1. cherryboygui

    I have a sexual crush on Jesus

    Since I was a kid, I used to feel hot and kink and I saw Jesus shirtless on pictures and church sculptures... Am I the only one? P.S.: I'm an atheist, so I won't care if you say this a sin
  2. J

    Eduardo lopes / Duviskfox /Duvisk2 lpsg

    Lpsg thread on Eduardo lopes Duvski
  3. L

    Gay Male Porn Stars with Foot Fetish

    I'm curious to know which gay male porn stars have stated that they have a foot fetish. For example, I know that Chris Damned loves feet.
  4. Markel20

    Maksim Tarasenko (TheBrianMaps)

    Russian youtuber, 23 yo Nothing amazing at all, but cute boy. Definitely needs to be a bottom oh and nice feet for whipping and/or tickling
  5. Tight_N_Juicy

    When They Don't Want Your Wants..

    Using "they" as the pronoun because not all relationship histories are heterosexual... If anyone was wondering. Kinda a threefer/nuanced question. -If you have a really strong interest and or desire to live out a certain sexual act with a new(er) partner and they don't consent do you at any...
  6. serph789

    Gooner/orgasm/face Licking Face Fetish

    Hey all, anyone else get turned on seeing hot/attractive guys make really weird and contorted facial expressions and get turned on by that ? It's like a super weird fetish that I just can't explain but has always turned me on. I know there are a ton of folks on twitter who are into it. If you...
  7. J

    Feats Of Strength

    Anyone else into them? Know any bodybuilders that can perform them? How to to get them to do them for you? Any and all discussion welcome
  8. J

    Feats Of Strength

    Who else is into them? Are there any muscle cam guys that do them? Anyone know how to talk bodybuilders into performing them? Any help or engagement would be appreciated.
  9. J

    Where Can I Find...

    Hey so I’m not entirely sure this is the right forum to post this, but I’m really into feats of strength and looking for places where I can get my fix of hot men performing them, fellow people with my taste, and how to convince muscle men to perform them. Can anyone help me?