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  1. T

    Looking for muscle worship in Londom

    Dublin based, visiting London in March. Looking for a dominant muscle guy to worship. Someone who will flex and tease me, slowly take control until I am in his control. Not into pain, but some mild domination is good. Any suggestions?
  2. H

    Someone know who is this muscle guy?

  3. T

    Master Pedro (findompedro)

    Master Pedro (findompedro) is a Brazilian findom alpha. Twitter Instagram OF So far, I haven't found any nudes, though.
  4. M

    Photos & Videos Master Ben (@BenSharpington)

    Anybody has some content from this hot new master? Twitter
  5. P

    Guys made to fuck each other

    Hey! anyone knows any videos which show guys who are made to fuck each other? I am talking bdsm-like videos, in which two slaves are made to fuck each other following their masters orders
  6. C

    Links Help Identify Scene / Pornstars

    Hi! Can someone kindly guide me where to find extended / full video of this? Or, at least the name of the pornstars? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  7. N

    Sexiest and Most Muscular transformation ever - Unknown (name needed)

  8. N

    Best Transformation Ever - Unknown? Name needed

  9. F

    Jakobee (All American Heroes AAH, DirtyTony?)

    I'm trying to find anything on "Jakobee" Internet Adult Film Database The links on the original websites don't work; looks like the sites were abandoned years ago. I've found some abbreviated preview vids, but that's it. videos, names, links, .... I'll take whatever I can get.
  10. Throwaway Forget

    Superhero domination fetish

    Anyone into superhero domination and know of any good scenes or fetish sites with good content? The first thing that comes to mind is the classic scene from Superman Returns where Lex and his thugs dominate Superman as he crawls through rocky puddles to escape, getting his suit completely wet...
  11. D

    zac efron vs will poulter hardcore wrestling

    next fantasy no limits hardcore wrestling match following on from:celebrity wrestling and zac efron vs tom daley hardcore wrestling cast your vote and any comments below musclebound bodybuilder zac efron vs muscle beef will poulter
  12. D

    zac efron vs tom daley hardcore wrestling

    next fantasy no limits hardcore wrestling match following on from:celebrity wrestling cast your vote and any comments below musclebound bodybuilder zac efron vs rippling Olympic diver muscles of tom daley
  13. M

    Photos & Videos CashmasterMatt/Matthew Blackford

    Does someone have some content from this young hot UK cashmaster ? Master Matt
  14. L

    Master True Alpha / Chris K

    The Dom/Cash master, has gone by Master True Alpha, Midwest Alpha, and Chris K Surprised there isn't a thread for him already. I Don't think he's been active for a couple years, His Stuff seems pretty scattered across the internet. anyone have any pics/vids??
  15. M

    Does Anyone Have Content From Findompedro ?

    Does anyone have some content from this young hot brazilian alpha called @FindomPedro ? https://twitter.com/findompedro?s=21
  16. M

    Alpha Howard

    Hi does anyone have any content content from this hot alpha master ?
  17. L


    The Dom/Cash master Norther Alpha Master. Suprised there isnt a thread for him already. He deleted all his accounts a couple years back, so its harder to find his pics/vids. anyone have any??
  18. M


    Anybody has some of this hot guy’s content by chance ? https://twitter.com/findomgarret?s=21
  19. M

    Does Anyone Have Content From Zaynemaster?

    Does anyone have some content from @ZayneMaster on Twitter?
  20. M

    Does Anyone Have Content From Masterrick18

    Does someone have some content from this young hot cashmaster ? https://twitter.com/masterrick18?s=21
  21. S

    Prisoner Of Asskaban - Who Is He

    this is one of my favorite domination videos but website no longer exists and i want to find more vids of hot guy being banged - any idea who he is? GWG - Prisoner Of Asskaban at GayPorno.fm GayWarGames - Prisoner of Asskaban - Fourth Episode - Bareback Prisoner of Asskaban – Fourth Episode -...
  22. Passandre92

    What's Your Fetich And Fantasy?

    I'm pretty sure everybody have a fetich or fantasy that when facing what triggers it even not knowing very well it makes you hard. For years I didn't understand and still don't understand why I have my fetiches. Tell us which differentiated practices turns you on, if you know why or not. Also...
  23. E

    19f Dominatrix Looking For Cucks To Worship Me.

    Need I say more?
  24. J

    Video Hand Domination

    Hello found this vid on an old stash! anybody here knows the guy and the girl? I think this is super old because i tried looking for it in the website Got no luck, or i missed it, hopefully the latter!HDOM.mp4
  25. S

    Has Anyone Seen The Return Of Cage - Brian Cage Vs Kasee From Underground Wrestler?

  26. ihsikir15

    Thong Facesitting; Anyone Has More Videos From Them??

    I recently stumbled upon this video on ThisVid, and I can actually say that this is THE hottest facesitting video I've ever seen! The size of the ass, the thong, using oil, and a third person to help push the guy's face further into the big guy's ass! I absolutely need to know if anyone has...
  27. J

    His Ex Is An Alpha Male

    HIS EX IS AN ALPHA MALE (Attention: My native language is Spanish, so maybe some parts will be a little bit awkward). PART 01 I met my current boyfriend, Enrique, at a gym in Madrid where I work as an instructor. He drew a lot of attention when doing exercises. He had a muscular, tanned...
  28. L

    Photos & Videos Foot On Head

    variation of foot fetish
  29. Bubbleo

    Are You Into Petite Guys?

    Hey there~ i was just curious if bigger guys are interested in fucking/loving petite twinks. I personally have that kink.. i guess the desire for a much taller guy to be protective over me and make me his through brutal fucking and dominance.. What i’ve seen is that Manlier guys, tend to...
  30. N

    Loser Gets Fucked

    I’m looking for a type of video I struggle to find. I really like videos where they play some sort of game or compete and the loser is punished somehow. A Good Example of this is the Naked Kombat series. Does anybody know any other good videos like this?