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dick pic

  1. S

    Father In Law’s Big Dick

    Married into a family of real men’s men. All athletes & not shy about talking their cocks, the pussy they have fucked, jerking off, etc. It’s no secret in the family that my father in law has a nice, big, cut cock & the biggest in the immediate family. I’ve never seen it, but my husband & his...
  2. D

    Manchester UK Lads

    Calling all Manchester lads in the UK! Let’s create a space for us to easily link up, share stories, pics and maybe arrange hot meets!! Share your dicks below
  3. T

    Photo Who’s this? (Delicious package)

    This is the closest to an original version of the photo floating on the web that I could find. It’s probably a copy of the only photo of this great beauty, and nobody will know who it is, but if you know; please share a name/info. Not sure about the watermark on this pic “u/perv_…” but...
  4. D

    Show me your cock?? Flood my Snapchat with dick.

    Heteroflexible and horny as fuck. HMU. @johnjonzz23
  5. Shlevy10


    Hii guys, I think I got addicted to nudes and dick pics… I feel like I have a dangerous passion to see every man’s dick. it makes me feel so horny, and I love send nudes but Im not sure if It’s good for me.
  6. L

    Photo Big latino dick

    Lol my last post got a little of attention so why not fuck it.
  7. 1

    New Mixed Guy With Big Dick

    Hey so I’m here to help other people with big dick problems/questions concerns. I found this site helpful for me dealing with big dick related topics that not many men I know knew how to talk about cause most aren’t as big and can relate. So feel free to hit me up. I will leave my pics attached...
  8. H

    Snapchat Freaks Group (fit Only/18-35)(straight/bi)

    Starting a new Snapchat group for Straight and Bisexual bro’s. Send whatever you want, whenever you want. Pissing, fucking, shaving, public exposure, asshole, pussies, showers, drunk dick flopping... honestly, send a pick of your cock in a hotdog bun IDGAF. This is meant to be fun and sexy and...
  9. montyclift

    Friends, Lovers And Dick!

    Friends sharing their hotness, their love and their prize dicks! Pics & videos!
  10. montyclift

    Friends, Lovers And Dick!

    Friends sharing their hotness, their love and their prize dicks! Pics & videos!
  11. montyclift

    Friends, Lovers And Dick!

    Friends sharing their hotness, their love and their prize dicks!
  12. montyclift

    The Hot Twins!

    Beautiful twins I used to 'hang' with and their fine uncut dicks!
  13. 1

    Photo Snapchat Jack Off

    Anyone wanna jack off with me on Snapchat right now? My username is: @scottsdick ADD ME
  14. Barryitbarry

    7+ inches totally soft at the gym

    i just saw a new guy at my gym walking around the locker room with no towel. His dick was easily 7 inches long and he was totally soft and flopping. He sure wasn’t shy about it. I’d love to hear stories about similar locker room sights and, even better, if you’ve got your own example of 7+...
  15. H

    What to do with my catfish and dick pic portfolio?

    Since Tumblr has deleted all my content where should I go with my 10gb of dick pics and catfishes guys? I saw a lot of people going towards twitter but I need to upload more than 4 phots per post. Any suggestions?
  16. Jake Chapman


  17. Volumen

    Real life military dick pic club

    This sounds too good to be true, and maybe it is because none of the goods seem to have leaked out. Air Force officer accused of encouraging service members to send him photos of their genitals - NY Daily News Did any of our LPSG military men happen to participate in this or anything similar...
  18. miggyluce

    Matt linnen (x factor) dick pics

    Matt Linnen