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  1. E

    Big Butt Farts

    Let's post big butt farts here. Can be literally anything pics, writing, links u name it it's all good
  2. O

    Men farting on command/burping groupchat

    Yo if you are a guy who is very gassy whether you fart a ton, burp or both and even can fart/burp on command I wanna make a group of dudes who just enjoy letting loose of our manly gases. I can fart on command and always wanted to meet other guys who can or who are just gassy and can also burp...
  3. F

    Do you pussyfart a lot, when getting fucked?

    When air gets into your ass, and the dick pokes your ass deep.. the air gets forcibly blasted outta the ass.. that creates the most insane vibrations on my dick .. Anyone mastered how to do this on command .. HIT ME UP..
  4. R

    Fart & Face Fart Performers & Content

    Farting & Face Farting Fetish, while on the upward trajectory into the mainstream, is still a rarely indulged fetish that is met with mockery; though it is a perfectly valid fetish. Guys who rip ass and don’t care who smells it are a huge turn on! Does anyone know of any sites, links, content...
  5. A

    Farting While Getting Fucked In Gay Porn?

    I find farting while getting fucked and gaping holes to be really hot in gay porn videos, and I wanted to know if there were any more clips that people wanted to share of this. It happens a lot in TimTales videos, but not really much anywhere else. Here are some that I like: Logan Rogue and...
  6. Colder90

    Straight Bro Snap Chat Group

    Hey guys, there's a few of these up but I wanted to start a newer one since those may be older and inactive. Anyone want to start a snapchat group of fellow str8 guys who want to be bros together. whether it's just talking, comparing, farting, taking leaks, jerking, taking leaks, working out...
  7. M

    Video Bodybuilder/ Muscle Fart Videos To Share?

    Hello! New here so sorry if this already exists (I couldn't find a thread) if there is one please point me in the direction. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on custom videos, private videos and webcam shows (which I've recorded) from bodybuilders and fitness models on various...