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  1. BlueBloods

    Douching/cleaning for rough sex, help!

    Hey! I'm a 20M bottom, recently I've got interested in trying rough sex (just long dom-sub sessions, no fisting nor anything like that) and I have a few questions about douching and stuff for it that are really stressing me out. 1- First, is a deep cleaning necessary for rough? 2- I've done...
  2. Gloryhole 101: it’s all about service.

    Gloryhole 101: it’s all about service.

    Your GH wall is set up, you sucked a few cocks in your life, now you’re ready to open your new venture and really get down to the business of excellent service! depending on your experience in throating big cocks this could be trial and practice Kind of thing . How fun is that! Imagine you’ll...
  3. Magnum10x2

    Intentionally or unintentionally, have you ever been fisted?

    Whether intentionally (planned) or unintentionally (spur of the moment), have you ever been fisted? How would you articulate the feeling and sensations? Did you become a fan or was it a one-time only thing?
  4. needitbad43


    Horny guy in the Atlanta metro area looking for a large dick friend for regular meeting….no strings attached….enjoy each other and leave
  5. F

    Sweet Girls Fucked Rough And Deep, No Merci

    Innocent looking girls get fucked hard and dirty. Insulted, spitted on, fucked ballsdeep till their legs shake, gangbanged, creampied, slapped, streched out, hate fucked, used as fuck dolls... It's also hot when the girl is shy at the beginning and turns slowly to a nasty slut This one feets...
  6. 6

    What Dildo Would You Recommend For Deep Anal Play?

    What dildo would you recommend for deep anal play? I am looking for a very long dildo. I really need these days to play with my ass very deeply to open the 2nd sphincter. it could be very long 10-12 inches and I could fit whatever pleases me. I would like its texture to be relatively supple...
  7. omegatech

    Canada Mid January (montreal & Toronto)

    Hey what's up. I'll be in Montreal and Toronto from 16th to 26th January...if women would meet up for some thick and deep fun let me know... Cheers 1444855
  8. thing123

    Mt Visiting Houston

    Im a Massage Therapist and I’ll be visiting Houston/San Antonio next week, July 4th until the 7th. Hit me up if you’re interested in a massage, Swedish, deep tissue or a sports massage. CT
  9. F

    Morphing pussy: tight pussy lips that stretch/open/gape when penetrated

    I'm obssesed with girls that have a tight/small looking pussy but ass soon as they get penetrated they're pussys just opens up. Haley Sweet is the perfect example specially in that scene with shane diesel: Look at her tight pussy lips glued together at 14:10 And as soon as he enters at 14:31...
  10. subcosu

    Does anyone know the models in this hot gif