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  1. D

    Are Muscular Guys Only Into Other Muscular Guys?

    As a slim twink type who has been into muscular guys since I can remember, I haven't been able to meet any muscular guys who were attracted to non-muscular guys. At the most, I've seen that they can sometimes be into big bear types but for the most part it seems like most if not 99% of them are...
  2. R

    Jungs unter 25 in München / Boys under 25 in Munich?

    Heyy, looking to see if I can up my chances with some guys between 18-25 here in Munich message me on Snap: realavineo2
  3. T

    How can I be comfortable enough with experimenting for the first time?

    Hi you guys. This might be a long read but I'll try to make it short! If you reach the end, any advice would be appreciated, thank you! I'm 22 years old and am bisexual. However, I'm not "out" yet. Thanks to several members of this board, I've come to accept my attraction to men. I've also come...
  4. musclelover717

    Do Muscular Men find Skinny/Toned Guys Attractive?

    For you beautiful muscle men out there: do you find skinny/toned guys attractive. As a toned guy myself, I find it hard to find muscular men who are into me. I’m obviously very attracted to muscle and want to gain weight so they’ll find me attractive and “on their level” but I can’t help but...
  5. J

    Sugar parent/dating experiences?

    I wanna know how to have a sugar parent. I have heard that there are sites for it but i could not find it. For the people who have had tried sugar dating, how was it? How can i find one? haha
  6. J

    Experiences Dating Straight Women?

    Since discovering my bisexuality, I've found that in my experience girls, that identify as heterosexual wouldn't consider a bisexual man as a partner. This is both from personal involvement and from the opinions of several straight female friends I have asked. A couple reasons I heard repeated...
  7. L

    Questions For Trans Men On Dating Cis Men.

    Hey so I am a 23-year-old gay cis man and I want to have a family someday, but I do not want to adopt. I think trans men are really cute and handsome, but I have a question on dating and developing relationships. So is there a general opinion on how trans men feel about getting pregnant? Or...
  8. M

    Dating During Covid

    (Kinda long) Hello all! Hope you are doing well. I am looking for some advice for dating during Covid. So this lock down has been rough on all of us, and having it starting while being single did not help. My dating life, which already was not stellar, went down hill fast. Well that’s a bit of...
  9. M

    Dating During Covid

    (Kinda long) Hello all! Hope you are doing well. I am looking for some advice for dating during Covid. So this lock down has been rough on all of us, and having it starting while being single did not help. My dating life, which already was not stellar, went down hill fast. Well that’s a bit of...
  10. A

    Dating And Sex As A Passable Trans Woman With A Dick

    :emoji_heartbeat:I'm grateful to be able to transition and pass living as a woman in society, mind, and energy in my mid 20's.. But my problem is surrounded around the topic of sex. Men who go after me are the most sexually complex men ever. I genuinely feel like I'm never considered when it...
  11. T

    Discord Server

    Hello! First off happy 2021! I hope you and your loved ones have a great year. Please stay safe! So I been working on a discord server for the past few days and it should be done in an hour or so.. I mainly created to listen to music through music bots without having to deal with Ads or go...
  12. O

    Gay Guys In The Bay Area Looking To Date

    SF here 27 years old 5’11 Techie black bottom Looking to see what’s out there I encourage everyone to post here if they are looking for someone special during this pandemic.
  13. JayPR

    Grindr And Dating/hookup Apps: Do You Ignore Messages When Not Interested?

    I'm curious about this topic because I was the kind of person that never ignored messages on dating apps, even if I was not interested. I used to respond, a short conversation, good manners, you can meet great people as friends. If the person started hitting on me, I would just say: “Thanks, but...
  14. P

    Demisexual Guys, How Do You Navigate Through Dating And Casual Sex?

    Hi there! :D I'm a 28 years old male gay guy and just recently I came across to some videos about Demisexuality and it all made so much sense to me. However, I'm still trying to figure things out. So, if you're demisexual, How do you navigate through dating nowadays? Do you have casual sex? or...
  15. 1

    Ryan Gallagher Mafs - Naked Dating

    Does anyone have the uncensored Ryan Gallagher Video from the naked dating radio show? He was later on Married at first sight (MAFS) MAFS' Ryan Gallagher appears on Kyle and Jackie O's Naked Dating | Daily Mail Online
  16. spaj8987

    Green Lights That You're Into It.

