1. R

    Mihudmx lost videos

    Somebody know where to find specifically one video of mihudmx in the gym being stuffed? I know there is a video of his brother, but I can't find the one that's of him and I know it does exist
  2. A

    Shirtless feeder - ID?

    He's so cute - can anyone ID?
  3. P

    Glory hole in Bluffton South Carolina

    NSA head at private gh in Bluffton/HHI. Big shooters and leakers are VIPs. Hmu
  4. E

    What Is Your Favorite Position For Cocksucking?

    You can select two options from the survey. Use one to tell us whether you are a feeder or a cocksucker. I like to use feeder here because ‘top’ can infer much more than a blowjob. I only included the most common position, but there is an option for other. Please share in a post if you select...
  5. E

    My Perfect Feeder: Musing Of A Cocksucker

    Let me begin by saying that this is merely my opinion—my personal preferences. I haven’t had a lot of real life experience, but I was fortunate to meet a man about five years ago who defined, for me, the traits I love in a man who feeds me his cock—a feeder. The most prominent characteristic is...
  6. E

    The New Dentist

    There were never enough dentists in our little town. My dentist retired almost a year ago. I called every dentist in town and none were accepting new patients. Most told me they would see me for an emergency, but I wasn’t having any problems with my teeth. A few agreed to put me on a waiting...
  7. Big salty mushroom head piss slit

    Big salty mushroom head piss slit

    Always looking for eager mouths to feed in OC Cali
  8. Shooting my glans

    Shooting my glans

    Anyone in OC want to come and throat my big salty perv knob , send me a message
  9. E

    Poll: Cocksucker Or Feeder?

    I am curious to see the ratio of men who want to feed versus the men who want to be on their knees. My own experience seems to be that there are many more guys looking to receive than men wanting to deliver the load. I realize we are all unique--just pick the answer that most closely describes...
  10. Dick Slap the Faggot

    Dick Slap the Faggot

    He loves it
  11. My 18 year old student is getting hooked on mushroom juice

    My 18 year old student is getting hooked on mushroom juice

    If you need a coach or teacher get at me
  12. Love to have my cock licked

    Love to have my cock licked

    Anyone in Orange County California ?
  13. When the look of fear turns into the look of love

    When the look of fear turns into the look of love

    Love teaching a young girl how to suck cock . This is my girlfriend's niece and she told me she thinks I'm cute. 10 min later cocksucking lessons begin
  14. [No title]

    [No title]

  15. [No title]

    [No title]

  16. Big purple head

    Big purple head

    My helmet gets huge when I wear a cockring
  17. Car head

    Car head

    I love to get head in a car by girls and guys alike
  18. No hands mushroom suck

    No hands mushroom suck

    Get on that dick boy , you love Daddy dick don't you son ?
  19. Just the head boy

    Just the head boy

    I am a verbal Daddy with a big mushroom head , and I love to feed hungry young cocksuckers weekdays

    I want to be your cocksuck bud***so.nh-no.cen.ma-soeavt-areas

    So.NH No.Cen.MA Areas Oral guy looking to service a horny bud Whenever he needs a cocksucker You love relaxing and watching a hungry guy working on your cock Very into guys with thick girthy dicks and heavy precummers Love edging, jacking and tongueing you to a frenzy Regular meetups...