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  1. B

    Back at it

    Wassup fellas! Bay Area Bator here - returning to LPSG after a while away. Latino with a nice uncut penis. Looking for bros to get greazy and poppered up with - circle jerk in the bay area? Let’s gooo
  2. tool belt

    tool belt

  3. I

    Photos & Videos Hung verbal dudes describing their cocks

    Hi LPSG, Any vids amateur or otherwise of hung dudes describing their massive dongs. Once saw a video of Jake Orion talking about his Hebrew hammer and made me drool TIA

    Time For A New Dildo. I'm In Need Of Advice.

    I love this site because where else can I ask questions like this and get honest feedback from people that know. I'm ready to toss my rather hard silicone dildo. I never really got into it because I felt it was uncomfortable and didn't feel as realistic as I'd like. I've been hearing a lot about...
  5. D

    Big And Thick Cocks

    So...I love big, thick, and cocks that are both big and thick. So, feel free to post pics and videos of a cock that is big or thick, or one that is both. I've posted my cock below.
  6. 1

    Photo Hung guys

    Post your favorite photos from the web of hung guys!
  7. Powerfull

    Multiple bottoms

    Hi guys, I need you. I'm looking for specifics videos. One too man + two or more bottoms, bareback. I remember one video in a office. At a moment, one bottom is above the other and the top man fucked one, and next, the other one. Goes in one hole and the other. One man and next, the second...