fake dick

  1. dick ninja

    I am concerned about Facetune on LPSG

    I love calling out fake content. And a lot of it on here is fake/warped/manipulated. I also always like explaining how you can tell, whether it's with forensics or logical reasons that stem from being a content creator. And one with a big enough dick that I have ample room for judgement on top...
  2. C

    Willy Long/Stevens64641851

    So I've been seeing some posts about this guy on Twitter and I kinda find his cock hot. I know its fake but idrc, i still find him hot. If anyone has more pics or vids of him (even deleted ones) pls post them here, as i dont see any threads about this guy. I really want to see his ass too...
  3. D

    The Problem with Losing Reality

    Deep breath. Exhale. Ok. Here we go. I don’t know where to begin. Recently I became aware of a scene from a show called “Sex/Life”. The scene involves a character getting access to a gym shower in order to see the dick of his wife’s old boyfriend. He has been becoming insecure and wants to know...
  4. KengoNaininchi

    Fake Pic Requests

    I have a lot of fun making “photoshop” fake pics for people. I especially like putting people in porn scenes. If anyone has a fantasy they’d like to see themselves in then send me a private message and I’ll be happy to share it back with you. I won’t share it with anyone else but I will collect...
  5. Stocky8x6uncut

    This Has To Be Fake

    I would be very surprised if this was real