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  1. D


  2. jj

  3. NWK1998

    Looking To Get Throat Pounded By Monster Cock In Northern Nj

    Title basically! :) I am a 23 year old male college graduate and I’m looking to get my face fucked by a nice long cock. I would prefer someone experienced, but honestly just be rough enough to keep me busy ;) I’d love to talk to you more about it! Shoot me a DM.
  4. Xsparky

    Photos & Videos Anything On The Brazilian Top Dom Rafa_sevlaw?

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had anything from Rafa’s onlyfans? I follow his twitter which he is inactive from, but his snippets are AMAZING. Love the way he smashes a sub Heres one of my fav video: https://twitter.com/rafa_sevlaw/status/1204839405623660549?s=21 Merci~
  5. younghungnj

    Huge Cock Extreme Deepthroat

    Hi all, I’ve posted some videos of me with my friend, who has a very unique talent in that he can get (pretty brutally) pounding down his throat with my big cock for quite a while. I’m thinking he might be non-human. YounghungNJ’s videos YounghungNJ’s Photos
  6. KingRicochet

    [dmv] [md] Anon Mouth To Serve Your D

    I am a talented local throat that knows its place is between a mans legs. Total cock worshipper looking to give devoted and dedicated deep throat service. Would ideally like to be an anonymous throat for you to dump in on a regular basis. No-strings, non-reciprocal, pump-and-dump. Your future...
  7. S

    Just a hole for your cock to use.

    Baltimore MD area. Looking for a blow buddy. I will gladly just show up take a knee suck you till you say stop, or suck you off and then you can fuck me until you are done with me then I will leave no need for small talk if you don’t want to, but if we get along that is a bonus! Friends first...
  8. Deep Throat King

    Cocksucker here looking for a big cock on fort leonard wood

    Stationed here at Fort Leonard Wood and I’m looking for some big cocks to suck on or near base Anyone nearby who’s interested? I can host on base or come to you and I give the best blowjob. I have vids to prove my skills too.
  9. 1

    Hello from a dedicated cocksucker

    Hello LPSG! It is so good to be back here! I am a passionate and dedicated cocksucker, love to feel a hard cock balls deep in my throat. I am located in Vienna, but travel lots all over Europe. I hope I get to offer plenty of you my throat and I hope you contact me if you are in my area...
  10. 1

    11.08-12.08 suckfest in london

    Hi guys! I'll be in London 11.08. until 12.08. and I am looking to suck lots of big cock. PM me if you want to use my throat. 1-1 or groups. I want to be used plentiful. Can't wait to feel you in my throat.