry being paranoid but it was my first...
  4. M

    Where can I get this video?

    I wanna know where’s the full video
  5. C

    Southern Ontario Gloryhole/Peepholes?

    Hey 21 yr old male in southern ontario in the london/chatham area. Any peepholes or gloryholes in public restrooms around?
  6. J

    Photos & Videos Strut your stuff here

    21 yo male here and I just wanted to create a thread for everyone to post their own nsfw stuff :) Would love to see everyone’s nudes or collection of outdoor stuff too. I love a good locker room spy cam or outdoor shit and exhibitionism. Biggest respect for those who does x Nice to meet y’all
  7. H

    Cruising spots in Chicago

    Hey y’all! New to Chi! What are the best cruising spots in the city? Gyms, bars, bathhouses…
  8. L

    What gym in Paris is good for cruising/showing off ?

    Hey guys I’m looking for a gym in Paris (not a « gay gym » like Gym Louvre with backrooms etc) where men can watch each other naked and play discretely in open showers, locker room and/or saunas. i used to go to CMG Palais Royal in the evening and all the men would be hard in the showers and...
  9. M

    Where can I get this video

    Does somebody know where can I find this video complete?
  10. D

    Scranton cruising

    Hey everyone I was just wondering if there’s any know and active cruising spots in the Scranton / Dunmore area? Thanks!
  11. L

    Cruising in gyms - Paris edition

    Hey guys I’m looking for a gym in Paris (not a « gay gym » like Gym Louvre with backrooms etc) where men can watch each other naked and play discretely in open showers, locker room and/or saunas. i used to go to CMG Palais Royal in the evening and all the men would be hard in the showers and...
  12. savagepizza

    Photos & Videos Sitios de cruising en Barcelona?

    Buenas. Esto es para saber sobre sitios de cruising en Barcelona y también para compartir material haciéndolo! Sobretodo si sabéis de Centros Comerciales o baños públicos donde hacer understall (que es lo que más me pone) estaría genial!
  13. P

    Adventures In The Open Showers

    Anyone else miss the old days when gym showers were large and open, with a parade of cocks on display? I started going to the gym in the 90s, when I was 18. Back then the only gym we had in town - or at least the only one close enough for me to walk to - was on the college campus. The leisure...
  14. Y

    Wank buddy/ fun in London

    21m looking for mates to wank with and have some fun. Up for going sauna with someone too.
  15. S

    New to cruising

    Hey - I'm new to cruising...only ever tried a random local public toilet but looking to find hotspots where I could see hot guys show off. Really love south asian and black guys but not mandatory...any tips where the safest spaces are?
  16. C

    Hung, pale, muscle bro showing off in a forest, any source/id?

    I found this short clip buried in a gtru torrent download. Wonder if there's more of him somewhere?
  17. L

    help me id this guy

  18. D

    Sitios para understall en Granada, España

    Hola. Este post es para personas que vivan en Granada, España, y quieran compartir sitios donde hacer understall (mamadas/pajas) en baños públicos a por debajo del hueco de cada separador. Si estás interesado, comenta y si sabes algún sitio di donde esta. También se admiten otros sitios de...
  19. 357 Sydney City Steam.

    357 Sydney City Steam.

    Friday Lunch Fun Friday Lunches at 357 (pre covid) have a reputation for being a hoot. Packed with men looking for some lunch fun. Things have quietened off a fair bit, but its still one of the busier time slots where. I went back yesterday after a covid-induced hiatus from saunas. I had fun...
  20. Mrsteman

    Best cruising spots in Manchester UK

    Hey big-dicked friends. Anyone got any tips on the best cruising spots in Manchester, U.K.? Into mutual wanking and blowing.
  21. A

    Colorado Cruising Areas

    Around Denver, where are the gay cruising areas?
  22. B

    ID this video? Amateur BJ in car

    Wondering if anyone could help identify the original video of this gif? I have seen the full video in the past (within the year) but can't seem to find it anywhere. I also recall the guy getting blown with another video or two with others. Thank you in advance!
  23. S

    King Spa Chicago

    Any sexy stories at King Spa?
  24. P

    Cruising spots in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Hi everybody! Im new in this forum and Im new living in Copenhagen aswell. I love doing cruising and I have predilection to public toilets, have a peek of other cocks, masturbating with others meanwhile we pretend we are peeing. Do you know about good cruising spot in Copenhagen? Also which...
  25. G

    London Gloryhole

    I am looking for a gloryhole around east london. Public or private i don’t mind Happy to travel but would like to make it regular
  26. B

    Milano cruising, incontri, amicizia..

    Ciao ragazzi! apro questo thread per vedere se c’è qualcuno di effettivamente interessato a costruire una rete di amicizie, scopamicizie o quant’altro a Milano:) non conosco posti di cruising o posti vari dove fare amicizie (non mi piacciono le discoteche), sono nuovo a milano e anche vergine...
  27. L

    NYC gyms with open showers?

    So, following my previous thread on cruising spots in NYC, are there any gyms in NYC with open showers these days? My last visit, back in 2019 I did couple of visits to several Equinox gyms and I think most of them have dividers. Also, in general, as of March 2022, gyms in NYC have been...
  28. S

    Dallas / DFW - Best Gyms w/ saunas/open showers

    DFW local here. Looking for DFW gyms I could work out at and also cruise. Any gyms with open showers or no dividers?
  29. N

    xxlrichrich / likerichrich

    His twitter was deactivated and i think he deleted his content on twitter, but I managed to find those: Hot older men crusing - Part 1 - ThisVid.com Publico - video 2 - ThisVid.com JFF Likerichrich1 — PiXXXels.cc At the park Caught busting - ThisVid.com...
  30. F

    Cruising in Athens, Greece

    Hey guys, do you know active cruising spots in Athens, Greece? I am willing to try many of them, put preferably start with the guaranteed ones !