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  1. here4adam

    Boyspycam.com Videos?

    Hi, so I loved the boyspycam videos where they would fondle "sleeping" guys and there used to be a lot of those videos posted on xvideos.com but the person who posted them had his account deleted and all the videos were lost. I could find a couple of videos on other sites, but no where near as...
  2. H

    Need Help Id This Jap Porn

    Need help ID this jap video. Thankss
  3. Wino 'n Roses

    Speedo Gay Dancing At Pool

    This vid has made it's rounds on facebook of a drunk gay dancing in a speedo by the pool. Anyone know him or have dick pics? Video: Another vid of him dancing in clothes:
  4. R

    Guys Holiday / Vacation Photos

    Here in the UK there is a tradition of groups of young lads going for their first trip abroad, without parents, when they hit about 18 or so. Old enough to drink in Europe and travel solo. Usually it would be Spain, Greece, Portugal etc that have to put up with the loud, obnoxious Brits drinking...
  5. R

    Clothes Ripped Off

    I have a real thing for guys getting their clothes ripped off. Forcibly/playfully. About 10 years ago most of my male friends played rugby for fun in a local team. Their team parties were wild. There was always at least one round of competitively chugging a yard of ale and the who ever failed...
  6. 5

    Gay Porn Where Straight Guy Gets Too Drunk

    Any gay porn where the straight guy gets drunk, falls asleep and is seduce by a gay guy. This is one of my favorites.
  7. E

    Help Find Video

    there used to be a video of two drunk straight friends and one guy had a camera and kept filming the other change and shower. It led into them jerking off together in the shower and eventually fucking? Can anyone help find this
  8. undielover69

    Wine Drunk And Bulging

    Drunk and bulging. Looking to skype with someone who has a bulge or underwear fetish. No cam will mic a little. 23, thick bulge. blow.mehard is my skype if you’re interested.
  9. undielover69

    Underwear Fetish Skype

    Bored, drunk, and horny looking for someone with a bulge or underwear fetish to play in undies with. Don’t face and can’t mix today. Add me at blow.mehard if you’re interested in rubbing bulges together
  10. Canadian_made

    Felt Up A Mate?

    Have you ever felt up a friend while they slept/passed out? If so, what did you do? What was the situation? Were they bigger/smaller than you? Did you record it? Share a story!
  11. Surfex88

    Video Drunk straight boyd

    I think that a goid thread about what straight boys can do when they are drunk could be cool. Here two french dudes, drunk, playing with eachother. The long hair one put a bottle in the ass of the shaved one then speak about the mesure of his dick. The shaved one ask the other to suck his cock...