1. chubsupport

    Discord RP? WARNING: Furry, extreme, etc.

    Discord users only. Fair warning: I'm into some unapologetically obnoxious, absurd offensive and taboo shit. If that's not your bag, please don't try to negotiate kinks. I'm here to go ape shit. *** HERE TO BE GOOFY, KINKY AND FUN. SEXUALLY AGGRESSIVE PARTNERS ONLY, MAN OR WOMAN, PLEASE BE AS...
  2. D

    Discord cam voice chat

    Anyone on Discord? Looking to set up a group
  3. U

    Bashmead69 on Chaturbate

    Does anyone have anything on this cutie? I’d love to see more! He says he shows everything on Discord.
  4. S

    Looking for friends to get naked with on cam

    I'm always on the lookout for friends to get naked with, whether it's on Skype, Snapchat, Discord, etc. Take a look at my profile and message me if you wanna get naked together!
  5. Chris1223

    Offering a Naked Language Course

    I'm 23 and I'm offering a course where I teach German naked. Either over discord or skype
  6. okk89

    help me find the full version of this gif

    i saw this gif on discord can someone help me find the full version
  7. okk89

    someone please help me find the full version of this gif

    i saw this gif on discord can someone help me find the full version
  8. YouTuberStan

    Isaacwhy (youtube)

    Another one of these hot faceless youtubers. Got a really nice body, got a really nice ass too.
  9. D

    Tiny 20yo teen looking to be put in his place by hung teens 18-20 any socials

    Hey very small cocked little cuck looking for some hung teens looking to compare humiliate and have a laugh on my expense ofc, we could use snapchat as a group chat for example, discord or reddit i dont mind.
  10. D

    twink, 19 and super horny!!!

    Hi! I'm looking for a huge thick gross cock dm on discord bonheur#1637
  11. 2facedtwinks

    nsfw discord server

    20 & 21 couple join our discord server for friends, chats, nudes and more! link is on our twitter @2facedtwinks
  12. J

    Join my nsfw discord server

    Hey here is my discord server I would love for you to join. the link is on my twitter @TheWordOfDicks
  13. J

    Looking for people to join my discord

    Hey follow me on twitter @TheWorldofDicks and click the link I posted to join the discord. if you do not have twitter add me on Snapchat @alexrains522 or pm here. I’m trying to bring the discord channel to life so please join and I hope you enjoy.
  14. J

    Join my discord group The World Of Dicks

    Hey I just created a new discord group so if anyone wants to join the link is on my twitter @TheWorldOfDicks. If you do not have twitter add me on snap @alexrains522 and say discord so I know to send you the link. I hope you all enjoy.
  15. oceanrulerwiz

    A new discord group :D - come and join !

    Hi y'all, I'm 26 m , Bottom, gay. Basically I look for hot mascuiline top guys ! And I think about opening a discord group for chatting and hanging out :) I am a watcher, but i dont mind sending pics and stuff :D discord : GamerWiz95#6839
  16. swalke52

    New Discord Group

    New Discord Group set up! U9u37Fjx soft, semi & hard share whatever you want and get off on real time clips/videos groups are created for the below Soft Semi Hard Videos 18+
  17. C

    Huge Cock (7.5+ Inch) Discord Server

    Verified huge cocks only gg/qxddw6fYjz
  18. puppy_boy

    Discord Circle Jerk Server!

    No longer active.
  19. Dekkrn

    Little Gaming Community

    Hi my beauties, I hope you’re doing well. Making this thread because I am in need of some new gaming buddies, and I was wondering if there is some interest in a small (unofficial) LPSG discord gaming server. The server in question would be mostly SWF with maybe a small NSFW section. As the idea...
  20. L

    Discord Server

    Hello! First off happy 2021! I hope you and your loved ones have a great year. Please stay safe! So I been working on a discord server for the past few days and it should be done in an hour or so.. I mainly created to listen to music through music bots without having to deal with Ads or go...
  21. Taconachosban

    Miami Guy Here

    Hey new to the forums, fun place! Do we have a discord server?
  22. mao

    Dick Size Chat On Discord

    Not given this a mention for a while on lpsg but numbers are steadily growing on my Discord server, so would love to have more of you join (whatever location, size, gender etc.) It's called SizeChat (sort of chat/forum hybrid) and a place to chat about dick size, share stats, experiences...
  23. 1

    Discord C2c / Groups

    Well, I find discord very nice to use and cross platform! So let’s try! Please if you add me state where you found my contact and also asl. I’m 28 male European discord: switchboy91#0996
  24. candoso00

    Lpsg discord

    Hey Guys Thought it would be good to get a Discord server running where all LPSG members could join and chat. It’s just way easier than the LPSG chat for web, desktop, and mobile. There’s an app for it. We can setup all sorts of channels for discussions, it’ll be cool! Discord - Free...