1. D

    Thistlewaites Hetrosexual Thread - Sex Scenes, Sex Tapes, Celebrity And Porn Space - (Urban And Ethnic Only)

    Nude/Sexy pictures, GIFs, video links and videos are all welcome. Porn, television and film love scenes or sex tapes all welcome! Please name the actors involved and the scene name etc if you post. Thank you in advance, have fun!
  2. Daedalus

    Guys Magically Stripped In Movies

    I posted about this on a completely different website but figured I'd give it a shot here, too. I'm hoping people here can recommend any films where male characters end up getting naked through the use of magic (like, magic is used to telekinetically strip someone, or zap away their clothes, or...
  3. H

    Describe A Film In A Boring Way

    Basically take the plot of a well known film and try and find a way to make it sound boring, For example: 'Guy finds a ring and walks miles to throw it away'
  4. E

    Does anyone here collect work print versions of films?

    Random, but fuck it. Thought I'd ask. There are quite a few films I am looking for, and can't find them, and the sites that DO have them, won't let me purchase them, they only do trades. (How can I trade if I have none to Begin with?) So.... of the 5 people in the world that collect them...