    What are some green lights that you're into another person flirting with you? I'm notorious for not getting hidden messages (or what seems like hidden messages because i can't spot them personally). Which left me pretty ignorant when it comes to flirting. How to flirt, what flirting is and...
  17. JayPR

    Why Are So Many Gay Men So Sassy?

    First, let me clarify that I know that gay people are as diverse as straight, bisexual people, etc. and not every gay is like that. That being said, I'm going to talk about those who are like that most of the time. In my experience, I've encountered many gay men that are in a sassy, bitchy...
  18. fastslim


    Hi I'm a 30ish male, I have a partner, 40ish female, we have a complicated relationship status, we are together but it's hard to tell Anyway she love to see foreigner male, like tourist or something like that And I have a fantasy, that we had sex with foreigner. We are both Asian So if you...
  19. J

    Small Soft Cock - Melbourne Australia

    32 from Melb Australia Tall and not too bad looking I've got a small soft uncut cock and looking for someone else in the same boat. Would be great to get naked with someone who is the same and not feel so self concious lol
  20. JayPR

    Is It Hypocrite When Unattractive Gay Men Just Want To Date Attractive Men?

    Let me explain. I've met a lot of gay men (especially those considered "below average" in the look department) who complain about how other gay men are so shallow when looking for a romantic partner because they focus on physical appearance and don't pay attention to good men who are beautiful...
  21. marriedasian

    Do U Care If You're Dating Someone Who Is Also Dating Other People?

    if you found out that the person you are dating is also dating other people, would that bother you? this is assuming that you two have not made the decision to go exclusive. you're just still "dating" whether it's the 1st date or the 3rd or the 6th date. would you even date someone at all...
  22. 1

    Advice On Making Gay Friends

    Hey im 20 and live in the south and just moved and have no lgbt friends and i have been to a few gay clubs and drag shows and i always leave feeling more alone than before because no one talks to me. Is the gay community just hard to get into or am I doing it wrong I just want friends that are...
  23. Geekyguy

    Nice Guys

    This thread is motivated by reading a thread in the women’s only section about nice guys. Please take time to read through the thread in the women’s section before responding in this thread. You can find the original in the women’s only section here: You dont like a nice guy? When you...
  24. james677b


    KBelanger (@kemmelb) • Instagram photos and videos anything on him?
  25. eletrand

    How To Tell If A Woman Is Truly Interested

    I'm asking this question to women because I've gotten a lot of mixed signals lately from many women. I get a lot of compliments, so while I'm not trying to brag I certainly don't think it's me being ugly. How can I tell if a woman is truly interested in sex, a connection, or a relationship...
  26. UnCutBlackBull925

    Help! The Male Booty - Ladies Lets Talk

    First of all I'm glad there's a place I can finally asked women ( and get some advice from the guys) some help Why do women like the butt? I don't understand why I get spank back there and stuff. It feels weird but I know its give and take and not always about me. Secondly how can I feel...
  27. twtrob88

    Dating with the looming stigma attached to hiv.

    Hey everyone, I rarely post, but I have seen many older posts on this topic and wanted to revive the conversation, because I’m sure it can help positive and negative guys. I myself was diagnosed as being positive when I was around 23 years old. As soon as I found out, I was in total shock. It...
  28. David Lucaya

    Ever been ghosted?

    So I was going out with this girl we were talking for about a month, she and I would meet basically every weekend and text about daily.The last time I had seen or heard from her we went out and in the car made plans to go out the following evening. About 4-5 hours before we were supposed to go...
  29. BabyGatorSquirter

    Fwb or more in sw florida

    I’ve recently started dating again after ending an LTR. Dating apps suck, plus it’s not like I’m going to put on there that I’m looking for a nice big dick. Any straight or bi guys in the area interested in??
  30. Alina Is Thicc

    Is it uncommon to be a transwomen lesbian?

    Simply, it feels as though I'm the only one in (Vegas) who is a transwoman pretty much exclusively attracted to other transwomen. Not that it was a great place to look, but Craigslist closing their personals section has only absolutely annihilated my options for looking for others. How? I can...