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    Brands that sell XXL extenders

    I fluctuate somewhere between 7.5 and 7.8 maybe and all the extenders I can find don’t offer one in my size, is anybody know of anyone that size? or does anybody know any good brands that additional sell bars separately?

    My routine, advice for me and additional questions for you.

    Hello to all forum users, I have been enlarging my cock for over 5 years with longer breaks, I started as a teenager. At the beginning, I was doing handmade exercises, mainly jelq, which made me grow a few centimeters. In 2020, I bought a pump that I have in the picture, I pump for about 20-25...
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    Jes extender question

    Hi, i am new here and wanted to ask you the following questions about the extender. 1)What should be the best program for me to follow using the jes extender ? I've started wearing it these days for 2 hours a day with 900 g tension. On the internet there are some inconsistencies in the program...