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dick pics

  1. PsychoMantis

    Advice on taking dick pics?

    So I have a decently good sized dick about 7 inches long and thick but the problem is that it hangs low and bends slightly downward, and I have big hands, so it appears much smaller in photos, as I've been told by multiple past hookups. Do yall have any advice on how to make it look better...
  2. Il2wu51

    Photo Post A Hotel Dick Pic 2020 Experiment

    An experiment... any time you travel in 2020 post a dick pick from each hotel you visit during the year. Mix it up too, some hard, some soft, with or without cum erc. Add a comment to identify the city. Let's see how many posts there are by Dec 31, 2020!
  3. Ilovetofuck45

    Hey;) I’m Looking For Somebody Who’s Willing To Send Dick Pics For Some Hot Dick Pics Who’s Down?!

    18+, snap: mwahdaddyy Send some for some back
  4. 6

    Jozemeddina Onlyfans Pics???

    someone who shares their onlyfans nudes Por favor OnlyFans
  5. twisted


    I gotta a Dick Pics Pet Peeves (DPPP). Those dick pics where the guys put coins on their dick or taking a pic next to a drink can or bottle of wine?!? The ultimate cringe is those who write things on theirs, absolute killer for me! Am I the only one? What’s yours?
  6. Rstarr


    Was told he had dick pics. Anything on gorillaseason?
  7. B

    Thoughts on this article...

    This could def be a woman's issue (dealing with difficult men :rolleyes:) but I actually just wanted to hear what the women think about this article. Plus, I'm hoping this will be a very educational discussion. Why men send photos of their genitalia to women - CNN I found it interesting and...