1. L

    GayWire RubHim DvDs

    Hello everyone, hope you're doing well. My request is if possible to find answers: Does anyone have the rubhim volume dvds, similar in gayroom/massagebait but from gaywire/rubhim? Funny how both are barely available online despite it's only 10+ years ago, and I'm a big fan of the massage...
  2. J

    Best places to download straight big cock compilation porn?

    I haven’t downloaded porn for a very long time; usually just watch it online. And before that I’d buy dvds and tapes. But wife wants to add some porn to our bedroom, but is paranoid about watching it online (she’s afraid of the possibility of it being “traced” to her or some other big brother...
  3. 7

    Who Is This?

    I came across a straight couple in this clip: https://www.youporn.com/watch/12993295/amateur-couple-passionate-love-making-with-creampie-closeup/ Does anyone know who the guy is? - he seems very sensuous - OK he is not the most athletic of sex partners, but lots of kissing and gentle...
  4. Joehot112

    Old/used Porn

    Have any old porn lying around? I’m looking to add to my collection. I’ll take dvds/magazines etc. Let me know what you have willing to pay. thanks!
  5. 9

    Aah Naked Firemen Iii

    Does anyone have a copy of Naked Firemen III from AAH starring Brett, Ben, Brandon, Mickey and Ethan? I really hope someone does.
  6. M

    Photo Van Diesel: Man With A Pussy 1 & 2

    Hey Guys if anyone is into Transmen, I'm selling my Van Diesel: Man with a Pussy on eBay 1 & 2. If anyone is interested check out my listing. The famous transman, Van Diesel, in Man with a Pussy 1 & 2. Robert Hill Releasing Co. © 2006 & 2007 respectively. These are rare and extremely hard to...
  7. S

    Help Finding Dvd Or Scenes

    I've tried searching everywhere with no luck. There isn't a great deal to go on but I remember a DVD from the early 2000s with a black male lead with some kind of short dreadlocks or something. I'm pretty sure the title of the DVD had the word 'wet' in it. The first scene was a sunny day. A...