1. ogre

    ID this dom twink?

    Anyone recognizes this guy? Straight teen jock wants you to suck his toes -
  2. K

    Video Big Alpha VFX Muscle Giant Movie

    Big Alpha has released a VFX Movie in which he grow as a giant and destroys a whole city. The guy has one of the best looking ass on the internet and he's great at domination :heart_eyes: If you like giant/macro content and god-like physiques, this is an absolute must-see...
  3. shdomfan

    Superhero fanfics (AI-generated or traditionally written)

    Share superhero-themed erotic stories/fanfics in this thread. The story can be AI-generated or traditionally written. Bonus points if you include pics or videos that help bring the story to life. You don't have to write the story, but include author credit if you post someone else's work. You...
  4. danielXdemedici

    Make it Home

    First short story here on the forum. Would appreciate feedback. Short story about the paths we take to find home. This is story is an entirely fictional account that details sexual activities between adults. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18 and you are...
  5. M

    Tahar aka Mathai Toahotu

    Tahar aka Mathai Toahotu, is a handsome Moroccan guy in his thirties who started his career in porn for Citebeur and EricVideos 7 years ago now. Tahar has it all, his Kingpin side puts the bottoms in heat and dilated enough to be fucked for hours. Tahar loves bestial sex, without concession and...
  6. NowhereHere19

    JockFootFantasy-Models/Previews/Reviews- Megathread

    Model-Emilio Instagram- Login • Instagram Emilio has some of the hottest feet I've ever seen. Large smooth soles mixed with that smile anytime he's tickled= Chef's kiss
  7. ogre

    Guys fucking other guys with dildos - videos

    Thread for a niche thing I find hot in porn - a guy having a dildo put inside of him by another guy. It almost seems hotter than regular sex, if you think of it as the bottom not being worth the top’s real dick, but still having his hole used, especially if the top is straight. I’ll start with...
  8. C

    Turning Chase into a Jock Slut (Erotic Fiction) Part 3

    Parts 1 & 2 Chapter 3 Chase had his face buried deep in a forest of dense black pubes. He was on his hands and knees hungrily sucking on a thick penis when he felt the collar around his neck constrict as the man fucking him from behind yanked his leash. “Good little boy bitch can’t get enough...
  9. C

    Turning Chase into a Jock Slut (Fiction)

    For story updates, reader polls, and AI renderings of how characters might look (both SFW and NSFW), feel free to check out my Twitter: @chasehuxley6 For my complete set of writings, visit my author profile on GayDemon under the name: Chase Huxley. Story Premise: Chase Huxley is a bisexual...
  10. J

    Skybo Media

    Anyone here remember the since long gone website Skybo Media? It starred Denny Hellbo and a few others, but he was pretty much the main star and attraction of the site's content. Lots of domination, wrestling, humiliation type kink videos that I really used to enjoy. There's only a limited...
  11. Benedikt21

    Late introduction

    Hi, i've been here for a while, but now i've discovered this great platform. I'm 20 years old, bi and from Germany. I have a remarkable BubbleButt and love showing off. Love getting dominated and showing myself off to others. Feel free to add me on Snapchat @roman_w2.
  12. Y

    I'm a cute skinny 22yo Twink looking for studs, muscular hot guys my age to dominate me

    I look cute and skinny, I just want some muscular, fit, hot guys around my age (22-30) to dominate me. I'm open to video video calls, sexting and so on! My snap: yourfavv_twink
  13. AboSarieli

    33 Yo Gay Master, Seeking Mature Masculine Men for Online BDSM

    I'm a 33 y.o. gay man from Europe and am looking for mature and masculine men of any sexual orientation to use online for my entertainment and satisfaction. I have a bit of experience as an online master, but my past personal life usually got in the way of experiencing something too serious or...
  14. I

    Anyone can ID this verbal hunk?

  15. M

    Big Alpha - Domination Wreste

    any thread of this guy? he's so hot
  16. S

    Pool to Choose a gay Sub’s outfit

    I’m a gay sub and my master wants other guys to choose my new outfit. He wants to humiliate me in public while I’m wearing a bitch outfit. Please choose a top and a bottom for me. I’ll buy the most voted and share a picture of me wearing it.
  17. Katrin198

    Video Art Bondage And Humiliation Of Women [K2S Kinky Adult Videos]

    Desperate Girlfriends Bondage Fantasy - Madelyn Monroe About video: Madelyn Monroe is a girlfriend desperate for something else. She is super hot and get’s plenty of dick, but she is bored and unsatisfied. If only someone would come and give it to her the way she really wants it…...
  18. M

    Photo CashKingCarlos

    Anybody has some content from this new hot guy? Twitter
  19. B

    Pansexual black versa bottom switch man

    Enflish will follow Bonjour, Je suis un homme noir pansexuel, versa bottom soumis qui aime donner du plaisir à des BBC et serais ravi de rencontrer un hétéro curieux, bi curieux ou bi qui aimerait être servi. Je suis aussi ouvert aux couples et peut baiser la femme pendant que je me fais...
  20. T

    Looking for muscle worship in Londom

    Dublin based, visiting London in March. Looking for a dominant muscle guy to worship. Someone who will flex and tease me, slowly take control until I am in his control. Not into pain, but some mild domination is good. Any suggestions?
  21. H

    Someone know who is this muscle guy?

  22. T

    Master Pedro (findompedro)

    Master Pedro (findompedro) is a Brazilian findom alpha. Twitter Instagram OF So far, I haven't found any nudes, though.
  23. P

    Guys made to fuck each other

    Hey! anyone knows any videos which show guys who are made to fuck each other? I am talking bdsm-like videos, in which two slaves are made to fuck each other following their masters orders
  24. C

    Links Help Identify Scene / Pornstars

    Hi! Can someone kindly guide me where to find extended / full video of this? Or, at least the name of the pornstars? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  25. N

    Sexiest and Most Muscular transformation ever - Unknown (name needed)

  26. N

    Best Transformation Ever - Unknown? Name needed

  27. F

    Jakobee (All American Heroes AAH, DirtyTony?)

    I'm trying to find anything on "Jakobee" Internet Adult Film Database The links on the original websites don't work; looks like the sites were abandoned years ago. I've found some abbreviated preview vids, but that's it. videos, names, links, .... I'll take whatever I can get.
  28. D

    zac efron vs will poulter hardcore wrestling

    next fantasy no limits hardcore wrestling match following on from:celebrity wrestling and zac efron vs tom daley hardcore wrestling cast your vote and any comments below musclebound bodybuilder zac efron vs muscle beef will poulter
  29. D

    zac efron vs tom daley hardcore wrestling

    next fantasy no limits hardcore wrestling match following on from:celebrity wrestling cast your vote and any comments below musclebound bodybuilder zac efron vs rippling Olympic diver muscles of tom daley
  30. L

    Master True Alpha / Chris K

    The Dom/Cash master, has gone by Master True Alpha, Midwest Alpha, and Chris K Surprised there isn't a thread for him already. I Don't think he's been active for a couple years, His Stuff seems pretty scattered across the internet. anyone have any pics/vids??