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custom video

  1. H

    What Things Should I Request For A Custom Onlyfans Video?

    My kinks are pretty vanilla, and if I decide to get onlyfans I need to make the most of it. Help me out here...
  2. J

    Do Not Purchase A Custom From Master Devin!

    I'm trying to warn as many people as I possibly can. DO NOT purchase a custom vid from Master Devin, a.k.a masterbigguns. I paid $70 for a custom, and an extra $10 since he said he can make it even longer, and he also noted that he would have the video done by the end of the night I paid him. I...
  3. Daedalus

    Experiences With Custom Videos?

    Has anyone here ever paid an OnlyFans creator for a custom video? What were your experiences like? How was it customized? (Saying your name? Showing or doing more than they normally would? Indulging in a fetish they might not otherwise do?) How long was the turnaround? I know OF is slowing...
  4. C

    Video Curiousarrow's Curious Journey! Win A Custom Video!

    Hey guys curiousarrow here. So I just started a journey to get my ass filled with a large dildo. I'm a straight guy and thought I would satisfy my curiosity with the world. I'm leaving a video of my journey below. Join me on pornhub! I will create a custom video for one of persons that...