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  1. iacky

    Love for Daddies

    Hi ❤️ Is there anyone who, like me, loves daddies? I find them very charming and hot. Is there any Italian Daddy? ❤️
  2. D

    Real Dads With Real Bodies and Chunky Dicks

    I find straight dads and straight married guys with dad bods or who are chubbier extremely hot, especially when they have heavy/chunky dicks. I don’t mean huge porn dicks, I just enjoy seeing dads with thick and realistic dicks. I’d love to see some more of those on here, especially videos...
  3. D

    Younger lads being shared

    Any lads like this or older guys into it?
  4. D

    Married Men? Is your sexual life a bit boring? Fancy chatting maybe starting a group, sharing our fanatasies?

    I am a married dad just wanting to talk to like-minded guys about all my fantasies happy to start a group. Even make friends. I am bored at work whilst writing this. Kik: Hairyhorny311990 telegram: hairycyberpunk Am happy to chat about anything.
  5. A

    ID these hung shower dads?

    can anybody ID them?
  6. D

    Miami Cruising

    Was at dolphin mall the other day and forgot how much of a cruise spot it is! How many guys still go there and what’s your favorite bathroom? (Think I might start a new hobby again) Always something at the one next to valet parking! Some other cruising spots in Kendall/dadeland area? I also used...
  7. Arsen_XXX_ZG

    Nikola Vujaković

  8. D

    Str8 Curious Married Dad/guys Snapchat

    Wanted to see if there any straight married guys and straight married dads on Snapchat that are looking to not only compare and/or jerk, but to connect with other married guys, share life experiences, chat about dude stuff like sports and shit, and just network with other chill, like-minded...
  9. Chubbycub123

    Married Dads For Sons Snap

    Any married dads looking for some sons to have fun with and chat. Post here. I’m 25 son, hairy and a little chub. HMU snap me at kingdomofdark
  10. Shofixti

    Photo Dad Bods

  11. 1

    Socal dads?

    Interested in making friends with some dad types. Looking for strong handsome dads of all ages. Beards are definitely a plus. I’m looking to hang out, hook up, or do anything really with cool down to earth dads. I’ve always loved the idea of having a mentor so I’m also open to something like...