cum control

  1. A

    Video The Strongest Gay JerkoffEjaculation youtube tutorials

    Years ago this guy had a YT channel with "educational sexual health tutorials" where he edged himself for 15-40min, often cumming(ruined) multiple times. YT eventually took it down and I completely forgot about it until I found this vid on gtru. Havent been able to find any trace of him...
  2. T

    Cum Control

    Hi! Fat cut cock I desperately need to be edged in a cum control session with an experienced cum controller. Skype: live:.cid.190d8b08fd1c6442 Kik: kinkkong85
  3. btcellnet

    Edging coach wanted

    25m Hung Edge/CumControl SUB Looking for an experienced, older (30+) master/coach for LONG edging sessions Available daily this week for coaching/training Stats: 7inch, slim, smooth, blonde - huge loads (12+ shots) Into: edging, underwear, ruined orgasms, big loads, timed edges, targets...
  4. Js692

    Learn to cum twice in a row

    Hello community! I would love to master the ability to cum twice in row like Dante 4K Can anyone share with me how can I learn to master it?
  5. Mj11xxx


    Are you an athletic guy who craves attention? and down to be trained in submission control/edging sessions. I am looking for long-term or short-term who can commit to exhausting and draining edging sessions with some cbt and bdsm. I am a verbal coach who will totally guide you on how to play and...
  6. XxSherlockxX

    Massive Cumshots

    Hi! (^-^) I wanted to start a thread on huge loads, edging etc. Like this guy. :)
  7. A

    Photos & Videos aurevoir_178

    He is one of the hottest guys on Twitter imo. His body and cock are perfect, and judging by his Twitter banner he looks like he might be handsome too. Plus his edging videos are just amazing, he leaks so much cum. I'm surprised nobody else has made a thread on him yet, he's hot as hell.
  8. Britgymlad

    New Orleans Meets 9-13 April

    Fit masc white bi guy. Into gym/ sport. Bi Up for hanging naked, wank, edge with fit guys No anal Be similar. 7 day load in my balls! Visiting. FQ Hotel
  9. B

    Edging Control/Coaching

    Hey y’all I’m looking for anyone to help coach/control my edging schedule (when I cum/how long I edge for/anything extra while edging. Think you can tame the beast? Kik: BeBreezy2554
  10. Thirty6Films

    Video Indian Cam Guys

    For alerts as soon as I post new videos,be sure to follow..
  11. TrevorMachine

    Cum Control

    After an hour of vigorous masturbation and cum denial, he was begging. Finally my buddy is given permission to let it out, and his hand fills and overflows with his semen.
  12. M

    I'm Definitely Looking For A Sub Who's Desperately Eager To Please Me Kik Me @ Mistressfem01

    I'm a dominant mistress seeking a submissive male, I want a sub who will worship me as his goddess mistress, I want a submissive who is willing to be under my servitude. I'm also willing to train a sub 24/7 in BDSM lifestyle Kik me @ mistressfem01
  13. btcellnet

    East Midlands Edgers/cumcontrol

    Any edging/cumcontrol masters around Leicester/East Midlands area? Looking for a LONG edging session on a regular/on off basis!
  14. Elmer86

    Ejaculation With Reverse Kegels.

    Hi Fam, Earlier this year, I got into practicing kegels. I started out only doing regular kegels, but later found out about reverse kegels. It is basically exactly like it sounds. Relaxing the pelvic floor (pushing out) rather than contracting. I've noticed that it makes my erections stronger...
  15. E

    Belgium Edging / Cum Control

    Any guys interested in being edged and milked in Belgium/Antwerpen? Love giving long sessions, keeping a guy on the brink and controlling their orgasm for a long time. PM for more details if interested!
  16. joxra

    ??? Skype C2c - Any Woman Here ???

    Woman who wants to C2C with me? But you decide on yours. conditions as a woman what applies under C2C. Wish we could talk, masturbate together and have an orgasm at the same time. Something you could possibly do ??? Is just so that I get excited when a woman looks at me during my...
  17. D

    What Do You Look Like Right At That Moment?

    I love the swell and the sight of the first leak that happens right at the magic moment. How do you look? Post pics and vids of your magic moment.7645691
  18. T

    Please Use Me On Skype - Male Married Pig Sub

    Please give me Jerk off instructions, humiliate, degrade me. Punish, tie, pull my cock and balls, make me put my finger anywhere on body and lick clean. Make me sniff lick suck wifes dirty stained panties. Humiliate my tiny cock. Deny my cum, tease my cock head, make me drink lots water but not...
  19. T

    Married Sub For Online Now For Humiliation/cum Control

    PLease control me on skype....humiliateme3 Love feeling desperate to cum and pee but not allowed to relieve. Give me JOI, SPH, CBT, A2M. I am a filthy pig with wifes dirty panties and a few hours to degrade and humiliate me.
  20. D

    How To Ejaculate More?

    Hey guys, i'd like to know how to ejaculate more and produce more cumshots. I know there are tons of threads about it, but I have not found something definitive yet. So, what are your personal experiences? How to increase the volume of your ejaculation? And how to shoot farther? Thx!
  21. T

    Sub Chubby Piggy Husband For Humiliation

    Hi, I am a chubby husband pig slave, i am looking for a dominant to give me jerk off orders, tell me exactly how to stroke, make me drink but not pee, deny my cum until I leak uncontrollably and desperately. I like humiliation, degrading orders, cbt, cei, sph, dirty filth. I have lovense vibe...
  22. T

    Sub Married Tiny Cock Piggy For Orders

    Hi, I am a piggy slave married with a tiny cock, i like to be ordered on cam to do humiliating, degrading things. I like cum and pee denial, cbt, getting real dirty/filthy. I have wifes dirty panties to as u please and also a vibrator you can control over the internet. I like sph and like to...
  23. 8

    Handsfree Dick,

    Guys I can cum handsfree without touching myself but is it ok or something is wrong with my dick?
  24. F

    Men’s Stamina Trainer (fleshjack Etc.)

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good stamina trainers like fleshjacks etc. that help with the practicing of lasting longer. I’m hoping to find a good enough one that can be shipped to the UK easily? Thanks.
  25. 2

    Video How Many Times Can You Cum In A Row?

    Hi Everyone. I am creating this forum for those who want to showcase their masturbation techniques on how many times we can cum in row when we masturbate continuously. please post your videos or links of masturbation and cum in a row. Also take the below poll. I can cum twice in a row. here...
  26. J

    London - Hung Bull Edging/cum Milking

    So you think you're the shit, hmm? A hot blooded bull who loves the knowledge that he can walk into any room and be confident he easily has the biggest cock, never mind body any guy would be jealous of - you're hardly going to let some skinny twink get the better of you, right? Well, come on...
  27. 6

    Group Wank Islington 22nd August

    Looking for fit hung guys to join a group wank on the 22nd in Islington, London. Plan is to get hard watching porn get our dicks out and take it from there ;) drop a kik if interested
  28. Mj11xxx


    It has been a long time since I last posted in this thread. But nothing changed. I am looking for a new submissive to explore. So this Ad aims to reach submissive guys who like to be explored and get edged. I am into CBT, bondage, cum control and whatnot. If you have these sexy kinks message...
  29. JonnyHard

    Cockhero Anal

    Has anyone ever tried to play a cockhero game * with his ass? Well if not, lets try :-p Any cockhero video ideas for that? or other videos with a nice beat? (Leave your Skype or a cam chat link if you wanna watch or beeing watched) * cockhero: you jerk your cock to a porn video to...
  30. D

    First To Cum Lose

    Anyone knows any gay wrestling porn with the theme "First to cum lose"?