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  1. J


    Hi. I have been looking for this book since I cant purchase it on Amazon. Does anyones have It? Cuckoled Freddy Montagne
  2. K

    hot cuckold videos

    I'm looking for more videos like this Watch TouchMyWife - Addison Lee - Softball Teammate And I Go Balls Deep in My Wife | Perverzija.com http://www.pornfd.com/videos/32214/meninpain-gwen-diamond-tj-cummings-little-billy-cuckold-sex-4978/
  3. Aboveaverage69

    My wife became his sex doll

    I’ve posted before about my wife and I looking to experiment with the whole hot wife thing and how my wife seems to have a fetish for huge dicks. It finally happened a month or so ago. We all finally agreed to meet a guy she has been talking to for a while. And holy shit I would say it was a...
  4. Aboveaverage69

    I love my freaky wife

    I’ve posted this before but I like to reimagine some of the hottest, dirtiest, freakiest things my wife has done. It turns me on listing them and remembering. Some guys and ladies have loved the things my wife has done and some have said they think maybe she’s too sexual and it could be an...
  5. B

    Love Triangle In Porn Industry

    Hi guys, I love watching porns which have the love triangles rumors between the actors. From what I accidentally know, there are 2 triangles in porn that end up breaking - Kane Fox - Trevor Harris - Dallas Preston - Zilv Gudel - Rourke - Kai Sorry if Im such an asshole but hope to see some...
  6. K

    Iowa Here Use Me

    Iowa here anyone wanna use me any way they want male or female. by Decorah area hit me up
  7. A

    Wife Needs Big Cock?

    So, tonight my wife and I had sex. We are in our 30s with kids. I give her orgasms a good bit. I’m not small by any means 7 inches but I’m also not incredibly thick. I’d say about average. Tonight she was riding facing me and I put her head and body over my right shoulder so I could reach around...
  8. D

    Cheating/caught Videos

    Does anyone have any favorite cheating videos (gay/straight/bi) that seem real and unstaged? Or “caught” videos that seem real? I also LOVE cuckold videos but I struggle to find the BEST ones that seem real! I would love to see what y’all have!
  9. B

    Any Stories About Home-wrecker Or Couple-wrecker?

    Ive been searching for this kind of stories on Nifty, Literotica, Gaydemon... but its hard to find anything. As long as the main character is a seducer, an aggressive seducer, and interest in married/hubby/bf...... then its my type. Hope to see alot of recommendation from you guys.
  10. Aboveaverage69

    My Wife’s Favorite Porn Scenes. How Bout Your Significant Others Favorite Scenes?

    My wife and I usually watch amateur porn these days or she enjoys watching guys from LPSG or Reddit who have giant dicks destroy married womens pussies lol but we used to watch regular porn once in a while when we fucked. I made a list of my wife’s favorite scenes and curious of what you think...
  11. Aboveaverage69

    Wifey And I Are Going To Film Us Fucking Today

    My sexy wife and I are going to fuck today and plan on posting some of it on here. If you look at her pics she is a sexy petite nasty kinky size queen milf who likes to be dominated but also likes to take control and fuck too. And I’m no slouch either. Sooo if you have any requests on what you...
  12. Aboveaverage69

    Need A Stud For My Wife

    So we are still new to this site but so far it is amazing. My incredible sexy loving yet horny size queen wife seems to be really turned on by all the reactions and hot hung guys giving her compliments. So we have a fantasy of her getting fucked or at least sucking a hot guy with a huge dick...
  13. L

    Can You Help Me Find This Guy's Name

    Hi, i hope i'm in the right section, this is my first real post. I'm trying to find this guy's name. He acts in Cuckold Sessions for DogFart, and ive seen him in two videos, one with Dee Williams cuckold session here : Dee Williams - Cuckold Sessions - Dogfart - FAPSTER And one with Lily Lit...
  14. Aboveaverage69

    Did I Kind Of Get Cucked By A Guy With A Huge Cock??

    So I have been dying to see my wife with a big cock. I’ve posted before about how my wife has only been with me (that I know of lol jk) we have been together since high school. Long story short I think deep down she is completely turned on by the idea of getting fucked by a stud while I watch. I...
  15. Aboveaverage69

    Can’t Get My Wife With A Big Cock Out Of My Mind!

