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  1. runfortyfour

    Would you consider connecting with a fem boy before, through, then after their medical MtF gender-affirmation transition?

    I was born male and exclusively attracted to men, but consider myself transquestioning more than a gay man. I do not have pronounced traditional or stereotypical masculine characteristics by Western standards (perhaps—excuse the oversimplification—in part because I am mixed Asian) and my...
  2. N

    Seeking Blowjob Buddies In Nyc

    Seeking a fun FWB in NYC to trade oral and possibly more. Well hung and prefer you be too - I am a bit of a size queen! Absolutely love love love sucking cock, especially of transwomen, femboys, drag queens, twinks, nerds, and alt dudes. I'm also very much into sissification/feminization. Not...