1. CoffeeFiend85

    Getting an erection when wearing tight jeans

    I wear Wrangler cowboy cut jeans with a tucked in western pearl snap button up shirt -and cowboy boots most of the time. I find it really noticeable when I get an erection while wearing them. My bulge is extremely noticeable in my jeans when I’m hard. The pressure can be unbearable with my boner...
  2. Marco Tony

    Is There Any Men Who Don't Love Their Sperm Being Swallowed?

    Porn often show sperm smallowing. Especially in straight porn. But porn is only a fantasy. What about gay men? Is there such thing as men who dont love their sperm being swallowed? I remember watching a 90s gay comedy years ago. I dont remember the tittle. Its a mid 90s gay comedy. In the...
  3. D

    Photos & Videos Erection shower

  4. Marco Tony

    Erotic Men - Hot And Sensual

    Here is all about the eroticism and the sensuality of hot men. No porn here. Just erotic nude photoshoots. From great photographers. Lets all share hot erotic men.
  5. Saitama

    Lent 2023 - sexual abstinence for 40 days and 40 nights

    Hello everyone, this year I will attempt to stop masturbating for 40 days and 40 nights (or for as long as I can). I want to experience the feeling and reaction of my body and see if I could get a wet dream again, as i haven't had one in a couple of years already. The longest I went without...
  6. Are_we_there_now

    Involuntary ejaculation again and again

  7. T

    Throbbing Cock Fetish

    I LOVE Seeing A Big Cock Throbbing. So Here Are A Bunch Of Guy I've Personally Had Throbbing Their Big Hard Cocks For Me. Feel Free To Post Your Throbbing Cock, Or Anyone Who Has Sent You Vids Of Their Thick Cock Throbbing!
  8. M

    How to get (and maintain) a harder erection

    I always had a hard time (pun intended lol) accepting my dick. I had always been self conscious about my size. Recently I started to accept it, even like it. Girls never had a problem with it. The thing is, sometimes I get so hard, it even surpises me how big I become, its like holding another...
  9. neinmike

    Photo Anyone know who is this bulge tracksuit guy on London tube? There used to be a cam video of him.

  10. J

    Photos & Videos Strut your stuff here

    21 yo male here and I just wanted to create a thread for everyone to post their own nsfw stuff :) Would love to see everyone’s nudes or collection of outdoor stuff too. I love a good locker room spy cam or outdoor shit and exhibitionism. Biggest respect for those who does x Nice to meet y’all
  11. Big german cock get's ready

    Big german cock get's ready

    What happens next ? ;)
  12. C

    Twink swimmer in shower - ID help

    This has been around for a few years, but does anyone know the story behind this video? Can anyone make out what language is being spoken? Is it staged? Thanks!
  13. xLukeThomas

    Show off your healthy cut cock!!

    I want to see some nice healthy cut cocks! Post your or pics!! Ill go first! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  14. V

    Photos & Videos Raul Higuera photographer uncensored

    Hi has anyone a video of the photography session of Raul Higuera for Soho Magazine of Colombia? There is a photo that is censored which shows a boner ¿has anyone the uncensored photography?
  15. Nude in Bed

    Nude in Bed

    too horny to sleep
  16. What would you do with me?

    What would you do with me?

    smooth and open to suggestions
  17. Hard Fat Dick

    Hard Fat Dick

    like my balls?
  18. stroking


    ready to cum
  19. Closeup


    A Touch of Cum
  20. With Pubes

    With Pubes

    my erection with pubes
  21. Horny on tthe Floor

    Horny on tthe Floor

    masturbating alone
  22. often got a boner in class!

    often got a boner in class!

  23. FitCollegeDude

    Huge Cock Superpowers

    Huge cock superpowers Back in the day I had a best friend and I had always been jealous of his big cock. However, then in just a very short time I had outgrown him, which I didn’t find that strange at the time, because after all cock growth spurts can happen until your late 20s. Later in life...
  24. fapok

    Self-control To Display A Semi In Public

    Apologies if this may sound repetitive to some of you. I have searched the threads on this site and could not find anything related to what I am going to post now. My question refers to the physical and mental self-control a man has to exercise to display a semi (or a hard-on, for that matter)...
  25. D

    Tenting In Shorts

    Anyone up for a thread about tenting in shorts?
  26. M

    Hardon In Public Showers

    If you spotted a guy having an innocent hardon in public shower, as a straight man: 1. Don't even notice because you're not looking for it 2. Don't care, minding your own business 3. Surprised, yet ignore it. erections happen sometimes 4. Offended, doing nothing 5. Offended. makes it obvious...
  27. M

    Casualy Nudity Among Adult Male Family Members

    Is it common in your family that all male adults (dad / brothers) are nude in front each other daily ? Do you also see each other erected ?
  28. Leobakker

    Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel)

    What’s your Bone Pressed Erection Length (bpel) mates? Let us now!!! Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel) And write down your girth in the comments. Already 426 guys filled in the poll! Much thnx!
  29. fitandhung7in

    Locker Room Boners

    I have a thing for locker rooms, and especially seeing guys hard or with semi's in the locker room. For those with similar interests, here's a place to post pics, videos, stories, and personal experiences involving erections in the locker room or gym showers. Pics and videos can either be...
  30. N

    Videos Erection Naturist