erotic photography

  1. F

    Gay Coffee Table Books/ Magazines?

    I was watching Troye Sivan’s AD Interview and House Tour and he mentioned he collected homoerotic books as decor. So I’m kind of inspired, do you know any good books or magazines with lots of photography or other fun stuff? Would love to build a sexy library of sorts!
  2. violet-king22

    LA Photographer Looking for Models (Amatuer or Professional)

    Hi, I'm new to the community. I'm a professional freelance photographer/videographer based in LA looking to find male (primarily) and female models to build my boudoir portfolio. I'm an experienced portrait photographer but am new to shooting nudes and erotic content, so I am open to working...
  3. erotic thighs, and a fur coating

    erotic thighs, and a fur coating

  4. nothing beats the fun of open showers

    nothing beats the fun of open showers

  5. 1

    Id Please, Who Is This Model?

    – EXPLICIT CONTENT – Dani Romero by PHOTOARTVLC. According to the site he is Dani Romero but I cannot find his insta. Do you know his insta or does he have onlyfans or any porn videos? Thank you
  6. H

    Explicit Gay Erotic Photography Onlyfans

    Wanna share your favorite explicit gay erotica photography from OF and other sources? You know, the photographers who blur the line between art and porn. No porn studio screenshots. We're talking original photography work. Like these... Who are some of the other photographers we should be...
  7. TheEasyA

    Robert Mapplethorpe’s Photos

    Anyone remember Mapplethorpe’s erotic photography? I studied it a few years back in an art class in college and absolutely fell in love with his work. Here’s some of my favorites. Feel free to post more!
  8. domina_with_camera

    Hello And Check Out My "cock Art" Photo Album ;)

    I'd love for you all to check out my profile album "Cock Art - MY DOMINA GAZE", and let me know what you think of my photos. Feel free to add me, polite DM's will be answered ;)
  9. H

    Bad Boyz Of Bjp

    Anyone got more of these "kinda" censored pics of hung, amateur models from "Bad Boyz of BJP"?
  10. J

    Photographer Looking For Male Models

    I'm a retired professional photographer here looking for male models for erotic nude photography. I have ample working experience behind the camera shooting models. Young and mature models are wanted.There's no requirement to have sex in exchange for pictures just get hard and let me do the...
  11. 1

    Museums Of Vagina, Penis, Sex And Exhibitions Close To The Topic

    Hi! There are some interesting but not well known places such as museums of vagina and penis in various places in the world. Could we gather them here and write a list of them? I'll start from: Vagina Museum in London (UK) Vagina Museum - Wikipedia...

    ~tributes wanted!~

    Any fit, well hung studs into making sexy tribute photos & vids?? Mid 40's married couple here. Enjoy making & trading sexy tributes with other sexy couples and select single studs. Say hello if you like what you see! X0X0 KF~
  13. S

    Photo Anyone has more pictures of him

    He goes by the name Willian brasil, William brazil on garoto de programa websites.