eating cum

  1. D

    What are some kinky and fun ways to eat cum?

    I’m just getting into eating my own loads regularly. I’ve cum like right in my mouth which is great but I just started cumming into my coffee and it turns me on even more! What are other fun ways to eat cum?
  2. P

    Eating cum

    Just wondering what other guys experience is with eating cum? I've been curious to try it lately but loose interests when when I cum.
  3. P

    Eating cum

    Hey guys, I've been interested in cum lately. I get the urge to try it untill I'm close or finish cumming. Just wondering about your experience?
  4. N

    Cum swallowing / eating collection

    Please share your cum swallowing or eating collection here
  5. T

    Any Straight Content With Cum Eating?

    Looking for videos of straight guys (both solo and MF content in general) where the guy eats his cum. Cum kiss, eating creampie, licking off his fingers, wherever. Anything from solos where the guy seems straight or does mainly straight porn to any MF content where the guy eats his cum. bonus...
  6. T

    Fucking Your Food/adding Cum To Food.

    A thread to discuss having sex with food and posting your favourite pics/vids. Occasionally when I get very horny/hungover I get the urge to fuck some food and cum on it. Does anyone else have any advice on this? Which foods are good and how you go about it? Do you eat the food after? I'm not...
  7. alexander15


    Nothing makes me harder than seeing a sweet load being pumped into a nice hole, but eating it up afterwords makes the experience so much better. Why let all that tasty cum go to waste? Quality videos are hard to find though, anybody got some good ones to share? Also feel free to talk about all...