    Completely true story no BS nothing crazy So I’ve been with my wife since high school. We are both 32 been married for 7 years now. Both attractive fit people. Have a good sex life when we have the time. Have never had sex with anybody else. Only kissed other people before we got together...
  16. H

    Little Asian Wife=big Cuck Fantasies

    Love to fantasise about hung bulls fucking the shit out of my tiny asian wife. Get in touch if you’d like to give her pics some tributes, vids with nasty verbal to the front of the line x
  17. Montrealdude

    Cuckold: How Do You Meet A Bull?

    I always had this fantasy of seeing my wife with another man. I discussed it with her and she was open to the idea. But I have no idea where to go to get to know a bull, my wife is pretty conservative so swingers clubs etc are not an option. I've been thinking about meeting someone...
  18. B

    Gay Cuck Porn

    It's really popular in straight porn but I've been trying to find gay cuckold porn but I can't. So drop your favorite gay cuckold porn.
  19. CuioGeo

    Premium Amateur Cuckolding, Bdsm, And Interracial Content!

    Hey there, I'm CuioGeo an experienced dominant and bull who has been in the lifestyle for years but in the last few months got heavily into photography and videography and begun creating content with my partners. You may have already seen some of my content in the media section, but those are...
  20. lbj15

    Husband Gets More Than He Bargained For

    Based on a true story. As I sat there at the table on a sunny Saturday morning in July, I knew two things: I needed more coffee, and I did not like Ted. "You see, I get really hard and go for a really long time, so I want to make sure the other guy can deliver the goods in that regard as...
  21. ChubbyTwink

    Need A Bull To Jerk To Pics Of My Gf.

    Want to use a submissive sissy cuck over Skype or Whereby. Need a twink to moan for you and beg you to fuck his GF? My skype name is ChubbyTwink!
  22. S

    Gift For My Bf's Birthday?

    Hey All ;) Today is my boyfriends birthday and I know he has kinda cucking fetish and loves when other men getting for me ;) I'd love to show him few stories from some nice guys tonight to make him bit more happy :p gonna help? The more harsh, naughty the better, don't worry about me ;-) You can...
  23. ChubbyTwink

    Cuck Me With Her.

    Need a dominant man to skype, whereby, or just phone chat with. Im in the UK and have a shy, pale, sexy little gf that I need a real man to breed. Want to jerk off to her pics? Want to chat with me about her? Want to use only me ;) my Skype is ChubbyTwink. Hope to get lots of attention for her!
  24. XXXoooXXX

    Cuckold With Real Hot Couple

    Looking for cuckold videos with REAL couples. Best example Aubrey Sinclair Casting video with her BF: Aubrey Sinclair – Casting Couch X [PornPros, Blonde Teen Casting] and other video on spyfam: Aubrey Sinclair...
  25. V

    Roleplay Based On Seinfeld "the Hamptons" Episode, "shrinkage"

    Anyone want to take a crack at roleplaying based on “The Hamptons” episode of “Seinfeld?” Ladies: You play Jane (as in "Jane's topless."). After your friend Rachel spied your boyfriend, George, changing out of his swim trunks, she gave you a report about the size of his package. It was not...
  26. S

    Couple Looking Bbc To Have Cuckold Encounter

    Kinky couple in search of bbc for a good time. We are in the north Carolina area and new to this scene so anyone have advice or interests
  27. 7

    Emilyinthecity (onlyfan)

    Hello, if anyone subscribed to this chick who fuck only hot men, please share it with us. Her onlyfan:- OnlyFans Her reddit gif:- emilyinparis’s Porn GIFs | RedGIFs
  28. Incorporesano36

    Lf Bull For My Wife

    My wife @Cosette2020 and I are into online cuckolding. Please message us if you are interested. We really want a polite bull with a massive cock that she can’t say no to.
  29. 5

    Real Life Stories 3

    Fucking a Hotwife in Public About 8 or 9 years ago, i answered a Craigslist ad from a couple--back when you could still do that. They were seeking a "Hung Stud to Fuck Hot Milf Wife." The husband was in his early 50s, but the wife was in her late 30s at the time.They'd been married for about...
  30. 5

    Real Life Stories Part 1

    Even Bulls Can be Surprised from time to time (I get hard just thinking about this one) On a Sunday night about a week before lock-down, I met with a couple i used to play with. We played around a bit--nothing big or wild. i didn't even fuck the wife. She sucked my cock in a restaurant bathroom...