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  1. R


  2. J

    ID Spanish Film Scene

    Hi, if anyone knows the name of this movie or film please lmk theres like an older man who is in his office or something and he sees his younger acquaintance getting out the shower in a towel and just before he walks back or somewhere else. The man asks him in spanish “desnudate” and then the...
  3. T

    Where to watch this film?

    It was released in 2018.
  4. Bluebailey

    An actor you want to have a proper nude scene.

    A satisfying nude scene that we wish we had or actors you want to show of his body
  5. D

    The AZNUDE Men (Pictures and Videos) Thread

    AZNUDE have a large, free, every day growing gay (and heterosexual universe of male and female (etc) celebrity nudity where stars from all movies and series shine." Post your favourite videos from the varied and full selection of videos and pictures! Have lot's of sexy fun ❤️
  6. T

    Bobby Gunns

    Check out this hottie. Very hot & has a sexy look.

    Links My Blog

    I've started a blog dedicated to man ass and male toilet scenes. You are more than welcome to follow. I know we cannot really talk about guys on the toilet, so I have a ThisVid and Discord server, both dedicated to male toilet scenes, where you can share toilet scenes, but butt scenes. Butt...
  8. F

    Help! Finding A Porn Video Film

    Hi lovely LPSG! I have watched an amazing porn video before but no matter what I tried I could not retrieve it from my memory to pinpoint which film it is, and hoping anyone amazing could help me track it down. The film is part of a longer gay porn, but there was a scene (15mins+), they were...
  9. geofinn

    Summer Of 85 / Été 85

    Has anyone seen it? What are your opinions? What a great movie!
  10. Lost cover

    Online Shows

    Hey. Has anyone or does anyone here go to the CHATURBATE website. If so whats your interests on there and have you ever broadcasted yourself. I have a few times but was very nervous at the start but no so bad especially wen people gove ypu tokens/coins.
  11. D

    Nyc Looking To Film Me Sucking A Massive Cock

    Looking for a guy in NYC with a 20cm cock or larger who wants to film me sucking his dick. Use the video for whatever. Sexy vgl guy here. In shape. I have pics to send if you're hung. Send me a message and let's do this.
  12. depressionvaghole

    Male Nudity On Tv & Film!

    This thread will cover the various male nudity in TV shows and films all around the world, both past and present. Please feel free to share your favorite moments on here.
  13. SassyCassy

    What Would You Change About The Porn Available Currently?

    Who wants to join this posse and shake up the sad and worn out porn industry? It’s time for a new regime to flip the tables and put the men on their knees! Not to sound like a feminist but dudes, time’s up - step aside and be woo’d. It’s all been done so many times and has grown old so why...
  14. Dan0424

    Jack Parr - Hot Hunk

    Hi. I just found this guy on youtube and I wanted to know if anyone else have anything on him. He is so hot. Here is his ig Jack Parr (@jackwparr) • Instagram photos and videos And this is the studio he is working with: Oxygen Films So anything else? Does anyone know if he is actually gay?
  15. 1

    Help Me Find A Gay Movie!

    So when i was younger i remember watching a foriegn movie (i think russian or somewhere in eastern europe maybe) that i cant find anymore! It was on netflix's lgbt page and i remember it started in the 50s or 60s with the dad getting mad at the mother for buying the protagonist (a child here) a...
  16. N

    Jockstraps in film

    Yooo. Any jockstrap enthusiasts know any other examples of jockstraps showing up in film/TV? Some examples off the top of my head are: Courage Under Fire- Locker Room Scene featuring Denzel Washington and Lou Diamond Phillips in a jock, changing into boxing clothes. This scene from Best...
  17. U


    Hey guys, who else really ships the Netflix series SENSE8?? I fucking love it, an amazing cast, and smoking hot sex scenes!! https://www.netflix.com/title/80025744