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  1. J

    Snapchat Nudes - Voyeurism/Exhibitionism

    Anyone like being watched or like sending their nudes? I love watching hot guys jerk off, cum or even just showing off their bodies, especially if I can put a face to it. Snap me, id: jaymmmmmmmmmm
  2. S

    London Exhibitionist Mate

    Hey there, discrete normal lad here, late 30s. Really looking to find a fit in shape lad who loves showing off. Ideal scenario, we meet for a drink after work, either you’re commando in loose shorts and keep giving me glimpses up your shorts leg… or you’re a city boy in v tight trousers and I...
  3. V

    Video Twink Exhibitionist

    Pretty hot, he does sure have a thing with train. This is for sure OF material, but not sure what's his OF or Twitter handle. Can anyone please ID?
  4. J

    Photos & Videos Surprise me on Snapchat x

    Snap: Jaymmmmmmmmmm (10x m) Surprise me with your nudes; body, abs, cumshot, face, anything . I love watching people jerk off and cum for me. It makes me feel in control and just so much hornier for some reason. Go hit me up!!!
  5. J

    Photos & Videos Nudes are Welcome! :)

    Hey, I’m a 21 yo guy who is bicurious. Lately, I’ve been very much attracted to the male physique and find it so fucking hot . I don’t know if it’s just as a fellow guy or as a person who might be interested in more. Regardless, I love seeing hot naked guys with nice physique. Mad respect for...
  6. Riperino

    Video Looking for the source

    Does anyone know who this guy is? Would love to see more of him.
  7. james distinctive lip to his cock

    james distinctive lip to his cock

  8. M

    Any opportunities to spy on male masturbation? Videos and chats welcome!

    I have a HUGE desire to spy on men (especially straight men) jerking off. Any videos or in person opportunities within the Midwest welcome! ♥️
  9. more than enough to expose

    more than enough to expose

  10. A

    Anyone remember @twistedpants?

    Anyone remember this Twitter account? Really hot guy used to post underwear pics on Twitter a few years ago - looked like he had a big dick & balls. Account long since deleted I think :pensive:
  11. C

    James - MancJames

    anybody got any photos of this stunning fella?
  12. D

    New member. London 50 y/o NM sub

    Hi there, New member. London based sub NM here. 50 y/o hoping to connect with an understanding, patient dominant man, around my age or older for mutual exploration into a sub/DOM ongoing encounter.
  13. D

    The Naked Truth.

    Hi there, New to this site. Average 50 y/o gay man, Caucasian. Submissive/obedient. North London based. Seeking a dominant man (preferably around my age or older) who can accommodate. I have past experiences from when I was younger, where I find it a huge release to be able to speak openly...
  14. D

    Who is this cocky guy?

    Does anyone know who is the guy from the video here? https://www.erome.com/a/njV3eAe7
  15. godcock

    Video Omegle/Flingster/ChatRandom Reactions

    Anyone else like showing off on random video chat sites? Of course, I always start with torso only, and swing the camera down if the guy is interested. I've seen lots of this content with women, but not much with men... Here's an example:
  16. P

    Photo PSNude into the woods

    Into the woods
  17. Welshman easy to recognise by his girth

    Welshman easy to recognise by his girth

  18. P

    CMNM experimentation

    I would like to discuss honestly about CMNM. (Clothed Male Naked Male) It would be interesting to know who prefers being the CM and who prefers being the NM. This should not be about domination, or submission, nothing painful, but just one guy being clothed and one guy being naked and the fun...
  19. Boredathome08

    Links Made a twitter alt to show off on, follow me if you’d like! @noct_alt

    It’s too much fun to show off and the pandemic and climate collapse make it having a good time more important than ever. So I finally made an alt twitter to show off on @noct_alt No only fans, not looking to make money, just having a good time. Feel free to follow :) http://twitter.com/noct_alt
  20. D

    Hi everyone, I'm new here

    Hello everyone, About myself, I'm 28 yr old Indian, Gay Ht -6ft,75kgs. Uncut. I love to chat and little bit of exhibitionism.
  21. T

    ID this twink exhibisionist?

    https://thisvid.com/videos/cutie-likes-to-show-off-and-finger-his-ass/ I have seen a couple of other videos of this twink on pornhub from time to time. Wondering if anyone knows who he is or if he has more content!
  22. B

    Video Can Anyone Help Me Id This Cam Guy?

    Found him on a Twitter repost account and heard the all too familiar Chaturbate chime in the background, was wondering if anyone knows who this is.
  23. PhallicApotheosis

    Hung Uncut Autoretracting Mega-grower And Most Importantly Unmitigated Exhibitionist Here For You

    Greetings loves one and all - I am a straight male as described in the title although I’ll round it out a bit further now here as well. I am in my forties but barely look over 30, fairly slim albeit without the rock hard visible abs of my youth. I have an otherwise smooth leanly muscled...
  24. N

    Dominick The Show Off

    Hi guys -- hopefully posting this to the right place -- I'm an exhibitionist looking for voyeurs! Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DominickDeseo?t=5S73fUVvGU2Lnblve2YuMg&s=09
  25. openfly

    Jackinoff In Windows, On Balconies

    Loved playing with myself in windows and on balconies, not more than abut 4 - 6 floors up with a good view of busy city streets
  26. skinnymini

    Tiny Dick Man Here For The Laughs

    If you can't compete, you better at least have a sense of humour right? :p
  27. C

    Chicago Guy Seeks Show Offs

    Chicago gay guy here into J/O with straight show offs. Spent formative years jerking with straight buddy who must have realized pretty early how big his cock was and always was flashing it for me. Yes, it was a turn on (nothing physical ever happened). It wasn’t until my 20s when I realized my...
  28. Playful Bottom

    Exhibitionism And Being Naked In Front Of Others

    Throughout most of my sex life, I've been pretty vanilla, but from time to time, I have this desire to be naked, and to be watched by someone attractive, especially within their presence, and having them enjoy what they see, even teasing them sometimes. I've purposely put myself in situations...
  29. B

    Tiktok Live Slips And Flashing

    i have recently been discovering that guys do flashing in TikTok more than i thought so post them below ❤️
  30. Jamesishuge

    My Best Friend And I In College Indulge Our Big Dick Exhibitionist Fetish

    Notes: Not a writer. This experience is totally penis size centered but that's what we lusted after. We were obsessed with cocks, our own, others and size. Both of us have exhibitionist fetishes that finally, and in an extreme way we satisfied together. After this we didn't do anything so...