1. yfnsp

    Inadequate, Chapter 3

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3, Cathy Cathy and I live in a relatively small city where commute times are highly predictable and Cathy, being a punctual person, gets home at 5:30 every day and we eat dinner at 6:00. So, by the time Rex left that afternoon, I had very little time to tidy up...
  2. yfnsp

    Inadequate, Chapter 2

    (Chapter 1) Chapter 2, A Trade I met Rex at the door wearing Cathy's panties, light blue this time, and a lacy shawl of hers that made me feel very soft and vulnerable. I know I looked ridiculous, not the least bit feminine, but it excited me to be seen as weak, unmanly, and sexually...
  3. A

    Video ****True amateur cuckold vids

    Wife fucking her bull while hubby watches and records:
  4. M

    27m wannabe cuck looking for a bull

    27m wannabe cuck looking for a bull to share advice and compare cock sizes. Would love to learn more about the lifestyle from someone with experience. Message me or add me on Snapchat mike_stud27
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    M27 Cuck Looking to Snap a Bull

    M27 wannabe cuck looking for bulls to snap with. Size comparisons, humiliation, advice on setting up a first time. Add me Mike_stud27
  6. P

    Wife or girlfriend fucked better than expected. Hubby surprised or jealous

    Hi guys or women. I like to watch sharing or cuckold clips, where the hubby is surprised by the pleasure his wife is having with the stranger. I‘ll post some examples. I like when he asks her if she’s ok, if he ask her if it should stop and she clearly says „no“. Also of interest are scenes...
  7. E

    Name that porn - Boyfriend calls her mid BBC sex

    Anyone know where to find the full version of this?
  8. T

    Curious Philly Cuckold Couple (MM4M)

    My husband (34, 8" thick cut cock, total top) and I (37, 6.5" cut cock, total bottom) recently discovered we'd like to try cuckolding as it sounds pretty hot to us both. Ideally I'd like to find a twink bottom who'd be willing to cuck me and take my husband's cock while I watched. He's an...
  9. D

    question for cuckold couples…

    For those who have had a cuckold relationship, what do you like most about it? Personally, I discovered that I like to see how my partner enjoys a penis thicker than mine, his face is indescribable...
  10. Wonderw00d76

    Louisville male seeking couple to join for hard fucking

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    East London Bull

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  12. M

    Light/Soft cuckolding moments in television/film

    Big fan of the idea and topic of cuckolding, but recently discovered how satisfying "light"-cuckolding that is featured in mainstream media. Pretty much anything that involves a guy that sees/watches/witnesses his woman being overly affectionate to another gentleman. A nice example of this is...
  13. G

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    need help looking for the full vid where a cuck accidentally sucks bull’s dick in this clip
  14. MrMoons88

    Photo Sissy Clit

    When you look between my legs what do you see?
  15. MrMoons88

    Photo Rate my Cock

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  16. MrMoons88

    I want a Woman to Rate my Cock!

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  17. D

    a question for cuckold couples

    Me and my girl are going to start this, we already found a friend, so until now she has only had oral sex with him, but they both want to have penetration too The point is, he has a much bigger and thicker dick than mine, so I have doubts if my girl will feel better things with him, or if she...
  18. T

    The Secret Programs

    Larry Sanderson gritted his teeth, trying to keep his orgasm from boiling up. He really wanted to avoid cumming too soon. Lately, he had been having trouble with premature ejaculations. How humiliating it would be, if he came too quickly and couldn't satisfy his wife. But the pleasure around his...
  19. X


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  20. D

    Wanting to MFM my girlfriend

    In a bit of a dilemma, I really badly want to have an MFM threesome with my girlfriend with a guy who has a huge cock, my girlfriend is a beautiful girl who is petite and fit with big tits, we would have no problem finding a big dicked guy willing to do it. Problem is when I brought up wanting...
  21. Dan9410

    Straight guys being coerced into giving head or doing stuff with guys (not staged) does this exist?

    Any videos, preferably onlyfans/amateur content of a straight guy with a girlfriend/wife being coerced or talked into doing stuff with a guy? That isn’t staged or faked? Does it exist?
  22. S

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  23. A

    MMF where one man is gay/servicing the other guy

    im looking for videos where a guy fucks a woman, and is serviced by another guy, for example the other guy eats his ass while he fucks, or licks his feet or balls, gives him heas before/after, anything. It can also be cuck videos, but the cuck has to be servicing the man.
  24. J

    Tribute my voluptuous wife

    I wasn’t really sure where it was most appropriate to post this, so I thought I’d start here. This request comes from a cuckold position; my wife is repressed and vanilla, yet has a body that would make her the bell of the ball at a huge cock gangbang. And I’m the rare occasion she does let her...
  25. J

    Danny D fucking your girlfriend

    " “The smith found him taking a leak and for the first time had a peek at his gigantic, splendid tail (which I’ve described in some detail), and thought if only his wife, who did not despise tools like that, knew what size equipment Walter carried, she’d sooner have been...
  26. S

    Photo Someone know her?

    What would u do to her
  27. Albaraz

    Video Muscular Alpha Male Bulls fucking Hotwives in front of Cuckolds

  28. K

    best cuckold porn /she suck and fuck with cuckold

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  29. T

    Ex gf's current boyfriend is bigger than me, and it's stirring something inside me

    Hey, not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I wanted to share because it's an unfamiliar feeling for me and I was curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. I'm pretty hung (about 8" and thick), and I'm used to being the biggest whoever my partner has had. Until recently...
  30. CuckedCouple

    How did I become a cuck?

    I don't know if this is the correct thread for this topic but I did not want to put it in erotic stories as it's a real event and part of being in a cuckold relationship. So how did this all start? How did I know being a cuck really turned me on? One night we had been out for a few drinks...